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Safe Haven By L E Fitzpatrick
eBook (ePub): $0.00
It's Christmas time and snow is falling over Red Forest. Isobel is nine years old, she is running with her father and sister, trying to escape the gunfire tearing through the trees. Civil war is... More > erupting and the family are right in the middle of the battlefield. With nowhere else to go they have to somehow make it our of the forest, but can they all make it out alive? Safe Haven is a short companion piece to the novel The Running Game. Set two decades earlier this is the story of where the Reacher girls came from.< Less
Harvest By L E Fitzpatrick
eBook (ePub): $1.01
Part One of the Dark Waters Fantasy Series Finn is a simple priest living a life of solitude in the Temple until the night his dying father sends for him. Finn learns that, not only does he have a... More > half-sister, but that she is a captive in the Vaults – a prison reserved for the most heinous criminals. Vowing to save her he enlists the services of the scoundrel pirate, Egan Wey. Together they set off to commit treason. But their adventure only starts with a rescue. Across the ocean a plague is coming, dead men are walking and blood is like gold. Someone is behind this, but can they find out who in time… This epic fantasy adventure is pulsing with adrenaline and dark humour, with swashbuckling pirates, raging zombies and copious bottles of rum…< Less
Traitors Day By L E Fitzpatrick
eBook (ePub): $4.60
Part Two of the Dark Waters Fantasy Series Plague has savaged the islands, killing thousands. Finn has escaped the Red Prince, but the genocide continues and the dead are still rising. He knows... More > their only chance is to find a cure, but when he arrives at the City of Sands, the origin of the plague, he finds nothing is what it seems. The Prince’s army is swelling. War is on the horizon. Across the water Wey and Adiah try to unite the survivors. But trusting their old enemies could prove to be more dangerous than facing the Prince alone. This second installment of the fantasy adventure series is brimming with suspense, darker humour, with more swashbuckling pirates, raging zombies and bountiful bottles of rum…< Less