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Short Journeys: Central Asia By Andrew Boland
eBook (ePub): $1.99
Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan & Uzbekistan, three countries in Central Asia that are incredibly rewarding, beautiful and friendly. Join me as I recount travel experiences, give travel tips, review the... More > places I stayed and how I got from A to B in these three amazing countries. Includes dozens of photographs by the author. Covers - Almaty, Semey, Astana, Bishkek, Karakol, Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara & more!< Less
Dhaka to Dakar: Book Two - Exploring Europe By Andrew Boland
eBook (ePub): $1.99
Backpacking expert Andrew Boland embarked upon a mission in 2004, to travel from Dhaka in Bangladesh to Dakar in Senegal by plane, train, bus and whatever transport he could find. Dhaka to Dakar is a... More > travelogue about this journey. In this book, Dhaka to Dakar: Book 2 – Exploring Europe, Andrew visits Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia & Montenegro, Bosnia, Slovenia, Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland & the cities of Vienna & Budapest. Andrew visits a monastery or two, goes on the trail of Dracula, challenges his perceptions in Serbia & Bosnia, has a bit of romance in Poland, climbs mountains in Slovakia, marvels at the natural beauty of Slovenia and goes to the Opera no less than three times. He braves hostels, both good and bad, and travels by train, boat, bus and cable car. Europe resonates with the backpacker vibe, and Andrew seeks it out. Join him on the trip of a life time! Includes dozens of photos taken by the author< Less
Short Journeys: Japan By Andrew Boland
eBook (ePub): $1.59
I first came to Japan as a tourist a month after the March 11th 2011 tsunami, and a year later was living in Iwate teaching English in a region greatly affected by the events of that day. With this... More > book I try to include all the places I have visited in Japan in a useful book full of tips and anecdotes. Japan is a wonderful country full of culture, friendly people, mountains, beaches, amazing cities. It is a country that has seen devastation from nuclear bombs and wars, through to earthquakes and tsunamis and still has a smile. I include a special chapter about Iwate Prefecture and hope that people reading this book and heading to Japan will consider heading there as it moves forward from that day in 2011, seemingly in the past but still very much in the minds of those who live here. Japan is brimming with life and warmth and its own uniqueness. Take a read, and see what it’s all about. Includes over 60 photos taken by the author.< Less
Short Journeys: Cameroon By Andrew Boland
eBook (ePub): $1.59
Cameroon is nestled away in West Africa. People know Cameroon for basically just football, but for the traveler and backpacker Cameroon is full of beauty and friendly people. It is a hidden gem in a... More > region of the world that gets few visitors at present. ‘Short Journeys – Cameroon’ sees me visit Douala, Kribi, Limbe, Bamenda and the Ring Road are, and finally the capital Yaounde. I discover a beautiful, relaxed country. I spend time chilling out in Kribi, visit an amazing primate sanctuary in Limbe, and meet a King and a Cameroonian minister whilst exploring the Ring Road in north-western Cameroon. This book is full of experiences and tips, with some small details on where I stayed and getting from A to B. It’s the perfect starter if you are thinking about visiting Cameroon (although it is not a guide book!) or interested in reading travelling stories. I enjoyed visiting Cameroon immensely, it was the perfect blend of adventure, relaxation and discovery.< Less
Short Journeys: Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan By Andrew Boland
eBook (ePub): $1.59
Take a journey on the road less travelled to two neighbouring countries in Central Asia, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. The former is blessed with mountains and natural beauty, the latter with some of... More > the world’s most stunning Islamic architecture. Both feature warm locals, adventure and a brilliant travelling experience for the traveller. This book is the perfect introduction to the two countries. Chock full of experiences and tips, places to stay, money, transport and more. Although not a guidebook, this book is written with the goal of whetting the appetite for two countries which gave the author nothing but a great time. I visit Bishkek, Karakol, Altyn Arashan, Tashkent, Samarkand and Bukhara. This book also includes a detailed account of travelling from Bishkek to Tashkent in one day, via Kazakhstan, a challenging exercise full of adventure. Features over 45 photos of the region taken by the author.< Less
Short Journeys: Laos By Andrew Boland
eBook (ePub): $1.59
