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High Times & Rough Rides of a Bipolar Addict By Kerry L. Barger
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"If anyone can prevent even a single child or teenager from repeating the mistakes described in this book and avoid unnecessary suffering, then my struggles will not have been in vain." ... More > Imagine being arrested, handcuffed and locked behind the bars of a dark, cold, jail cell. The next day you are thrust into a 4' x 8' steel-walled cage. Claustrophobia causes you to panic and scream. The prison guard says, "They are going to lock you up and throw away the key!" A psychiatrist prescribes mandatory shock treatments. The first electric voltages pass through your brain, and your heart stops. You are revived, then given a series of nine more ECT treatments without anesthesia. Each one feels like a sledge hammer to your head. Your memories fade into a fog. You remain confined indoors and drugged for months... all due to being misdiagnosed as schizophrenic, but you are bi-polar. Substance abuse soon triggers an obsession with suicide, and you are compelled to act on it.< Less
An American Holocaust: The Story of Lataine's Ring By Kerry L. Barger
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On March 18, 1937 around 3:17 pm, one of the most modern school buildings in America exploded in a rural community decimating the student population and destroying innocent lives. Considered the... More > worst public school disaster in U.S. history, controversial theories surrounding this tragedy are still debated to this day. The event sparked changes that soon reverberated around the world and continue to affect each of us in our homes, schools, businesses and places of worship. This story relays more than simple facts. It is a personal account of unprepared loss and shattered dreams, followed by unfathomable grief. It describes the feelings of those who died in their innocence and of those who witnessed horror and lived through the aftermath. This is also a story of hope. Countless lives have been saved by bold actions that were taken in the wake of this unanticipated sacrifice of so many children who were literally consumed by fire on the day a generation died in Texas.< Less
Elohim II: Ascension of the King By Kerry Barger
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This book is the sequel to "Elohim: Ancient Science Fiction or Biblical God?" It explores what may have been and offers a glimpse at those who could soon be returning to Earth in our very... More > near future. Are you ready? There are many unanswered questions common to mankind: "Who or what is God?" and "Where did He come from?" The biblical book of Genesis states that God (written as "Elohim" in the original Hebrew) created the universe and all living things on our planet in six days. However, scientists now calculate that the universe has existed for around 13.8 billion years and that modern man evolved into Homo sapiens around 200,000 years ago. How can these conflicting ideas be reconciled? An author who once claimed to be the creator of the human race wrote down his memoirs over 5,000 years ago. His tale evolved into many ancient religions. Was he actually an alien being who came to Earth from another planet, or a mere mortal? You decide.< Less
"Elohim": (Ancient Science Fiction or Biblical God?) By Kerry L. Barger
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You may have wondered who first penned the Bible and where its familiar stories originated. Some say much of it was written by Moses a thousand years before that. Others believe it to be a collection... More > of tales told generation after generation around the campfires of nomads. Recently, scholars have uncovered another explanation---one that defies belief! The first intelligent life on earth may have arrived here from another world, according to the translators of some recently discovered 5,000 year-old texts. The fantastic notion was first documented by an individual claiming to be one of those original explorers who traveled to earth, genetically crafted the first humans, and guided the development of civilization. According to his own words, the author of a very ancient story was (in a very practical sense) our ‘heavenly’ father. His influence can be found in every major religion on earth today.< Less