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The Marxist Response to the Austrian School By Jason Unruhe
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Bourgeois science has now ceased to see its goal in an understanding of the social relations, being occupied now only with an apology for them. The scientific field of battle is left to Marxism... More > alone, for the latter does not hesitate to analyse the social laws of evolution, even though they may lead to an inevitable destruction of present-day society. In this sense. Marxism remains, as ever, the red thread of theory, the emblem about which gather all those with courage enough boldly to face the impending storm.< Less
Exploring Modern Economics By Jason Unruhe
Paperback: $9.06
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Economics can be a difficult subject for many people. One of the great ironies about it is that someone can continually propound an idea that has literally no evidence to support it. So how do you... More > know what's true and what is not in economics? By investigating ideas for yourself and coming to your own conclusions. In this book I hope to put forward the ideas that I find to be correct.< Less
Marxist Economics Made Simple By Jason Unruhe
Paperback: $7.57
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Marxist economics is a difficult subject for many people, including myself. It is not something simple one can merely pick up from a book and become an expert in right away. It takes time, practice,... More > research, and hard work, to learn our economic craft. This book attempts to explain the subject is as simple terms as possible. I hope this work can aid you in understanding the difficult subject of Marxist economics.< Less
Maoism-Third Worldism By Jason Unruhe
Paperback: $10.47
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At our moment in time we are faced with a serious stagnation in Marxist theory. Third Worldism updates the badly needed theory to explain the world around us today, and how to build revolution under... More > our current material conditions.< Less
A Marxist Analysis of STALKER By Jason Unruhe
Paperback: $8.35
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STALKER is a wonderful video game from GSC Game World, which incorporates RPG, horror, zombie, and post-apocalypse. Based off the Soviet novel Roadside Picnic, the game creates a world within the... More > Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. In it, the laws of physics and boundaries of reality are challenged, some torn apart. Stalkers are men who seek out the mysterious Wish Granter. The purpose of this book is to teach Marxist social theory using the stories and concepts found in the game. If you're a fan of STALKER, then you'll love this interpretation of it.< Less
Utopian Capitalism By Jason Unruhe
Paperback: $12.51
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Utopian Capitalism serves as a critique of the "anarcho"-capitalist and libertarian concepts of monetary theory. Three primary subjects are explored: conspiracy theories surrounding the... More > Federal Reserve and how it works, the gold standard, and the advent of digital currencies. All of them lead to utopian ideas about how economics and economies function. This work explores their ideas and shows their flaws.< Less
The Bloody Feet of the RCP Kanada By Jason Unruhe
Paperback: $8.05
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The RCP Canada is an "underground" communist organization based out of Montreal. The group professes to be doing revolution and holding the banner of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism. In this book I... More > critique their political line and activities. There is a good deal wrong with the organization that requires some correction and self-criticism.< Less
The Economics of Fallout Society By Jason Unruhe
Paperback: $11.63
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From the intensity of the resource wars to the post post-apocalyptic wastelands of D.C. and the Mojave, political economy continues to be just as important. Being a big fan of the Fallout games I... More > decided to analyze the political econ of the various surviving societies. This book contains an investigation into the economies of the pre-war world, Fallout 3 and New Vegas, including the mechanics of using bottle caps as a currency. This book serves to teach Marxist economics and social theory by using the Fallout universe as a tool.< Less
A Marxist Critique of Songun By Jason Unruhe
Paperback: $12.03
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After the theoretical development of Juche which became the basis of North Korean (DPRK) society by Kim Il Sung, came Songun. It is the “Military First” policy put forward by Kim Jong Il... More > in reaction to the loss of the socialist block which comprised 70% of its trade. As the DPRK entered the Arduous March the threat of military invasion increased. Many have criticized it, claiming it to be revisionist. Here I will take a critical look at it from a Marxist theoretical stance.< Less
Exposing Larken Rose's Nonsense By Jason Unruhe
Paperback: $7.50
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This book "The Most Dangerous Superstition" by Larken Rose was given to me by a friend as we stood in the lobby of the Provincial Offenses court of Ontario. I had only a moment to glace at... More > it but it seemed very libertarian-ish to me. The interesting part was when my friend told me Rose calls himself an Anarchist while supporting the idea of capitalism. I explained to my friend that Anarchists reject capitalism. From Proudhon, to Kropotkin to Emma Goldman, they all categorically reject capitalism.< Less