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Mystical Babylon Unveiled By Hanserd Knollys
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Whilst we measurably dissent from a number of the conclusions which Knollys has derived from the Book of Revelation; we nevertheless align ourselves with the overall analysis, viz., that the Roman... More > Catholic Institution has been, from its pagan roots and throughout its accursed history, in its masquerade of what the world calls Christianity, the greatest enemy of the true Gospel in existence, a black plaque indeed, which the Lord – the Righteous Judge – hath poured forth upon the inhabitants of the earth; and though veiled by popish priestcraft & religious confusion to the paramount glory of Christ in the Gospel to all that are given over to succumb to its spiritual harlotry, and drink of her intoxicating mixtures; yet this beast like that of the false prophet of counterfeit Christianity will be exposed and stripped bare of all his purple & scarlet attire to the Spirit instructed mind & contrite heart of every penitent sinner who has come out of this accursed system; and fled to Christ.< Less
Christ Made Sin By Samuel Crisp
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To prevent this our personal righteousness from touching anything as pertaining to Christ’s righteousness, or as a condition on which God gives Christ’s righteousness, I humbly offer to... More > your perusal the effects of many hours pains to obtain the marrow out of the word “Christ made sin for us,” and I hope, if it be read with an humble waiting for teaching from the Lord Jesus, you will find it beneficial towards the understanding, the riches of the free grace of God in Jesus Christ, to make him to be sin for us for his own name sake, not for our personal worthiness, and our evangelical righteousness sake. If any say, why doth this person trouble himself to write thus, in vindication of his father’s sermons? It is for the sake of our dear Lord Jesus, whose glory is eclipsed by the setting up man’s righteousness in the matter of justification; upon which account I may say, “the zeal of thine house hath eaten me up.”< Less
Select Writings Volume 2 By Samuel Trott
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Samuel Trott was one of the leading Baptist frontier ministers; one who contended in earnest for that “faith once delivered unto the saints;” and along with Gilbert Beebe, he was one the... More > most influential of that group of Particular Baptists which came to be known as “Old School.” With this second volume of Trott’s Writings, as selected from the Signs of the Times, the Southern Baptist Messenger & the Christian Doctrinal Advocate, we hope, under the blessing of the LORD, to attempt to establish afresh, a renewed appreciation, of the writings of one who faithfully served his generation, in setting forth the Glories of Christ’s Redemption-Grace; not only to those who were privileged to sit under his Christ Exalting Ministry, but to many subsequent generations of Christ minded believers; even to this dark day, wherein the Essential Truths of the Gospel are, for the most part thrown aside, or trampled underfoot by men whose minds have been corrupted from the simplicity or singleness that is in Christ.< Less
Divine Consolations By Samuel Richardson
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Christ crucified, the sum and substance of the Gospel; the Priesthood of Christ, and the sufficiency of his Sacrifice to save, is the main thing I contend for against the Papists, who say,... More > Christ’s sacrifice is not sufficient without their sacrifice. Charity saves, says one. Without good works, no salvation, says another. A third says that Christ’s sacrifice is not sufficient for our Salvation without believing, that believing saves, and that without believing, we cannot be saved. Ye see, they all urge a necessity of something for salvation besides Christ’s Sacrifice, without which something, they say, we cannot be saved; so that they deny the sufficiency of Christ’s sacrifice to save, and so deny that Christ does save. For those he saves, he saves by his sacrifice. Also if Christ and something else saves us, Christ saves us not. For he is no Saviour if he be but a part of a Saviour; therefore, in adding something to Christ’s sacrifice, they deny the sufficiency of Christ’s sacrifice.< Less
The Saint's Desire By Samuel Richardson
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The Saint’s Desire, declaring that in Christ’s righteousness only, {and in nothing else} there is life, happiness, peace, strength, comfort, joy, and all fullness of perfection. From the... More > Preface: “My whole aim and scope in all I have written, is, first, to sustain, comfort, and encourage the discouraged soul from sinking in despair, by reason of their many and great sins; secondly, to withdraw the soul from the life of its own hand, to the life of the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation. Thirdly, that the soul might know and live in the assurance of the love of God, which will fill the soul full of life, sweetness, and joy. Fourthly, that the soul should obey Christ, and live to his Glory, and suffer for him. Fifthly, to prevent errors, and to rescue such who belong to Christ, who have through mistake fallen into blunders by the wiles of Satan.” Includes a Biographical Sketch of the Author.< Less