Laos is a wonderful, peaceful country in South-East Asia. I enjoyed my time here immensely. There is great beauty in the land, and as a backpacker it’s a very interested if laid-back place to... More > venture. I loved my time in Luang Prabang, in the north of the country, where I took a boat on the Mekong River, visited a bear sanctuary and swam beneath a waterfall with shades of paradise. The atmosphere of the town was great, and there were some good places to eat as well. Join me as I travel further south and east to the Plain of Jars at Phonsovan, and the eye-opening Vang Vieng, finishing in the peaceful capital, Vientiane. This book is full of stories, tips and photos from one of South-East Asia's true gems - the brilliant Laos!< Less
Short Journeys: Ethiopia By Andrew Boland
eBook (ePub): $1.59
Ethiopia is a delight to visit as a country. This book concentrates on the beautiful north, green and mountainous. Ethiopia is in the heart of the horn of Africa, but it also possesses a vibrancy,... More > an ethos that is truly unique, that cannot be found in another country on this amazing continent, nor the world. It offers adventure in many different forms, warm and friendly people, exhilaration and above all experience. Read about trekking in the Simien Mountains and visiting the UNESCO Rock-hewn churches of Lalibela. I visit: Addis Ababa, the vibrant capital. Lalibela, where ancient churches were carved into rock. Gondar – once the capital of Ethiopia. The Simien Mountains – stretching up to 4500 metres, these stunning mountains are a highlight of any trip to north Ethiopia. Bahir Dar – on the beautiful Lake Tana. Not far from the Blue Nile Falls. This book includes 35 photos taken by the author himself, accommodation suggestions and more! Written in an open and easy to read style. Second edition.< Less
Short Journeys: Kazakhstan By Andrew Boland
eBook (ePub): $1.59
Kazakhstan - the world’s 9th-biggest country, perched in Central Asia bordering China, Russia and other central Asian states. Today it is a country emerging into the world with a vibrant... More > economy, wonderful culture and tradition, and stunning landscapes from the flat steppe to beautiful mountains. I loved my time in this amazing country. Astana stands somewhere near the middle with its Norman Foster architecture, a Dubai in the middle of nowhere. The future of this exciting country is being created here with some of the most amazing futuristic buildings in the entire world. In the south is the biggest city in Kazakhstan – Almaty. Full of culture and style, beautifully situated surrounded by mountains, this is the ‘soul’ of Kazakhstan. To the north-west is Semey, an interesting city where you can visit the museum to Kazakhstan’s most revered poet. If that doesn't fulfill you desire to explore the literary history of the region, there is also a small museum to Dostoevsky, in the house where he once lived.< Less
Backpacking Basics By Andrew Boland
eBook (ePub): $1.49
Backpacking expert Andrew Boland has backpacked in some 69 countries, but still remembers what it was like preparing for his first backpacking adventure fifteen years ago. In this book Andrew write... More > about preparing and planning for the trip of a life time. He talks about how to plan your budget for a backpacking adventure, how to keep costs down and talks about some of the costs you may not have thought of before leaving. Andrew also talks in some detail about the hostelling experience, with tips for surviving hostels and the pros and cons of staying in one. This is essential reading for the inexperienced or first-time back packer. It will give you an idea of how to start planning, and how to organise your budget so you don’t get left short in the wallet in a foreign country. With 69 countries of experience, Andrew talks about his greatest passion – backpacking.< Less
Dhaka to Dakar: Book One - Through Asia By Andrew Boland
eBook (ePub): $1.99
Backpacking expert Andrew Boland embarked upon a mission in 2004, to travel from Dhaka in Bangladesh to Dakar in Senegal by plane, train, bus and whatever transport he could find. Dhaka to Dakar is a... More > travelogue about this journey. In this book, Dhaka to Dakar: Book 1 – Through Asia, Andrew visits seven countries in Asia – Malaysia, Singapore, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Iran and Turkey, in the first leg of his adventure. Andrew takes an early morning boat on the Ganges, survives food poisoning more than once, journeys into the Khyber Pass, nearly gets engaged Iran, nearly gets adopted in Iran, and marvels at the amazing city of Istanbul where the leg finishes. 6000km by air, much longer by land. From Dhaka Andrew takes buses to the Indian border, later one through the Baluchistan desert, another from Tabriz Istanbul. He revels on the trains in India, and scoots to the Pakistan border in a rickshaw. Join him on the trip of a life time! Includes dozens of photos taken by the author.< Less