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Slavic Calendar By Erin Lale
Calendar: $17.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
A calendar that features holidays and special days from Slavic countries with art from that region.
Heathen Calendar By Erin Lale
Calendar: $17.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
This is a 16 month wall calendar that lists many Heathen holidays.
Punk Charming By Laura Quinn
Paperback: $17.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
(4 Ratings)
1986 – Shoulder pads are big, hair is bigger, and American college student Kate Spenser is set to embark on the biggest adventure of her life. Having been accepted to a summer study-abroad... More > program in Oxford, England, Kate travels to Europe for the first time. Kate is psyched about a summer of exploring countries, experiencing new cultures, and perhaps meeting a charming man along the way. Armed with a French-English dictionary and her Walkman loaded with Duran Duran, Kate is ready to start her adventure in France. Little does she know what awaits her when she arrives, and how she must use her wits to escape peril in Paris. Fortune favors Kate when she meets her Punk Charming, and it’s love at first sight. Now, if she could only find him again! James Barrington meets his soul mate while on the run from Paris. Miscues and sabotage prevent him from reuniting with Kate, but he can never forget her. If only he had told her before it was too late. Or is it? Can true love conquer all?< Less
Daimon By Danielle Bolger
Paperback: $19.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
The Blue Coast is a broken city; its people scared and damaged; its streets blood-stained. Countless fell victim to past gangs, but none were so powerful or ruthless as the Foxes. Jane Kirra wants to... More > eradicate the city's crime and bring criminals to justice. Through journalism she exposes the gang's dealings, along with the city's corruption, while seeking justice for her parents’ murders. She is ensnared by her enemies who give her into the hands of a notorious serial killer. When he’s done with her, nothing is the same. Jane wakes transformed. She is strong, regenerates, has heightened senses, but something is very wrong. Jane achieves the power to avenge her family but, in exchange, becomes a monster. She is given what she always wanted. Its high cost comes from others who pay with their lives. Her relationships are threatened by her very existence. No longer human, she is cold and aching heavily inside from her scars. She is also very hungry with a cruel new appetite.< Less
Talent By B. Lynn Goodwin
Paperback: $19.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
(7 Ratings)
“Sandee Mason will win your heart from the very first chapter of Talent. Goodwin has created a character facing obstacles both far-reaching—her brother is MIA in Afghanistan—and... More > close to home. Her struggles with finding her own identity and her own strength kept me riveted, and the novel never shies away from the complicated issues of our time. Talent is a formidable debut novel that lingers long after the last page.” ~~Stacey Swann, Stegner Fellow at Stanford University +++ B. Lynn Goodwin knows the worlds of this novel--the world of high schools, the world of theater, the world of teenage struggle and she blends them into a novel that draws you in and keeps you there. Every reader will love Sandee and identify with her journey of personal discovery and growth. ~~Aline Soules, Librarian and Author of Evening Sun and Meditation on Woman +++ See more inside...< Less
Aftermath Horizon By James L. Hatch
Paperback: $18.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
(1 Ratings)
Sometimes, the survivors of biological weapons are not very numerous. The generations that follow the release of the most effective killer in human history live in an underground complex. The really... More > important matters, like reproductive pairings, are decided by computer. Another 200 years later, your scores from basic training decide what job the computer will assign to you, your genetic lineage, and who your mating partner will be...along with the genders of your children, and your expected delivery dates. If you are very lucky, you might be assigned to a place where you can meet your mate. Beth had studied hard and, presumably, scored well. So it was a tear-wrenching surprise to her that she was assigned to Hope...a colony distant from her home of Salvation, and to a probably practical job rather than a coveted technical one. Her assignment, however, seems different from the reality...much like her mentor. Within two years, it seems that the computer has chosen well, after all.< Less
Frontier Wanderer By Alberto Büchi
Paperback: $15.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
Hansio had had it good – a nice castle to live in, servants and vassals, lands, and a wife he loved more than anything. It was very good…until the undead creatures from beyond the... More > Frontier came to his home. Now Hansio is known as “The Hero of the Dying Lands,” a fearsome protector of the world’s remaining life, trained and bound by oath to the Hastur. He spends his time destroying the undead and their Hooded masters in order to buy time for the world’s secretive priests to complete…whatever they are doing. His wife and friends gone, his life consumed by unending, solitary war, Hansio has lost his faith in the Hastur, the soul, and about everything else. He has become brutal, crass, pitiless, and uncaring…and those are his good traits. Then a Hastur offers him release from his oath…if he’ll undertake a final mission for the priesthood. Thus begins a journey where he experiences bitter cold, deep personal loss, incredible terror, a personal awakening, and a shocking revelation. Then matters get interesting.< Less
Incoming Call By James McHarg
Paperback: $8.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
(2 Ratings)
It is important to have a job that you love. Its especially good if that job includes exercise, meeting people, and solving problems for important people all at once. Trey Laughlin loves his job. His... More > job involves exercise, meeting people, and solving problems for Tony Bavetta. Trey isn't one to quibble over little things like the exercise being the swings of a crowbar...or Tony Bavetta being a mob boss. And the people he meets? Deadbeats, mostly. People who don't pay their bills. Sometimes cops, looking in on Trey's work in dark alleys. Mostly deadbeats, though. But then, some weird things start happening. Trey is about to deliver a past due notice to a deadbeat, when his cell phone rings. He was sure that he had turned it off...and the deadbeat got away. Then, things get weirder. It turns out that deadbeats aren't the only ones who owe debts, and even the mob has to pay up sometimes...< Less
The Heir By Heather McAlendin
Paperback: $19.49
Prints in 3-5 business days
Sarah's mother has dementia and only one full-time caregiver. That full-time caregiver has been laid off from her job for providing the care, at a time when funding for her country's health care has... More > been cut. Sarah, providing the care, has spent her retirement on living expenses. As her mother sinks deeper into dementia, Sarah's prospects for anything in life sink with her. A cryptic job posting in someone else's newspaper catches her eye. Why does a wealthy and, by all accounts, eccentric businessman want a health exam turned in with her resume? Not really a concern, a job is a job. When she arrives at the interview, the surprises start piling up. The salary, more than $1,000,000 per year *in addition to* the finest health care available for her mother is tempting. Then there is the small matter of the businessman's nephew, who offers his friendship in this time of darkness for her. Is the job worth the price that she is asked to pay?< Less
Nightmare Awakes By Rebee Saltman
Paperback: $16.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
At twenty-five, Lydia Adaire’s life was over. She had said as much to herself many times. With no suitors and no real prospects for a future, her life was going to be well and truly over after... More > her cousin’s wedding tonight. However, her own self pity did not compare to the real horror of actually dying. Being ‘socially dead’ was not the same as having a monster kill you in the garden. Lydia learned this first hand as the monster was ripping into her flesh and her life flashed before her eyes. Lydia Adaire’s life really was over. She was dead at the hands of a supernatural beast, before she could die a social outcast of London society. Resigned to her fate, Lydia was surprised to hear Herne-the-Horned, Fae Lord of Nimeton Forest, inform her, “No, Lydia of London, I suspect you are more alive than you have ever been.” What do the Fae want with her? Is she safe from the monster? Will the secret society, The Order of the Argent Sword, learn her secret and lock her away?< Less