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Wyman's Wonderama
Salmagundi Gallimaufry By Jack Suss
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This volume of poetry includes selected gems chosen by the author as representative of his work, taken from a "driftscape" that spans almost half a century. It's beat poetry with... More > existential twists that pop and sizzle, serving up a soul platter of surprises, red pill detours, and meditations for the potato head in all of us. The poems are peppered and laced with color graphics meant to be pleasing to the eye, offering respite from the text.< Less
Time Tweaking By Wyman Wicket
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Two horn-dog, red pill compatriots invent a time travel helmet. The wearer is able to easily untether his astral body and direct it to any historical event in the akashic record. Their hope is to... More > tweak a crucial point in history that will have a far-reaching future effect. By so doing they seek to rid the planet of a depraved neo-Marxism that has degenerated the West in the guise of a “progressive,” globalist, NWO con game of open borders, “diversity and multiculturalism,” and political correctness. But dangers lurk in the noosphere and in unintended consequences of their “time tweaking.” These amateur inner space explorers find out the hard way that they can change but not quite control the course of history—that’s a job long dominated by professional controllers (as the main character knows all too well).< Less
Plight of the Cultural Mutant By Jack Suss
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The past quarter-century proved to be a particularly rough and rocky road for the cultural mutant. From getting on the wrong end of political correctness at St. John’s College, Santa Fe,... More > followed by a confused odyssey as an ESL teacher, a doctoral student, a would-be scholar and poet, pundit and constitutionalist attorney, psychedelic inner space explorer, and blues piano player—and then returning to his boyhood neighborhood only to find it irretrievably morphed and mangled. The confusion experienced during the cultural mutant's long odyssey in the wilderness of not-knowing (precisely) the causes of his malaise, is exhaustively portrayed herein.< Less
23 Skiddoo: Way Back Beyond Across the Stars By Wyman Wicket
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Ultra was on high alert. Factions from each [ET] “tribe” had succumbed to the insane aims of Project Lobster. Neither was working with the imprimatur of their respective peoples. This... More > project was really the brainchild of top planning, who saw it as a kind of Counter-Reformation to the dawning of a new consciousness among Earthlings. Some called it “integral consciousness.” It also went by other names: 5th order consciousness, lateral thinking, etc. But the threat was crystal clear. Unless the elite could come up with a “higher” consciousness, they were doomed to lose the control they had enjoyed since the first bonehead banded with his brothers and declared tribal unity. It was an act of desperation, really. Containment of their master plan was in serious lapse. There seemed to be no defense to the human tendency to interpolate and exploit weaknesses, even in their overall dilapidated condition. They saw it coming, with the popularization of meditation and the re-discovery of individual sovereignty< Less
23 Skiddoo: Way back beyond across the stars By Wyman Wicket
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A cultural mutant’s “team” of sleuths, extraterrestrials, and celestial advisors cope with the shock waves from a diabolical, ET inter-species, cross-breeding project as they battle... More > the cryptocracy’s “deep state.”< Less
23 Skiddoo: Way back beyond across the stars By Wyman Wicket
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We sometimes hear things that cannot be definitively traced to a source. This nurtures a sense of magic all the more, as befuddlement trumps our rational ability to figure out and explain something... More > our senses tell us is there none-the-less. Such phenomena can instill fear—fear of the unknown—and this, in turn, might pry open our souls, our consciousness, our life force, enough for a malevolent force to gain entry; at least this is a premise to be found in 23 Skiddoo.< Less