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Sin & the Sovereignty of God By Thomas Whitfield
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A TREATISE TENDING to show how that the Just & Holy God, may have a Hand in the unjust actions of SINFUL MEN; and that in such a way as shall be without any impeachment of his Justice &... More > Holiness, or Diminution of his Power and Providence.< Less
Antidote Against Arminianism By Christopher Ness
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THE REAL ANTIDOTE Against Arminianism {Undiluted, Uncompromised, Unfiltered & Restored After 300 YEARS} or A Succinct Discourse to Enervate and Confute all the Five Points thereof. From the scope... More > of the entire book, it is apparent that Ness thoroughly understood and taught that the teachings known as Arminianism were not merely theological errors, not just a weaker gospel, nor just an interpretive viewpoint, &c., but that these teachings distorted the Gospel of Christ to the point that it becomes a different gospel altogether. Those who believe the true Gospel know that these life and death issues lie at the very heart of the Gospel, for if one is an Arminian Conditionalist, he is dead in trespasses and sins; as those in Christ, believe in a salvation that is conditioned on his saving merits alone.< Less
Certain Observations upon Hosea the Second By William Kiffin
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Certain Observations upon Hosea the Second, the 7th & 8th verses, as they were Delivered at a Friend’s House who had broken his leg, for which Meeting the Author was Committed to the White... More > Lion Gaol, by Sir Thomas Malet, late Judge of Assize, for the County where he remains a Prisoner of Jesus Christ. By, William Kiffin, 1616–1701, wealthy London Merchant, and English Particular Baptist.< Less
A Word of Prophesy By Henry Pinnell
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A WORD OF PROPHESY Concerning the Parliament, General Cromwell, and the Army. With a little of the first Adam. Wherein are divers objections answered, concerning that position of God, being the... More > Author of Sin. Henry Pinnell. Included is Pinnell’s Introduction to the Third Volume of the Sermons of Tobias Crisp, entitled CHRIST ALONE EXALTED, 1646.< Less
The Redeemer's Glory Unveiled By Samuel Stockell
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THE REDEEMER’S GLORY UNVEILED OR THE EXCELLENCY OF CHRIST VINDICATED IN THE ANTIQUITY OF HIS PERSON AS GOD-MAN, before the World began. Though personally differing from Mr. Stockell, {not so... More > much in disagreement, as more from sheer incomprehension, and a sense of caution from that which our mind is not entirely able to ascertain from the Scriptures of Truth,} from his views regarding the preexistence of Christ’s human soul, a view which Mr. Joseph Hussey, {his ‘father’ in the faith,} firmly advocated before him; nevertheless, we find in this treatise much that engages the thoughts unto a heavenly contemplation of the glories of the Redeemer. This important contribution to the written Annals of Free & Sovereign Grace should not {according to our humble estimation} lay buried in the rubble of so-called ‘Church History,’ from whence it would never be extracted by those {Church Historians & Theology Professors} that would style themselves the guardians of our faith.< Less
Mount Sion By Walter Cradock
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In London, Cradock was the minister of All-Hallows-the-Great, where he lectured and preached, along with Henry Jessey, and this pulpit at All-Hallows was where the majority of his printed sermons... More > were preached. All-Hallows-the-Great was one of the few assemblies in that City where the everlasting Gospel in all its fulness & freeness was being proclaimed, for whist the so-called Puritans were filling most London pulpits with their toxic Law/Gospel admixtures, a simple & single message of ‘Christ Crucified’ would become the cornerstone of the preaching at All-Hallows, a sanctuary where saints were embraced as saints, and not bound by denominational shackles, creedal intolerance, or ecclesiastical priesthood. Cradock excelled in clear views of the doctrine of justification by the imputed righteousness of Christ, and in the great simplicity of his manner of preaching.< Less
The Perfection of Justification By John Simpson
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From the Preface: Reader, the Author preached and printed the Works out of which this is extracted, many many years ago, and by them, he, though dead, yet speaketh. And however strange the Doctrine... More > herein contained, may be, {to those who build their hopes upon inherent righteousness,} yet it is none other than the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Doctrine of the Reformation, and the only Doctrine that tends {contrary to the judgment of carnal reason} to uprightness of heart and life, and whoever conceives otherwise of this Doctrine understands it not. It is founded upon this principle, that we must discover God’s Love to us in Christ Jesus, that he has already saved us, before we can truly love God or our Neighbor. This our Saviour inculcates to Simon the Pharisee in the Parable of the two Debtors, Luke 7:41, and in many other Places of Scripture. May he sprinkle this with his Blood; and explain it by his Spirit to the Heart of every Reader.< Less
The Doctrine of Particular Election By James Barry
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The Doctrine of Particular Election before Time. Asserted and Proved by God’s Word, against the Quakers, Papists and Arminians. In Answer to a Challenge given the Author to make good {by the... More > Scriptures of Truth} the above-said Doctrine. Wherein is Evidently Discovered. I. That the above-said doctrine, rightly understood and believed, {with application to one’s self,} is the great enemy of sin, both in the heart and life of a true Believer; and that which keeps the Believer from despair, in the deepest desertion and temptation. II. That the doctrine of free-will and general redemption, &c., is an inlet to, and an encourager of sin; and which leads in the end to horrid despair, under powerful awakenings in the natural consciences of an unregenerate man. “For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.” Matt. 24:24.< Less
Judgment Set & the Books Opened By John Webster
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The Judgment Set, and the Books Opened. Religion tried, whether it be of God or of Men. The Lord cometh to visit his own, for the time is come that Judgment must begin at the House of God. To... More > separate the Sheep from the Goats and the Precious from the Vile. And to discover the blasphemy of those that say that they are Apostles, Teachers, Alive, Rich, Jews; but are found liars, deceivers, dead, poor, blind, naked, the synagogue of Satan. In Several Sermons Delivered by Mr. John Webster at All Hallows Lombard Street, London.< Less
The Stumbling Stone By William Dell
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The Stumbling-Stone; or a Discourse touching that offence which the world and worldly Church do take against Christ Himself - His True Church - His True Word - His True Government - His True Worship... More > - His True Ministry. Wherein the University is reproved by the Word of God. Delivered partly to The University-Congregation in Cambridge, and partly to another in the same Town.< Less