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For a Teacher's Heart: Messages from the Father's Heart. By Keisha A. Mitchell, PhD
eBook (ePub): $1.99
Teachers, more than any other professional group, understand the struggles that students face daily to learn, both children and adults. Teachers, experts of their own disciplines, must also daily... More > work with the personality of every student in order to ensure that they attain sufficient standards to graduate to the next level. However, with the increasing number of violent incidents in schools across the globe, and the increasing challenges that students face in their communities, teachers need help! This 21-day devotional is just for you. It is not a prescription telling you what to do, because you already do all of it. But it is fuel in the tank for your soul. It is a private diary that you can use daily to sustain you wherever you are on this journey with your students. The meditations are progressive, but they can also stand alone whenever you need specific help.< Less
Dear Little Brother, ...: My Answers to Your Questions By Keisha A. Mitchell, PhD.
eBook (ePub): $8.99
Dear Little Brother is an intervention created in response to teachers asking for a manual to help boys face the storm and stress of adolescence. It has been generated through surveying questions... More > from boys ages 16 to 19 years who attend traditional high schools. The content is full of facts and stats to give boys the information that they need to make healthy choices about life, parents, careers, and sex. This book is a must have for everyone parenting or working with teen boys today.< Less
Dear Little Sister, ...: My Answers to Your Questions By Keisha A. Mitchell, PhD.
eBook (ePub): $8.99
‘D.L.S – the light shining at the end of the seemingly dark tunnel.’ ‘Dear Little Sister’ (D.L.S) contains pages of insightful, inspirational and uplifting thoughts for... More > young girls. It is highly recommended for young girls as it gives realistic answers to very pertinent questions. Dr. Keisha A. Mitchell has successfully attempted a different method that epitomizes creativity. D.L.S is a highly confidential journal that reveals the mind of a teenage girl seeking answers to her questions. It is an on-going conversation between a little sister and her older sister as both parties share their thoughts, feelings and advice for different situations. Parents, teachers, counsellors and youth pastors can take full advantage of this literary work as it discusses life changes, relationships between God, family, and friends, along with the ever intriguing topic of love, sex and dating.< Less
Be Prepared: Lessons from the District of Columbia By Keisha A. Mitchell, PhD
eBook (ePub): $9.99
Be Prepared: Lessons from the District of Columbia is simply a gift to my audience of some of the major lessons that I learned from living in Washington, DC, the US Capitol, for two months during the... More > Summer of 2017. The lessons are simple. They include: Be prepared to listen; Be prepared to travel; Be prepared to take responsibility; Be prepared to learn; and, Be prepared to encourage others. Each lesson is illustrated by an experience that I had in the US Capitol. Each underscores the importance of preparation, not just in the classroom, but also in the streets of the cities and towns in which we live and travel. My hope is that this little gift will challenge you to prepare for the season ahead with great expectation.< Less
The Courage to Be Free: Become Who You Were Meant to Be By Keisha A. Mitchell
eBook (ePub): $24.99
The Courage to Be Free is a book that takes the reader through coping with crisis. There are three major sections: Creed, Crisis, and Change. In Creed we explore what happens when we encounter... More > tragedies in our lives. What we believe will frame the tragedy and determine our attitudes toward possible solutions. Crisis explores the initial tragedy and the circumstances that gave rise to it. In crisis the true nature of individuals are revealed. Change is the last section. A new normal is found in change. Once stretched, the mind can never go back to the boundaries that defined it prior to the trauma. New people and new places will introduce you to a new way of living. A tool is included for the readers who want to create a new vision for their lives. The Personal Vision Development Survey (PVDS) assists the readers in identifying problems, identifying resources and creating a new vision. Grab a hold of the reins of your life today. Find the courage to be free!< Less