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Illusory Advice By Ngakma Nor'dzin Ngakpa 'ö-Dzin
Paperback: $13.13
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Illusory Advice is an anthology of lively email discussions between two Western-born Buddhist teachers and their students. The questions and replies cover a wide range of topics—to which the... More > Buddhist view is applied with directness, subtlety, and humour—such as: family life; interpersonal difficulties; and, the student-teacher relationship. Ngakma Nor’dzin and Ngakpa ’ö-Dzin are a married teaching-couple of the Aro gTér Lineage of the Nyingma Tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. They are ordained representatives of the ancient non-monastic tradition of Vajrayana, in which every-day life circumstances and individual-personality are embraced as the path of transformation.< Less
The Legendary Rabbit of Death - volume two [paperback] By Ræchel Togden
Paperback: $4.74
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The Rabbit of Death who lives in the Cave of Everlasting Terror, is a kind rabbit who enjoys helping rabbits in need of change. The ways in which he helps are always strange and unexpected: he... More > enables Byron to appreciate the vlaue of his third ear and discover poetry; helps Huberta with her weight problem in a radically unconventional manner; and finally, cures Norbert of naughtiness without crimping his style. Ræchel's wierd tales purvey a heart-warming message: Everyone has an individual genius that can be drawn out under the right circumstances.< Less
Aro tsog 'khorlo text (public) [booklet] By Aro Lineage
Paperback: $4.82
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Tsog’khorlo of Seed Syllables from the dag-ngang gTérma of Khyungchen Aro Lingma with commentaries composed for sequential individual oration by Ngak’chang Rinpoche & Khandro... More > Déchen< Less
Aro practice book (public) [booklet] By Aro Lineage
Paperback: $4.51
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The practice book of the Aro gTér Lineage from the pure vision gTérma of Khyungchen Aro Lingma, Düd’jom gTér, ’Khordong gTér, and other sources.
an odd boy - volume three [paperback] By Doc Togden
Paperback: $19.63
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Volume Three of an odd boy tells of the foundation course at Farnham Art School from ’70 to ’72. At Hatch Mill—the warren of wonders—the author steps out of time into a world... More > of creative camaraderie where every meeting is a scene from a surrealist play. ’72 marked the end of the ’60s gestalt. Before the final curtain call however, a tumult of bizarre scenes tumble across the panchromatic stage: strange liaisons with transient heroes and heroines of the lost time; the Farnham Blues Festival; and, ‘the religion of Art’ entwined with burlesque love stories. He meets with Liverpool Poets – Adrian Henry and Roger McGough. Poetry and oil painting co-mingle with loves won and lost. He finds himself—for a bare month—as a rising star on the British Blues scene – but with the death of Jimi Hendrix, it’s the end of an era. He steps off the stage, takes to the road – and arrives, ironically, at the ever-familiar crossroads.< Less
The Book of Robert By Doc & Caroline Togden
Hardcover: $27.93
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Composed and illustrated by Robert’s family and closest friends – this is a personal book. We are all unique - but those who counted Robert as a friend agree that he deserved the... More > description more than most: in distinct and different ways. His personality contained delightful and surprising contradictions: he took life seriously and humorously – affectionately and satirically. Those who knew him were proud to call him their friend – and it is hoped that this book, limited as it is, will serve as a reminder of a hero, biker, artist, musician, wit, kind-hearted practical joker, and committed Buddhist whose name was Düd’dül Dorje. What would he have achieved had he lived a fill life-span? All that can be said is that he would have been a valued friend, an association to cherish, and a person to respect and admire.< Less
The Legendary Rabbit of Death - volume one [paperback] By Ræchel Togden
Paperback: $12.76