Christ Exalted By Hanserd Knollys
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Christ Exalted. A LOST SINNER Sought and Saved by Christ. 1645. God’s people are a holy people. Being the sum of diverse sermons preached in SUFFOLK; by Hanserd Knollys; who for this doctrine... More > had the meeting house doors shut against him, and was stoned out of the pulpit; as he was preaching by a rude multitude, who were gathered together against him. COMPLETE & UNABRIDGED. ***************************************************** ADDITIONAL TREATISE: MYSTICAL BABYLON UNVEILED: Wherein is proved. I. That Rome-papal is Mystical Babylon. II. That the Pope of Rome is the Beast. III. That the Church of Rome is the Great Whore. IV. That the Roman priests are the False Prophet. ALSO; A call to the people of God to come out of Babylon. 1679. COMPLETE & UNABRIDGED.< Less
Discourse Concerning God’s Decrees By Edward Bagshaw
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The reason why one man believes, that is embraces the way of Salvation, and another doth not, is finally to be resolved into God’s eternal Election of the one and Reprobation of the other; or... More > more briefly thus, that only those who are ordained unto Eternal Life, either do or can believe…and the Apostle Paul doth everywhere assert faith to be a fruit and not a cause of Election, that we are chosen unto good works, not for them, that is that they who are predestinated shall certainly believe, not they who believe were therefore predestinated, which is the sum of his discourse in Ephesians chapter 1. So that in the Act of Election, men are to be considered as merely passive, that is, as recipients, not as believers, as such who were liable to be disposed by God how he pleased, but had no possibility of meriting anything from him.< Less
Peculiar Interest of the Elect in Christ By John Spilsbury
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THE PECULIAR INTEREST OF THE ELECT IN CHRIST, AND HIS SAVING GRACE. Wherein it is proved that Christ hath not Presented to his Father’s Justice a Satisfaction for the Sins of all men; but only... More > for the sins of those that do, or shall believe in him; which are his Elect Only; and the Objections of those that maintain the contrary, are also answered. The whole doctrine of the Gospel of Jesus Christ being delivered unto us in the Scriptures, it is a sufficient ground for us not to believe that Christ presented to his Father’s Justice a satisfaction for the sins of all men, because the Scriptures do nowhere declare this to be a truth; as {through the help of God} shall be made to appear by our answers to the objections of our adversaries. For the easier discovery of the weakness of which objections, I lay down these ensuing Propositions.< Less
Vindication of the Doctrine of Justification & Union before Faith By Richard Davis
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A vindication of the doctrine of Justification and Union before Faith wherein the great truth of the Grace of our Lord Jesus in his representing the persons of his elect on the cross, of his... More > suffering for them as their Representative is asserted and cleared, and the Eternal Justification and Union of the Lord’s chosen people is plainly stated and proved; also the assurance of faith is evidently confirmed; with a clear demonstration of how these precious Gospel Truths do promote holiness and sanctification in the hearts and conversations of true believers.< Less
A Re-Assertion of Grace By Robert Towne
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A RE-ASSERTION OF GRACE; OR, VINDICIAE EVANGELII; or a Vindication of Gospel Truths, from the unjust censure and undue aspersions of Antinomians. In a modest Reply to Anthony Burgess: VINDICIAE... More > LEGIS. Together with the book entitled: MONOMACHIA; OR, A Single REPLY To Mr. RUTHERFORD'S Book called CHRIST’S DYING AND DRAWING OF SINNERS. By ROBERT TOWNE. 1654. There is a little book called THE ASSERTION OF GRACE, printed {in 1644} by some well-wishers to the truth as it is in Jesus; that, with Dr. Crisp’s Sermons and Eaton’s Honeycombe of Free Justification by Christ Alone, being thronged with pikes of despite ever since their publication, have occasioned this Re-Assertion, to rescue and vindicate the credit and truth of each, wherein they have too long suffered. Free-Grace is the richest Diamond belonging to the Crown of our King Jesus; and what are all these that we hazard to our spiritual freedom, peace of conscience, everlasting life, and that exceeding glorious condition in God’s Kingdom!< Less