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The Travels of John Joe O'Donoghue: A Lifetime Wandering the World By John Joe O'Donoghue
Paperback: $16.41
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This is the tale of the travels of Joe O’Donoghue from Skibbereen, Ireland, as narrated in anecdotal Irish fashion to artist Caroline P Swain. In 1972, age 21 John Joe took a £10 passage... More > to Australia, where he stayed the requisite two years. Not content to settle anywhere, he took the ship back, stopping off along the way to explore Tahiti; from then on he continued exploring the world, travelling and working his way, until he had visited 120 countries, some of which he returned to many times. This book bears testimony to a man who fully lived out the spirit of adventure, in an easy-going and generous manner, such that wherever he went he invariably became one of the family, bringing with him more than a spillikin of ready Irish humour.< Less
The Last Aboriginals in Our Paradise for Minds By Caroline P Swain
Paperback: $20.97
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The author suggest that a mutation occurred in the human race around 25,000 years ago which caused a drastic change in human nature. This new type was much more self aware, had his seat of awareness... More > in his mind not his body, and gained his satisfaction primarily through his mind. Yet it appears the aboriginal gene still exists in the human population, with an estimated 3% of human beings possessing a matching pair. These ‘Original’ type of people have also been described as autotelics. The author who is an Original herself, has earlier compiled a who’s who of Originals past and present and has instigated The Original Literature Project to make a collection of Original writings. This book is a compilation of quotations collected from interviews with ordinary people and from literature, to illustrate the philosophy of Originals as well as presenting an enlightening summary of the nature of the majority.< Less
Beyond Kilimanjaro: ExploringTanzania's Mountains and Hills By Petro Lesongoyo & Caroline P Swain
Paperback: $16.84
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Mountains and hills present a special incentive for the explorer, as harbouring a greater proportion of the remaining wildlife and native vegetation, and also by providing viewpoints from which to... More > observe the landscape. Tanzania’s peaks are particularly excellent for views, even from modest hills - you can look out to distant ranges, puzzle over nearer hills and pimples, rendering exploring here highly rewarding, as the story of the landscape and the people belonging there gradually unfolds. We hope this book can convey something of the interest and excitement of our journey of exploration of Tanzania; being the accounts of our ascents of 94 peaks in different regions and ranges, illustrated with pen and ink sketches. The book also includes maps identifying in all 250 mountains and hills which seemed to us to have the potential for further exploration. As Petro would say, ‘Karibuni Tanzania - Karibuni Africa - welcome to Tanzania.’< Less
Travels With My Koko: The Story of Tanzania's Best Travelled Masai By Petro Lesongoyo
Paperback: $17.05
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This is the story of Petro Lesongoyo, who spent two years travelling around Africa, climbing mountains in 22 countries, with artist and writer Caroline P Swain. Petro describes his early life, his... More > meeting with Koko - Koko is the Masai name for grandmother, as she was called in the village - and their subsequent adventures together. Petro is a remarkable and endearing character, through him we get to experience and understand Africa through the eyes of a man who becomes a friend of all whom he meets.< Less
C F Goldie and the Creative Art of Forgery By Karl F Sim
Paperback: $11.61
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This is the story of the legendary New Zealand forger Karl F Sim (aka C F Goldie) (1923-2013), who for more than a decade fooled the New Zealand art world with his own rendered... More > ‘rediscovered’ works by well known New Zealand and European artists. Some of his paintings very probably still remain undetected in art catalogues to this day. A well-loved and well remembered character in his native Foxton, and later in Orewa, this is C F Goldie’s life story as related to Tim Wilson, which paints an entertaining and whimsical picture of the life and times of an incredible character, and of the remarkable country in which he lived.< Less
Random Musings Upon a Fish: Along With Other Companions By Caroline P Swain
Paperback: $14.83
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Commencing on a tropical beach in Trinidad, the book takes us along on a journey from the Caribbean through Scotland, France, Spain and Portugal, recording the details of the present, whilst... More > reflecting and seeking meaning beyond. A book both poignant and amusing, which once begun, we must keep turning the pages.< Less
Pilgrimage By Caroline P Swain
Paperback: $12.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
The account of a journey through India and neighbouring countries in 2005 and 2006
Living at Last: Beginning with Trees By Caroline P Swain
Paperback: $11.83
Prints in 3-5 business days
TRAVEL SERIES A description of a journey by bicycle through North Queensland, Australia in 1997. Illustrated with sketches.
Find out when we get there By Francis Swain
Paperback: $22.54
Prints in 3-5 business days
Journey II of the travel series. Covering Scandinavia and the Baltic. Travelled in 2013
Nature as Waves By Caroline P Swain
Paperback: $19.63
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This book came about I suppose as the result of school science, which gave me the incentive to seek explanations for the world around me. Only I subsequently came to the conclusion that what we had... More > been taught was altogether too definitive and too incomplete an explanation to explain the even just the ordinary things which could be observed in nature. This book is the result of thirty years of subsequent observation and thought, in the light of my own observations of nature and the physical world during my travels and explorations in different parts of the world. And I am now happy that I understand these things well enough for my own simple needs.< Less