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Stephen Bills
Deicide, Vampire Confessions, and the Legacy of the Brethertons By Stephen Bills
Paperback: $15.86
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This time, EVERYBODY dies... Right, so: you propel most of your friends to their deaths fighting a war that turns out to be based on a stupid misunderstanding. Your wife runs off and joins your... More > enemy because she's terrified of you. You kill an innocent man (though, admittedly, accidentally). And your brother murders you. All in all, not a good week to be James Paddington. Still, there's an upside: being dead means that the God of Destruction can't fulfil His divine plan to obliterate the universe. So on the whole, better to just stay in the ground. But you can’t keep a good man down. Coming back from the dead isn’t easy, though. And there's always consequences for making deals with the Gods...< Less
Bovicide, Zombie Diaries, and the Legend of the Brothers Brown By Stephen Bills
Paperback: $17.11
Prints in 3-5 business days
Constable Paddington has a few problems: an evil beast is killing cows on his island; the elite military team who are supposed to capture this beast are threatening to shoot the duke; and there's a... More > horde of philosophical zombies on the loose. And that's not even mentioning the vague, ancient prophecy about the end of the world...< Less
Fratricide, Werewolf Wars, and the Many Lies of Andrea Paddington By Stephen Bills
Paperback: $20.22
Prints in 3-5 business days
Apocalypse: Keep it in the family. It's been three years since Chief Constable Paddington became a werewolf and thwarted the family of vampires who tried to fulfil an ancient prophecy and destroy the... More > world. Three years of peace. Paddington was almost starting to believe that the hard times were over. That he could settle down with his wife. Think about starting a family. Except now the vampires have disappeared. The Supernatural Help and Investigation Team are demanding Paddington help bring them back, but his werewolf pack is out for revenge. And Paddington is stuck in the middle. Ah, just like old times, then. At least there isn't a prophecy foretelling the end of the world this time... Right?< Less