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Steven Mace
Staccato House By Steven Mace
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Freelance journalist Nathan Carr is investigating the routine case of a loan shark menacing a family when he is sent a mysterious and sinister video. He suspects that he is being watched and... More > followed, and starts to question if both his case and the video are connected. The video footage leads him into a dangerous web of murder and dark intrigue, where he discovers the existence of intricate conspiracies, police corruption, occult secret societies and arcane cults. Soon the repercussions of his investigations begin to strike close to home...< Less
The Splendour of Shadows By Steven Mace
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Fifteen unsettling, disturbing, and dark tales set in places we know, places we've never been, and places we pray we'll never be. The strange beings that secretly police our universe...a zombie... More > planet of the dead...a tragic tale of unrequited love...fear and paranoia at our most weak and frail...the assassin and his redemption which comes too late...the mysterious cure that will save a priest...the dark secrets of deepest Africa...the evil magician trapped in a tower...the modern bloodsuckers that lurk on a Greek isle...what happens to time travellers when their mission goes wrong...the little boy who is scared of his brother...what will happen when the sacred holy gene is discovered...the patient at a mental institution whose demons are very real...and a young man with special and unusual gifts...welcome to The Splendour of Shadows.< Less
Copper Moon Rising By Steven Mace
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Three boys: a runaway orphan of royal blood; a sorcerer's apprentice, and a young fisherman in a primitive world. Their lives are endangered by ruthless politics and the schemes of warlords and... More > royalty, and the mysterious ambitions of alien masters revered as 'gods'. When their world's rulers begin to fight for power and influence in the kingdoms, it leads to tragedy and civil war...< Less
Echoes and Exiles By Steven Mace
Paperback: $16.13
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Echoes and Exiles is Steven Mace's third short story collection: featuring high quality stories, many of which have been previously published online in magazines and webzines; 26 short stories in... More > contemporary, SF, fantasy and horror fiction genres; and featuring bonus children's stories, flash fiction and scripts. This collection features disappearances on a remote space colony...a teleportation accident... dark family secrets...the rise and fall of an alien planet...a fantastic invention...strange events at a snowbound mountainside cabin...a teenage runaway with a demonic elderly couple who take in a mysterious and malevolent lodger...a spy glass that can view through time and space...a future innocent caught up in a robbery...a space salvage team find something nasty in deepest space...the dangers of virtual reality...a dying man with a grudge and desire for a revenge....a marriage that isn't what it seems...and a psychopathic drifter...all these stories and more.< Less
Beyond Twilight: fourteen short stories By Steven Mace
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Fourteen tales of horror, speculative fiction, fantasy and suspense... A paranormal investigator encounters more than he bargained for when he stays at a haunted house... In the dark caverns of a... More > historic coastal ruins an ancient evil lurks and waits... During wartime a civilian becomes a spy, but is he simply a pawn in a more elaborate game...? A student finds a mysterious book in a second-hand bookstore, and discovers it can make his dreams come true...but at a terrible price... A woman is helplessly trapped in a virtual world while a ruthless assassin tracks her down... A man wakes up alone, imprisoned in an empty house. Who are the faces at the windows? And who is keeping him there, and why? The game starts here... All of these sinister tales can be found in this volume, and more...< Less
The Pirate Princess By Steven Mace
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When their kingdom is attacked by invading imperial soldiers, Princess Ayesha and her brother flee to the sea...and to a new life upon the ocean waves. However, when they discover a secret treasure... More > and are kidnapped by smugglers, they soon find that they get more than they bargained pirates sail the high seas!< Less