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Anna Scott Graham: Translating the Essence
September Story By Anna Scott Graham
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Jo Adams can’t speak of her late father, whom she watched die when she was a child. When her mother, novelist Hannah Adams, introduces Jo to English movie star Jeremy Stewart, instant... More > attraction leads to a one night stand, but Jo flees, afraid of commitment. Through letters the couple reconnects, as Jo describes her grandparents’ unsuccessful struggle to preserve their mixed marriage. Unable to commit to Jeremy, Jo resumes a loveless affair, while Jeremy’s performance in There Is Something Here is touted for a Golden Globe. Yet in an act worthy of an Oscar, his true feelings remain hidden, his heart still pierced by the memory of his own loss. As truths surface, layers of history intertwine in lives tainted from racism and intolerance. A man similar to Hannah’s father, Jeremy is fighting for his sanity, not only the woman he loves.< Less
The War On Emily Dickinson By Anna Scott Graham
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As mysterious ailments evolve into an insidious scourge, a twosome turns from friendship to love against the backdrop of a contagion, infidelities, and addiction. As San Francisco nurse Marthe Souza... More > stands on the front line of the AIDS epidemic, her bisexual boyfriend, author Kell Vander Kellen, records the struggles of the plague’s rampage. When Kell’s sexual proclivities threaten their relationship, Marthe turns to other passions, Jesus Christ and the music of Patsy Cline, but soon she too seeks corporeal comforts. Marthe’s Catholic faith sustains her as a break-up occurs, but when Kell returns to her realm HIV-positive, the couple faces more than his illness. In his final manuscript, Kell wishes to capture not only their history, but that of the pandemic, intolerance and fear amid steadfast devotion.< Less