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Black Suit Men Volume 2 By Kevin Williams
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Unit 01 of the Black Suit Men division Director Richard's most trusted team steps up on scene for unit 03. They take on the one of the strongest members from the Phantom Society and go toe to... More > toe I.S.C.S. in busy city of New York. While each members of unit 03 and Sniper(sni) operate their own missions elsewhere.< Less
Black Suit Men Operation 8.2 By Kevin Williams
eBook (PDF): $1.54
The assault on the I.S.C.S. continues in the most thrilling pursuit of one of it's members. + Side ops Part 1: Richard
Black Suit Men Operation 08 By Kevin Williams
eBook (PDF): $1.55
International security and control sector aslo known as the ISCS
Black Suit Men Operation 01 By Kevin Williams
eBook (PDF): $0.00
After being downgraded to a rank of recruiter Tsumura Yoshirou finds himself in America contracting the most unlucky citizen saving his career and a life
Black Suit Men Operation 7.3 By Kevin Williams
eBook (PDF): $1.40
From Phantoms to a cannibals!? What's going on in this world
Black Suit Men Operation 7.2 By k w
eBook (PDF): $1.40
The Phantom affairs escalates, Espionage ensues of the past that was never settled of the agents in the black suit
Black Suit Men Operation 07 By Kevin Williams
eBook (PDF): $1.40
It's time for a new unit 01 to take the scene with Captain Boss Togar at the helm of this operation, while unit 03 takes some R&R
Black Suit Men Operation 6.2 By Kevin Williams
eBook (PDF): $1.40
Is that really Matthan? and if he is, has his era finally come? Captain of Unit 02 assembles with unit 03
Black Suit Men Operation 5.2 By Kevin Williams
eBook (PDF): $1.23
Multiple Transactions: Was this an escort mission or a money transaction? One mistake and he’s in the wrong account.
Black Suit Men Operation 05 By Kevin Williams
eBook (PDF): $1.23
Phantoms!? what are they up too?---- Unit 03 suits up for their very first mission taking Kash with them