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The eighth anniversary edition includes additional information on Belleville in the American Revolution, War of 1812, Civil War, World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam and peacetime casualties. ... More > In the last century, Belleville lost 157 sons while in service to our country. This collection, gathered from newspaper clippings and other sources collects what we know about these young men in an effort that their sacrifice not be forgotten.< Less
RAMBLING ROUND Inside & Outside at the Same Time By Anthony Buccino
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Anchored in New Jersey, Buccino pays tribute to the unique Garden State Parkway toll road, but you don't have to be from NJ to enjoy this collection. The best of Buccino's humor and homage to... More > living life every day with tongue firmly in cheek. When he writes seriously, his stories infuse a nice warm feeling. Buccino's been called "New Jersey's Garrison Keillor, or something like that." His is the plain and simple view of the world around him.< Less
Sister Dressed Me Funny By Anthony Buccino
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Tales about, of growing up in north Jersey in the 1960s and, of all things, a naked statue and the catholic school tie, Italian American family roots and that dress his sister made him wear.... More > Buccino's essays cut close to the edge of humor, humiliation and heartbreak chronicling education by the strictest nuns in the world at a school where the statues of saints were said to dance the Twist if you prayed real hard. A wistful reminiscence of life on the farm with chicken coops and too many cats in what is now at the very least suburbia; being the butt of the Cub Scout skit gone wrong in front of the entire pack, and, of course, that dress his sister made him wear.< Less
A FATHER'S PLACE an eclectic collection By Anthony Buccino
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Stories about family life, the father-son-dilemma, father-daughter dilemma, day trip vacations in New Jersey, Brookdale soda pop, too much coffee, pets, friends and more!   A thought-provoking... More > collection of essays and fiction about family life, the father-son-dilemma, family day trips, suggesting elopement to a newborn daughter, that classic about Brookdale Soda, too much coffee, pets Libby the black Labrador Retriever and Murphy the rabbit, friendships and much more! Includes restored Uncle Floyd Vivino reviews deleted from first edition.< Less
CANNED By Anthony Buccino
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Non-rhyming verse about being out of work, the strains that tag along and the sinking boat you feel you're riding in. This collection deals with a difficult subject in a very real way. Its strength... More > is its realness and that is also its greatest weakness. It's not for the faint of heart. A must-have for anyone who deals in human resources, personnel, recruitment, job placement, or has been fired, laid-off and is out of work.< Less
Nutley Sons Honor Roll By Anthony Buccino
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Information about the more than 130 Nutley sons who died while in service to our country. Fourth edition. In the past century, 138 Nutley sons died while in service to our country. World War I took... More > 17. World War II took 92 sons. The Korean War era took twelve sons. The Vietnam War took 9 sons, and preserving the peace during the Cold War set its toll at 8 Nutley sons. Here, in one source, beyond the names of the fallen, are their stories. Remember their sacrifice and familial heartache that paid for the peace and freedom on our tree-lined streets.< Less