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The Rabbit of Death lives in the ‘Cave of Everlasting Terror’. He rides out each day on his huge motorcycle to bring humorous chaos to the lives of rabbits in need of change. They greet... More > him with trepidation, as he can be gruff and strange - but he is a kindly figure, even though he has a strange and startling way of helping. The rabbits he helps, join him in his mysterious world becoming the Rabbits of: Peace, Special Powers, Rainbows and Flyingness. But there are villains in the small Welsh rabbit town - the horrible chain-smoking rats Morgoth and Sowgoth Gizzardswill. The Rabbit of Death has to deal with them. These stories overflow with humour, word-play, and weird surprises. They carry a heart-warming message: everyone has skills and qualities that can be developed. Anyone can learn to become kind, creative, happy, and exciting.< Less
an odd boy - volume two [paperback] By Doc Togden
Paperback: $24.49
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The peak of the British Blues Boom - and Savage Cabbage the band who could have rivalled Cream. At their height they were billed with Rory Gallagher's Taste at 'Colonel Barefoot's Rock Garden' where... More > psychedelic lyrics and electric blues ignited the night. The arts became rampant street-culture - roaring like wildfire from '68 to '70: Doc's exotic final school years. A tragic chaotic emotional hiatus thrusts him choicelessly on stage alone, as a weird solo-Bluesman with a maniacal talk-in. He meets John Martyn, Jo Ann Kelly, and Mike Cooper. Art School looms and Doc finds himself standing alone with his Blues harp and faux-resophonic guitar - waiting for Papa Legba at yet another crossroads ... "Deeply touched by what you wrote" — John Martyn Praise for Volume one: "One spectacular sentence after another - a delight to read" — Deborah Magone "The taste of some exotic food on the tip of the tongue - unsure of what it is you like - but you must try more and more ..." — Colin J. Tozer< Less
Rays of the Sun [paperback] By Ngakpa Chögyam
Paperback: $11.15
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In the early days of Vajrayana few Tibetan Lamas visited Britain, and eager students were often prepared to travel considerable distances to receive instruction. Yet some sought out a young... More > Englishman recently returned from the Himalayas. Inspired by the magic and mystery of Tibet, they were keen to discover the lived meaning. Ngak’chang Rinpoche’s teachings were simple, direct, and experiential. The four evening talks contained here deal with the themes studied by everyone exploring Buddhism in depth: the four noble truths, eightfold path, causality, compassion and refuge. This material is discussed in creative contemporary English, and presented from a perspective informed by Dzogchen. Rinpoche was first asked to teach by Gétsulma Tsültrim Zangmo, a Western nun whom Rinpoche named ’ö-Zér Nyima after she received Dzogchen transmissions from him. ’ö-Zér Nyima means Rays of the Sun and this book is dedicated to the memory of this extraordinary English woman.< Less
Tupakka: Sokeaa taluttava opas tuhoon tuomitulla polulla By Kyabjé Jigdrèl Yeshé Dorje Düd'jom Rinpoche
Paperback: $6.53
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Loputtomassa ystävällisyydessään vajrayana-harjoittajia kohtaa, Kyabjé Düd’jom Rinpoche viittaa Chögyal Ratna Lingpan, Sang-gyé Lingpan,... More > Rig’dzin Go’demin, Düd’dül Dorjen, gTértön Longselin, Thugchog Dorjen, Dro’dül Lingpan ja Ma-gÇig Labdrönin gTérmoihin kertoakseen epätavallisen näyllisen historian, joka valaisee tupakan haitallista luonnetta. Tupakkaa koskevia varoituksia on paljastettu gTérmoina siitä saakka kun buddhalaisuus levisi ensimmäistä kertaa Tiibetiin, ja siksi aidoilla nyingma-harjoittajilla ei voi olla mitään tekemistä tupakan kanssa. Düd’jom Rinpochen esitys käsittelee suurten gTértöneiden gTérmoissa ilmaistua tupakan demonista aietta, ja siksi se on merkittävä erityisesti niille vajrayana-harjoittajille, jotka luottavat Padmasambhavaan ja gTérma-perinteeseen. Mutta myös muitakin buddhalaisia – ja ihmisiä ylipäänsä – pitäisi kiinnostaa se, että tämänkaltaiset varoitukset ovat olleet olemassa jo kauan ja että ne ovat aika rajuja.< Less