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Error Correction Methods in Time Series By Pejvak Kokabian PhD
Paperback: $25.95
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A handbook on VECM,VAR and Granger causality modeling in economics.
Colonial Reports By Frantz Fanon
Paperback: $13.00
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This is the collection of Fanon main contribution to the colonial literature. This is the core concepts of the field.
Die Ewigkeit umarmt By Mahmoud Faizi
Paperback: $9.99
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Mahmoud kommt aus Kurdistan, aus der Höhe der Berge und der Liebe. Er liebt Literatur, Philosophie, Poesie und Natur.
Almas Khan Predictions By Khan Almas
Paperback: $6.99
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Khan Almas is one of the elder of Kurdish and Lur community. He is known as master of Yarsan faith and his birth remained uncertain. In this text, he has predicted some events. Few foretold events... More > have been occurred and Yarsan community respect his talent and fame.< Less
Keshavarzi By Vol 2
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This chapter discusses three periods in the socio-economic history of Iran during the Mongol dominion, ranging from the twenties of the thirteenth century to the eighties of the fourteenth century.... More > In the Middle Ages invasions by conquering nomads of cultivated settled areas were normally devastative. The Saljuq conquest of Iran was accompanied by pillage and destruction. The destructive nature of the invasion of Khurāsān by the Oghuz of Balkh in the fifties of the twelfth century is notorious. The Mongol conquest took an equally heavy toll in Tabaristān (Māzandarān). The reforms of Ghazan and the temporary transfer of a leading political role in the State from the nomad Mongol-Turkish aristocracy to the Iranian civil bureaucracy made some economic improvement possible, especially in agriculture. The Mongol conquest had a great and in general evil influence on the economic development of Iran; it had much less influence on the social structure of the country.< Less
Keshavarzi Ahde Moghul By Vol 1
Paperback: $12.38
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Petrushevsky, Kishavarzi va munasibat-i argi dar Iran-i Cahd-i Mughtll, Vol. I (Tehran: Tehran Univer- sity Press, 1966
Dictionnaire Kurde-Français - 1879 By M. Auguste Jaba & M. Ferdinand Justi
Paperback: $25.00
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This is 1879 edition of Kurdish French dictionary. In 1879, in St. Petersburg, Ferdinand Justi (1837-1907) published Jaba’s Kurdish-French dictionary, the first of its kind. Jaba’s work... More > is still important for research on Kurdish literature and folklore. This is the first important early Kurdish-foreign language dictionary. This book is in public domain.< Less
Iranian Political Rational and the Kurds’ Quest for Identity By Zakaria Qaderi
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عقل سیاسی ایران و هویت خواهی... More > کوردها زکریا(هێرش) قادری Contrary to the common belief but misguided, Iranian and orientalist scholars,who define the Kurds as part of Iranian civilization and culture, this book indicates that the Kurds are not Iranians. This book shed light on how the political strata of Iran with all its components, such as state, geography, religion, mythology, language, and symbol have been developed with the negation of Kurds. While Kurds are native to the land, but it was immigrant Persians who conquered the land with subjugation and war with the Medes.After defeating the Medes and conquering the land of Medes, the state, government and empire were formed to preserve its subjugation and maintain its domination over the Medes, and the Persian empire has been tool of ethnic domination of Persian over Medes. The Persian religion of Zarathustra, hierarchical religion which supports state, was essentially in opposition to the earthly religion of Mithra.< Less
Economic History of Kurdistan By Ali Galawej
Paperback: $10.00
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Economic history of Kurdistan throughout 19 and 20 centuries.