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Pussycat Pussycat Where Have You Been? By Kev Pickering & Jennifer Jay
eBook (ePub): $9.44
The summer is still young, and already the ladies of the Pussycat Gang have witnessed the birthday of Abigail de Ros as well as a round the world trip for some of them. But as they return to London,... More > they have two events to prepare for – the wedding of Charlotte di Cambrello Gordon to Pietre van der Byl, and the heist possibly of the millennium. Other forces are at work though, as a shadow threatens to engulf the newly discovered Agnes McAdam’s happiness, and then events in the US may lead to a threat that may even be too big for the combined forces of the Pussycats, Madame X, Lady C and the Sisters of Maisha. Life goes on however, as engagements, births and deaths mark the passing of time – and changes for all the ladies. This latest collection of the stories of the Pussycat Gang include a trip to the origin of Miss Tigress, and a trip to wartime Naples, as well as New York, Paris, London and all points in between…< Less
The Jay Edwards Story By Kev Pickering
eBook (ePub): $9.75
The Jay Edwards Gang – their MO is known to many. Select a target – usually a highly placed financial officer or bank manager. Take over their home and hold any family members and... More > visitors hostage. Use them to ensure the target does as they want, and stays with the family, making sure they are securely bound, gagged and unable to raise the alarm. Once the deed is done, they disappear into the night… But who is Jay Edwards, and his most well-known associate, the woman called Mrs. McPhee? How do they manage to maintain control so easily – what motivates them to commit the crimes? And more importantly, are they just simple home invaders and robbers? From the pages of An Education, collected here for the first time are the stories of Jay Edwards - from the weekend spent holding a mother and five girls hostage, to their later work for a team known as Project: Pink Widow. One thing is certain - if Jay calls on you, your family will never forget it...< Less
Objects of Beauty By Kev Pickering
eBook (ePub): $4.23
Objects of Beauty is an auction house, dealing with the most discerning of clients, and meeting their specialist needs - be it a full staff for a new house abroad, a collection of lots for the... More > opening of a new branch, or making sure a family just disappears - their expert staff will meet their client's every direction, under the control of the General Manager, George. They make everyone happy - except, perhaps, the women they kidnap to service their clients' needs... This volume collects for the first time ever the stories of this discrete auction house, for your edification and amusement.< Less
The Pussycat Family By Kev Pickering & Jennifer Jay
eBook (ePub): $11.22
It is a time of change for the ladies of the Pussycat gang, their friends and family - and just as much for the ladies of Xavier International. But there are unexpected surprises on the horizon,... More > as an investigation into drug smuggling in France leads to the secret of Charlotte Gordon's family exploding... As Katy Carter's kidnapper stands trial... As Juliette plans the Crime of the Century while Carina and Annie await the new arrival... As new arrivals bless families... As the girls of St Angela's Academy visit the UK... And as Abby de Ros celebrates her eighteenth birthday... Starting in Africa, and ending in England via Australia, this latest collection of the Pussycat Gang chronicles takes the ladies to places they have never dreamed of...< Less
The Pussycat Bride By Kev Pickering & Jennifer Jay
eBook (ePub): $9.21
“Welcome to all of you, who are gathered here today to see the joining of Klaus and Juliette in Holy Matrimony. Peace be with you.” The wedding of the year is coming, as Juliette... More > Huntingdown, also known as Miss Panther, the leader of the Pussycat Gang, prepares to become the wife of Klaus von Furstenheim, a marriage many felt should have happened twenty years before. But the road to happiness can be a rocky one, and as the day draws closer she and her friends still have a life to live. A life that includes parties - and the revelation of what happened to Diana, Countess de Ros - hostile takeover battles both business and domestic, and the price Katy Carter has to pay for her new found fame. And a situation in Southern Africa that brings Charlotte Gordon home. Join the Pussycat Gang, their friends and family, as they celebrate this most joyous occasion...< Less
