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Partnership Prayer/ Process: Powerful Self Healing By Jeannie Alvin
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This is a powerful Partnership prayer, with you and the Source of Everything. You will initiate it, and God (your terminology) will heal you all day long. It is an outgrowth of the processes in my... More > book "Awaken to Life! Better Than You Ever Dreamed!" The discovery that our troubles can clear away by noticing our physical sensations, and that we can call them forth, which we do with these prayers/processes, is one of the discoveries I share in my book.< Less
Heart to Heart Healing...with the Healing Power of Universal Love By Jeannie Alvin M.A.
eBook (ePub): $9.99
This is an awesome discovery! People have searched for years to find ways to heal people who had difficult childhoods. Rather than treating the effect of problems from childhood, as offered with... More > traditional psychology, this method treats the cause. Needed childhood experiences are recreated, new experiences along with emotional release and other key healing points ease the problems. This is a simple guide in plain English for those in need of healing, and for healers.< Less
Going to Amma and Kalki? The 21 Day Course? Amma's Ashram, Nemam?: Or Thinking of Going? By Jeannie Alvin M.A. (Nadhashree)
eBook (ePub): $2.99
If you are going to Bhagavan Kalki's and Amma's Oneness University for any course, Level 2, or the Trainer's course, or are thinking of going, this is the practical guide to prepare. Have taxi... More > driver at Chennai airport waiting for you with your name on a sign -how to take your money and passport and airline tickets safely what photocopies to take along, and where to put them tour Amma's ashram via photos on computer, -lessen health and finance karma at Amma's ashram learn about an inexpensive hotel -what to buy in an Indian medical shop prior to course- shops in Chennai to buy thin, 100% cotton clothing get dollars cheaply in India from your visa/debit account - good preparations for courses, meditations, resolutions, devotion -a rupees/dollars exchange rate chart translation of chants heard frequently in the course. Also, Cosmic Beings, trains. The Oneness University courses are in India. Phone #'s for popular travel spots in India.< Less
We CAN achieve the World We Want! By Jeannie Alvin
eBook (PDF): $0.00
There is a power within each one of us that we can tap into, and make a difference. And together we can make a huge difference! The time is NOW to collectively create the world we want!
Testimonials By Jeannie Alvin
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Feedback from participants using Awareness Games, Karma clearing, deekshas, in workshops or sessions combining them, plus comments about Jeannie's books. Click on title, then on preview.