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Transforming Seminarian Sampler By Mark Baker-Wright
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In 1984, toy stores began selling a new brand of robot toys that turned into vehicles and other forms. Although such toys had been in existence for a few years already by this time, this particular... More > brand was special. For the first time, the toys were attached to characters with their own unique personalities, and given a backstory that told of an ago-old conflict between warring factions. The Transformers had been born, and now, more than 25 years later, the story of the heroic Autobots and the evil Decepticons still fascinates fans of all ages. Here, collected together for the first time, are the first 13 entries of a regular feature which started in 2008 at Transforming Seminarian ( They not only demonstrate a sampling of one fan's collection--starting from the oldest toy still in that collection and working onward--but also give a bit of history of how the Transformers toy line grew and evolved over the first decade of its existence.< Less
Women's Speaking Justified - the 1666 classic by Margaret Fell with modern English By Mark Baker-Wright
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Many today believe that the debate about women's ordination is a modern phenomenon. In truth, Christians have wrestled with this issue for centuries. "Women's Speaking Justified" is a... More > 1666 example of this controversy, as written by Quaker legend Margaret Fell (later the wife of George Fox). The 17th-century English of Fell is a bit off-putting to many, so this version includes a modern English version, placed on opposing pages with the 17th-century text for comparison.< Less