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Scenarios Vol III : Crossing the Line By Melanie Dent
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The final three novellas in the Scenarios series CROSSING THE LINE Lady Lynchcliffe is struggling with widowhood. She is also convinced that her estranged sister, Lady Trevelyan, believed drowned... More > on RMS Titanic, isn’t dead. She consults a medium to try to answer her questions. But what will the medium reveal? MISSING IN ACTION It is 1915 and Lord Lynchcliffe is at war. Lady Lynchcliffe-George is distraught when she receives a telegram stating that her son is Missing in Action. Michael’s wife, Irene, is choked with fear of loss; especially since she has just learnt she is carrying Michael’s child. Will Michael make it out alive? NOTHING BUT HOPE It is 1919 and Lewis Franklin falls sick with the Spanish flu. His wife, Margaret, is distraught especially when her beloved father, Thomas Frazer, also falls sick. She has only hope. Can the Franklins have a happy ending?< Less
Lynchcliffe Chronicles Volume two: the enemy within By Melanie Dent
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WARNING: NOT SUITABLE FOR PERSONS BELOW 18 OWING TO ADULT MATERIAL OF A SEXUAL NATURE AND ADULT THEMES. A faithful servant collapses at a wedding. The Franklins’ love story continues as... More > Britain goes to war. Lady Lynchcliffe finds new love as she worries about her son away fighting on the Western Front. The household at Lynchcliffe Park have their loyalties and resolve tested almost to breaking point as they stand against heart-break, marital infidelity and death. Lord Michael Lynchcliffe returns from the Front a tortured and broken man. Can the combined love of his mother and his sweetheart, Irene, help him conquer his demons? Sometimes the deadliest enemy a man has to face is none other than himself.< Less
Lynchcliffe: seasons of the Heart By Melanie Dent
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WARNING: NOT SUITABLE FOR THOSE BELOW 18 OWING TO ADULT CONTENT. Seasons have long been linked to human emotion through song, verse and prose. This is a series of tales centred on the main... More > characters from the Lynchcliffe series evoking a broad spectrum of human emotion and experience. Feel the hope of spring, experience the passionate heat of summer and feel the chill of winter; the depths of despair to which the human soul can sink following tragedy and loss. Lynchcliffe: Seasons of the Heart requires a certain degree of familiarity with the characters and their situations.< Less
Divided Loyalties: Lady Lynchcliffe's Story By Melanie Dent
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WARNING: NOT SUITABLE FOR UNDER 18s AS CONTAINS ADULT MATERIAL & THEMES. One night in 1877 changed Celia Rycroft's life forever. Ashamed and shaken by the events of that night Celia keeps her... More > terrible secret to herself; alienating those she loves. A chance meeting brings Celia in contact with Lord Trevelyan with whom she falls deeply in love. They marry but can Celia ever be a wife in the real sense? Helena, Celia's younger sister, falls in love with and marries Marcus Lynchcliffe, son of the local Lord of the Manor. This is a tale of love, sibling rivalry and shameful secrets which leads to a dramatic confrontation; the effects of which will be felt for years to come.< Less
Eye of the Storm: Lewis Franklin's Story By Melanie Dent
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Warning: This book is not suitable for children and young adults as it contains adult material as well as dealing with adult themes such as domestic abuse and violence, illegitimacy, suicide, and... More > the varying response to the death of loved ones. When his father and brother drown at sea, nineteen-year-old Lewis Franklin is forced to grow up fast as he faces the new challenges and responsibilities of looking after his widowed mother, Anna, sister in law, Alice, and infant nephew, Daniel. In London, Lewis befriends retired merchant sea-man, Abraham “Abe” Fleming, and the two men forge a bond of friendship that matures through the years much as Lewis becomes a hero to his nephew, Daniel, as the boy grows to manhood. Lewis is forced to learn some of life’s harsher lessons, yet retains his dignity and spirit throughout. This is a tale of the enduring friendship between men and women as they suffer loss, discover dark secrets and survive the harsh realities of life in the late Victorian era.< Less
Lynchcliffe Chronicles Volume three: Making Peace with the Past By Melanie Dent