The Pussycat Ball By Kev Pickering & Jennifer Jay
eBook (ePub): $8.68
As the Pussycat Gang start to prepare for the upcoming year, many things are on their minds. Supporting Abigail de Ros, her friends and fellow debs... What to get the Sweet Sixteens for presents...... More > Choosing colleges... Preparing to rob a secure storeroom full of furs or a very full bank vault... and helping a friend facing a deadly threat. And underlying all of this is growing rumours of a second gang using their name, leading to a far more deadly dance. Other books by Kev Pickering and Jennifer Jay: - The Pussycat Gang The Walrus and the Pussycats The Pussycat and the Prince Pussycats at Play Pussycats at War< Less
The Perils of Wpc Drummond By Tull
eBook (ePub): $3.72
During the late 1980s and the early 1990s, WPC Harriet Drummond's previously uneventful police career gradually became more, well, interesting. She got her wish - it seemed as if she was being... More > singled out by fate, to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. That of cause meant that she had to be "dealt with" by the criminals who also occupied that time and place. After all, she had joined the police force so that she could meet a variety of people. It wasn't her fault that the people she met were, all too often, criminals who wanted to tie her up. However, what was bad news for WPC Drummond is good news for us, if we enjoy reading about a well-endowed, smartly uniformed lady whose work keeps taking her into dangerous situations. Situations where she's always bound and gagged, often blindfolded, and sometimes spanked. Collected here are the stories that first appeared at KP Presents, in one volume for your enjoyment. ALL PROCEEDS FROM SALES OF THIS BOOK GO TO MACMILLAN NURSES.< Less
More from the Owid Files By Kev Pickering
eBook (ePub): $3.68
For ten years now, Kev Pickering has been writing stories, both short and long, but the underlying theme of many of those stories is Ordinary Women in Distress - or as he puts it, the OWiD... More > Files. This collection reprints some of his favourite stories of the last ten years, including three of the most popular he has ever written. From a love letter to the cartoons of his youth, to stories of women in the wrong place at the wrong time... From voyages of self-discovery to the terror of being kidnapped, there is something here for everyone. He hopes you enjoy these - and if you want more, you only have to ask...< Less
Pussycats At War By Kev Pickering & Jennifer Jay
eBook (ePub): $5.91
War is fought on many fronts, and is never a clean affair – and after the discovery in San Francisco of another group trading in selling women from Africa into Slavery, Shirley Xavier AKA... More > Madame X is declaring war on those responsible. A war that will be fought on multiple fronts. In Africa, the organization known as the Sisters of Maisha take the front line, with Charlotte Gordon, their leader, helping as much as she could, and gaining allies in unexpected places. In Tokyo, Madame sends Natalya Kosolov to liase with Tamika Tanaka, the daughter of one of the major Yakusa Families, as they lend their support to dealing with one of the groups supporting the trade in Mologa, while Catherine Lo with the help of Helen York and their charges handle the issue in Hong Kong. And in Los Angeles, the team led by Maddie Moore from the offices of Xavier International deal with the cancer at their end. But wars can be small as well as big – as the ladies in New York discover, and the Pussycat Gang strike...< Less
Pussycats At Play By Kev Pickering & Jennifer Jay
eBook (ePub): $5.90
The long hot summer is in front of the ladies of the Pussycat Gang and their associates, and following the events of The Pussycat and The Prince they all are looking forward to a chance to recharge... More > their batteries. For Jo Smith, a chance to model opens new doors... For Carina Huntingdown, a visit to her ancestral home uncovers more of the truth of who she is, and family secrets... For Heather Smith, her past comes back to haunt her... For Jeannie Brewster, a return home leads to the discovery after over twenty years of a model long lost... And for Kylie and Marina, the transformation into their new lives has begun... Having said that, there is still room for the ladies to visit and work, and for Shirley and the team at Xavier International to conduct their business – which is just as well. Because war is coming... This fourth collection of stories of The Pussycat Gang takes us over three months in the summer of 2015 – and lead to the next stage of their lives...< Less