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Feeders By Anita E Viljoen
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SIR ROBERT MCKAY’S coven of vampires has been known as benevolent and placid. Instead of hunting humans for blood, like many other vampires covens, they believed in having humans voluntarily... More > donate their blood. These humans regenerate blood fast when first drained and then need draining often thereafter to survive. These humans are known to the vampires as “FEEDERS” ANNE PATTERSON was attacked, left bleeding and broken by a rogue vampire when it unsuccessfully tried to drain her from her blood. LUC HASTINGS a FEEDER and his vampire friend and tracker Roman, found Anne at the side of a deserted road while tracking this rogue. Luc believed Anne to be another FEEDER and helped her to accept what she was to the vampires. Luc realized he could not keep Anne safe from a revengeful vampire SIR RAYMOND PITOUT threatened the McKay Coven and this scares him, he tries to backs away from her. However Anne proves her love for him by saving his life but was this enough…..< Less
A Bride Reborn By Anita E Viljoen
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A Five-Part Romance. Part I, takes place in 1454, were Elle is born as Annabelle Savoie. She finds a body washed up on the Chateau de Savoie, France, beach. She revives and finds him to be the... More > Sovereign of a large coven, Lucien Vallianto a very powerful vampire. They fall in love, marry and he takes her and her brother, Marcus Savoie back to his villa on the Island of Sardegna, Italy. There Ella is murdered before the Sovereign could turn her. Part II, Elle, in 1690 is reborn as Isabella Savoie. Part III takes place in 1921, Ella is born as Jezebel Savage a descendent of the Savoie family. Part IV Present Day, Ellouise Conway works with the coven and together they succeed in turning Ellouise as their queen, but she looses her trust in the Sovereign and his love for her. Part V Conclusion, Elle has to trust the sovereign again, identify the murderer and accept her future as a vampire without the one she loves more than life itself. Does she finally succeed?< Less
A Bride Reborn By Anita E Viljoen
eBook (ePub): $6.74
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Would death be so final if an immortal wanted you back? Death wasn’t final for me. Love saw to that, a love that ran so deep and eternal that I sacrificed my life for it. A love I did not... More > imagine could ever exist. Love is one of the strongest emotions a human has;; it feels different and is unique to each individual, and one thing is clear: humans will do anything for the one they love, even if it means sacrificing their own life. I was told I had sacrificed my life three times before, and I was about to do it again. Eternal death means my soul returns to wherever our souls go when we die and my body returns to dust. However, I came back again. Reincarnated. I chose immortality to be with the one I love. I am a bride reborn. So let me go back to the day it all started, and then you judge me. < Less
Hybrid By Anita E Viljoen
eBook (ePub): $7.10
Sequel to FEEDERS - The McKay saga continues.... GEMMA ANNE O' SULLIVAN, also known as Gem, is the daughter of a human mother, MEGAN MCKAY, and a vampire father, MICHAEL O SULLIVAN. She is a hybrid... More > and the first female of her kind, a secret kept by the McKay council for two and a half decades. The reappearance of SIRE RAYMOND PITOUT in Canada threatens and compromises her secret, and the International Vampire Council sends out its head of security, LORD MALCOLM MURPHY (the first hybrid) to protect Gem and destroy Sire Pitout. Malcolm finds things becoming complicated, especially when he falls in love with Gem. He meets Gem's friend, DEIDRE WOLFF, who turns out to be an alter-seer (an oracle/vampire hunter), and also her human sister, GRACE O' SULLIVAN, who has the same unique trait as her aunt, MIA O' SULLIVAN (Michael's twin sister). With all these unique attributes under one roof, Lord Malcolm has his job cut out for him. A story with unexpected twists, turns, intrigue and romance.< Less