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Mount Sion By Walter Cradock
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In London, Cradock was the minister of All-Hallows-the-Great, where he lectured and preached, along with Henry Jessey, and this pulpit at All-Hallows was where the majority of his printed sermons... More > were preached. All-Hallows-the-Great was one of the few assemblies in that City where the everlasting Gospel in all its fulness & freeness was being proclaimed, for whist the so-called Puritans were filling most London pulpits with their toxic Law/Gospel admixtures, a simple & single message of ‘Christ Crucified’ would become the cornerstone of the preaching at All-Hallows, a sanctuary where saints were embraced as saints, and not bound by denominational shackles, creedal intolerance, or ecclesiastical priesthood. Cradock excelled in clear views of the doctrine of justification by the imputed righteousness of Christ, and in the great simplicity of his manner of preaching.< Less
The Perfection of Justification By John Simpson
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From the Preface: Reader, the Author preached and printed the Works out of which this is extracted, many many years ago, and by them, he, though dead, yet speaketh. And however strange the Doctrine... More > herein contained, may be, {to those who build their hopes upon inherent righteousness,} yet it is none other than the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Doctrine of the Reformation, and the only Doctrine that tends {contrary to the judgment of carnal reason} to uprightness of heart and life, and whoever conceives otherwise of this Doctrine understands it not. It is founded upon this principle, that we must discover God’s Love to us in Christ Jesus, that he has already saved us, before we can truly love God or our Neighbor. This our Saviour inculcates to Simon the Pharisee in the Parable of the two Debtors, Luke 7:41, and in many other Places of Scripture. May he sprinkle this with his Blood; and explain it by his Spirit to the Heart of every Reader.< Less
The Doctrine of Particular Election By James Barry
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The Doctrine of Particular Election before Time. Asserted and Proved by God’s Word, against the Quakers, Papists and Arminians. In Answer to a Challenge given the Author to make good {by the... More > Scriptures of Truth} the above-said Doctrine. Wherein is Evidently Discovered. I. That the above-said doctrine, rightly understood and believed, {with application to one’s self,} is the great enemy of sin, both in the heart and life of a true Believer; and that which keeps the Believer from despair, in the deepest desertion and temptation. II. That the doctrine of free-will and general redemption, &c., is an inlet to, and an encourager of sin; and which leads in the end to horrid despair, under powerful awakenings in the natural consciences of an unregenerate man. “For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.” Matt. 24:24.< Less
Judgment Set & the Books Opened By John Webster
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The Judgment Set, and the Books Opened. Religion tried, whether it be of God or of Men. The Lord cometh to visit his own, for the time is come that Judgment must begin at the House of God. To... More > separate the Sheep from the Goats and the Precious from the Vile. And to discover the blasphemy of those that say that they are Apostles, Teachers, Alive, Rich, Jews; but are found liars, deceivers, dead, poor, blind, naked, the synagogue of Satan. In Several Sermons Delivered by Mr. John Webster at All Hallows Lombard Street, London.< Less
The Stumbling Stone By William Dell
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The Stumbling-Stone; or a Discourse touching that offence which the world and worldly Church do take against Christ Himself - His True Church - His True Word - His True Government - His True Worship... More > - His True Ministry. Wherein the University is reproved by the Word of God. Delivered partly to The University-Congregation in Cambridge, and partly to another in the same Town.< Less
Fourteen Queries and Ten Absurdities By Paul Hobson
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About the extent of Christ’s Death, the power of the creatures, the justice of God in condemning some, and saving others, presented by a free-willer to the Church of Christ at Newcastle, and... More > answered by Paul Hobson, a member of the said church. In which answer is discovered, the extent of Christ’s Death, the nature and truth of Election, the condition of the creature both before and after conversion, &c. Published in tenderness of love for the good of all, especially for the churches of Christ.< Less
A Vindication of the Gospel By Robert Lancaster
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When Tobias Crisp died of smallpox on Feb.27, 1643, at the early age of 42, his friend Robert Lancaster immediately published his sermons, which upon their arrival were soon met with fierce... More > opposition by those who mingled Law with Gospel. Sadly, such a legalization of the Gospel, often weighing it down with diverse conditions and various pre-qualifications; in essence diluting the message of Grace, under a pretended or imaginary zeal for the ‘Reformers’ and their ‘Confessions,’ {which actually both sides laid claim to,} was met with little resistance, even amongst those who seemed to be ‘pillars’ in the ‘Church,’ eventually paving the way towards more rank Conditionalism, and ultimately Arminianism. In opposition to this, men like Lancaster, sought to rekindle in the ‘faithful’ a heightened sense of the pre-eminence of Christ, as the sum and substance of an accomplished redemption, for all for whom it was intended.< Less
Neonomianism Unmasked OR, A Plea for the ANCIENT GOSPEL By Isaac Chauncy
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A Theological debate, occasioned by a book lately written by Mr. Daniel Williams, entitled, Gospel Truth Stated & Vindicated; Unwarily Commended and Subscribed by some divines. Mr. Chauncy,... More > acting on the behalf, and in the person of, one Doctor Tobias Crisp, whose sermons have been ransacked - viciously rent and torn asunder by men whose poisoned minds have been directed to view the message of the pure Gospel of Grace through the spectacles of the Law; in these spiritual conversations not only vindicates, but also attempts to set forth the glorious Gospel of Christ, in all its assimilating truth, as a pure declaration of free & sovereign grace, in the free proclamation of an accomplished redemption through the sole merit, righteousness, and death of the LORD JESUS CHRIST. “For as many as are of the works of the law are under the curse.” Gal.3:10. “And the law is not of faith.” Gal.3:12. “For Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to everyone that believeth.” Rom.10:4.< Less
The Treasure of Gospel Truth By Theodore Beza
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The Treasure of Gospel Truth; being a godly, learned, and comfortable treatise by Theodore Beza, concerning God and his Eternal Election and Predestination; touching the ground work of man and... More > salvation, and the chiefest points of the Christian Religion, with a brief sum of the comfortable doctrine of God and his Providence, comprised in thirty-eight short aphorisms. Written in Latin by Theodore Beza, and turned into English by John Stockwood. Whereunto is also added, this godly treatise; which is that of Theodore Beza against Sebastian Chasteillon, {renowned for his heresies,} upon the subject matter of God’s Predestination, for the stopping of the mouths of the slanderous, as also for the further instructing of the ignorant. Beza added much to a clear understanding of the New Testament; as it would seem to some that he more fully developed the doctrinal distinctions that would characterize that system of theology for which Calvin would later became known.< Less
A Further Enquiry After Truth & Defense Thereof By Lewis Wayman
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But why must it be supposed, that God offers an opportunity to all to be saved? And, how can we understand it to be a privilege and blessing, to have an opportunity upon impossible conditions? Some... More > answer, “that God affords an opportunity to all, that he might vindicate himself, that is, his justice, or his mercy, or both, from the charge his creatures might probably bring against them.” This supposes that God will be brought to the bar of the creature to give account for his conduct towards the works of his hands; which indeed, through the amazing and confounding pride of our hearts, is frequently done. We quarrel at his righteous decrees; we quarrel at his gracious dispensations, our eye being evil because he is good; and we fall out with him as Jonah did, about the shadow of an herb, Jonah 4:9, for such is the monstrous deformity of fallen nature! But admitting this, that God was arraigned, his justice needs no vindication. The saved of the Lord justify him in his sayings!< Less