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WARNING: NOT SUITABLE FOR THOSE BELOW 18 AS CONTAINS ADULT MEATERIAL OF A SEXUAL NATURE AND DISCUSSION OF ADULT THEMES As the dark days of the Great War recede into memory the inhabitants of... More > Lynchcliffe Park prepare to put their pasts behind them. Thomas Frazer finally lays his late wife’s memory to rest to embrace new love and passion but will he and Florence live happily ever after. Franklin is forced to confront a painfully unpleasant memory when he undertakes to help his son with a school project; how will Margaret react to these insights into her beloved husband’s past? The Spanish Flu pandemic sweeps though Lynchcliffe Park; placing Dr Hamish George under tremendous pressure. But will the sweetest and most complete victory over the pain of the past belong to Lady Lynchcliffe as a prominent figure from her past returns to make her peace?< Less
Lynchcliffe Chronicles Volume 1: Mise en Scène By Melanie Dent
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WARNING: NOT SUITABLE FOR UNDER 18s OWING TO ADULT CONTENT OF A SEXUAL NATURE AND DISCUSSION OF ADULT THEMES. September 1891 When a new mother tragically dies her grief-stricken widower places his... More > daughter, Margaret, up for adoption with his childless employers, Lord & Lady Trevelyan, and she grows up not knowing her real father is living on the same estate. April 1912. When Lord & Lady Trevelyan are declared missing as a result of the tragedy of RMS Titanic Margaret is thrown on the mercy of relatives she had never known existed. Margaret struggles to adjust to her new life and relatives. Then, following an instant mutual attraction, she begins to develop a relationship with chauffeur Lewis Franklin, who lost his own nephew on the Titanic. Then secrets emerge. Secrets only previously hinted at. A spiteful grudge then leads to murder. Margaret and the Lynchcliffe family must steel themselves to face the future while Franklin and Margaret must decide if they can have a future together< Less
Scenarios Vol II: Making Amends By Melanie Dent
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WARNING: NOT SUITABLE FOR THOSE UNDER 18 OWING TO ADULT CONTENT Three more novellas to challenge your perception of the Lynchcliffe cuckoo trilogy. Making Amends It is 1899. While Celia Trevelyan... More > keeps vigil at her adopted daughter’s bedside she looks back on her life and decides to make amends to her estranged sister Helena, Lady Lynchcliffe, but will it all go to plan? Letting Go It is 1914. Widower Thomas Frazer falls passionately in love with Lady Lynchcliffe’s friend, Florence. But are his ardent desires reciprocated and can they hope to move on together? The Visit Dr Hamish George visits his twin sister, Morag, in Aberdeen and comes to terms with his past. Can he find the courage to reveal his passion to the widowed Lady Lynchcliffe?< Less
Scenarios Vol I: Courage of conviction By Melanie Dent
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WARNING: NOT SUITABLE FOR THOSE BELOW 18 OWING TO ADULT CONTENT Three novellas which will turn everything you thought you knew about the Lynchcliffe Cuckoo trilogy on its head. COURAGE OF... More > CONVICTION Celia Trevelyan is forced to confront her past when her friend, Dr Alan Jameson, makes a revelation about his own origins. Can Celia ever see him as more than a means to obtain passage home to England? PLAYING FOR KEEPS Lewis Franklin is forced to face the green eyed monster when Margaret, whom he has already claimed as his, spends a weekend with eligible bachelors at Lynchcliffe Park. DESTRUCTIVE PASSIONS Lord Michael Lynchcliffe is jealous when a new footman pays attention to Irene, whom he has loved from afar for ages. But his jealousy leads to near tragedy. Can he open his heart to her or is it already too late?< Less
Playing With Fire By Evelyn Lillith
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WARNING NOT SUITABLE FOR PERSONS BELOW 18 OWING TO ADULT CONTENT Sylvana Hobson is a maid in the household of Lord Montague; a filthy rich twenty-first century bachelor playboy with eclectic sexual... More > tastes. Lord Montague wants Sylvana. The trouble is she is hot for Hawkins, Lord Montague's butler and she enjoys playing the two men off against each other. Sylvana joins them at Lord Montague's weekend retreat where she fulfills lifelong sexual desires enjoying the taste of the whip as well as girl on girl finger and dildo action. Sylvana and Hawkins get it on in a big way but Lord Montague almost always gets what he wants. Will he be able to be second best or is Sylvana playing with fire?< Less