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When we were human By Sheila Newman & James Sinnamon
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If you spent years of your life building a political website with a gorgeous nerd and then suddenly he was hit by a car and forgot how to walk, program or write, what would you do? With the author,... More > evolutionary sociologist and RN (psychiatry), James tries to redevelop his IT skills and save and their relationship, not to mention the World. In between he learns to sing, to paint, to play tennis, and, through trial and error, that dogs do not think like humans. This book is a detailed and medically informed account by a health professional on aspects of consciousness, long-term prospects for recovery from brain injury and what people can do to help. It is also a love story.< Less
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Fascinating and original scientific and social investigation of the origins of capitalism in Britain, using a new evolutionary sociology theory and political systems comparison (including France and... More > Holland), with scholarly reviews of alternative theories. Explores significance of Britain's odd land-tenure and inheritance system and asks where it came from, finding answers to questions preoccupying legal and economic theoreticians since the 13th century, with a demonstration of inheritance law in Hamlet. A specialist in geopolitics and energy resources, the author weighs up the roles of different fuels and technology and the availability of labour in the British industrial revolution. Many factors impinging on Britain's unusual population growth are reviewed, including diseases, transport and fertility opportunities. Alongside economic history this complex but sparkling work chronicles changes to the environment, from climate and sea-level changes to forest cover.< Less
Demography, Territory & Law: Rules of Animal & Human Populations By Sheila Newman
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BOOK ONE of FOUR in a series exploring population, economy and politics using radical new interpretations of evolutionary theory. How different land tenure systems may have very different outcomes... More > for human beings and the other creatures we share the planet with. How one system can launch us into industrial capitalism and the insatiable demands of ever faster growth, dooming us to overpopulation and poverty, whereas the other system can promote steady-state economies, equity and equality. One chapter comprehensively reviews theories of human population dynamics. Two chapters look at impact on fertility opportunities of the Westermarck Effect and incest avoidance in non-human species. A final chapter compares these with kinship restrictions and non-sale of land in Pacific Islander and other traditional social systems. Subsequent books compare Britain with continental Europe, but this book helps to understand the demographic and political problems of societies after colonisation and development.< Less
The Urge to Disperse By Sheila Newman
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A biology of land-use planning systems, a political economy of genetic diversity, and a tool for steady state economies, here is a key theory to the mystery of unwanted population growth and... More > unbalanced ecological communities. With a new cross-disciplinary, cross-species theory of population, this book leaps beyond the old demographic transition and predator-prey models. Environmental sociologist, Sheila Newman links a default pattern controlling the population numbers and distribution of human and other species to human land-use planning and political systems. Favorably peer-reviewed by food and population scientist, Prof David Pimentel, and environmental law writer Dr Joseph Wayne-Smith. Incest avoidance and the little-known Westermarck Effect in population algorithms.< Less