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The Spirit Atom (Hydrogen) By Ken Nunoo
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Before the beginning, there were, no universes, no planets, no stars, no suns, no moons, time and space did not exist. In the beginning existed a single being; INTELLIGENCE BERESHITH (GOD). In the... More > beginning the intelligence Bereshith created the Spirit Atom (Hydrogen), which consists of six sublevels of the same atom within a single atom, making a total of seven levels. In the center of the spirit atom Hydrogen, is the Intelligence which is called today as the nucleus, the electron of the atom is its CONSCIOUSNESS, and the Proton is the BODY. The hydrogen atom consists of a single electron and a proton bound together as single unit, as the intelligence (nucleus).< Less
The 11th, 12th, and 13th heaven (the pink planet) By Ken Nunoo
eBook (PDF): $5.00
The 11th heaven was created on October 7, 2012, the 12th heaven was created on September 18, 2013 (the planet of the animals of light), and the 13th heaven (the pink lighted planet) was created on... More > October 5, 2013. The 11th heaven is a planet that is exactly the same size as our present day earth, and contains everything that is presently on earth. The 11th heaven is an exact duplicate of earth as of October 7, 2012. The 11th heaven now has approximately a little over 3,000 angels who were all recently created into heaven within these past 12 months. New angels are constantly being created into the 11th heaven. The 10th heaven is also a planet that is exactly the same size as earth, but was created almost five billion years ago when earth was only one continent. The 10th heaven is the original home of the Hebrew angels who now occupy regions of the 1st heaven to the 9th heaven. The Hebrew angels come to earth, when they go to the 10th heaven.< Less
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On the table before me is the seal of the Elohim Spirit, YOD HE VAU HE, and in my hand are three shells through whose mouth the Elohim Spirit will speak. The Elohim spirits are the spirits that... More > created the universes and all life in heaven and earth. I rotate the shells in my hand a few times and say “SPIRIT BETH RESH KAPH TAU, answer the shells”. Then while still shuffling the shells, I ask the question : “IS THIS SPIRIT BETH RESH KAPH TAU”?. I then open my hand and count the number of shells that has their mouth side up. I then shuffle the shells in my hand again and ask the same question a second time. “IS THIS SPIRIT BETH RESH KAPH TAU?”. I then open my hand and count the number of shells with the mouth up. If the second count is greater than the first count, It means the answer is ‘YES”, if less it means the answer is “NO”. If the answer is “NO”, I begin the whole process all over again.< Less
The Monkey Spirit of the gay man By Ken Nunoo
eBook (PDF): $3.00
I write this article to enlighten the public as to the nature of what is going on among gay men. It is intended to educate all of us about what we are dealing with and for those men that choose a gay... More > lifestyle to know what they are getting into before the embrace it. It may also educate others in ways on how to prevent themselves from being transformed into gay men. When I use the word GAY, I am strictly referring to men who have fully become gay and from the spiritual point of view there are men who have engaged in sexual relations with other men, but are not fully gay yet.< Less
The immortal intelligence By Ken Nunoo
eBook (PDF): $7.00
Intelligence is an immortal entity that exists within all living creatures including plants and animals. Every living creature has their own unique immortal intelligence that never dies and continues... More > to live inside another body after the death of the individual. I have not previously written materials on this subject of intelligence, because I acquired this knowledge about the intelligence of creatures within these past few days from the FIRST ELOHIM SPIRIT, that created the plants and living creatures. Fasten your seat belts, for what I am about to disclose to you has never been known to mankind. The basic structure of a living organism is that of three main parts. Human beings have a PHYSICAL BODY, CONSCIOUSNESS, and an INTELLIGENCE. It is the intelligence within a human body that causes the sperm to become a human being, it is the intelligence within the Rose flower that causes it to become the rose tree, it is the intelligence within a dog that causes that animal to grow to become a dog.< Less
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Kabbalah by comparison to many religions is the most powerful and advanced practical system of spirituality that exists. The fundamental structure of the teachings of Kabbalah is based on the concept... More > of MANY SPIRITS, which the Hebrew call ELOHIM, or gods. If one spirit was the only and first to exist, that spirit will most certainly create many other spirits like itself. From the single seed of a mango, we have many mango trees. The first line from the book THE TRINITY OF LIGHTS, reads: THE SOURCE IS ONE, BUT THE MANIFESTATIONS ARE MANY, JUST A WHITE LIGHT HAS A COMPOSITE OF SEVEN PRIMARY COLORS, SO IT IS THAT OUR GOD CONSISTS OF MANY SPIRITS. From a man and woman we have many men and women on earth. There are many of practically anything that exists, likewise, if a single spirit were to exist, there will most certainly be many spirits.< Less
Kabbalah lesson 25 (Angels, Leprechauns,Spirits) By Ken Nunoo
eBook (PDF): $5.00
In this Kabbalah lesson, I will explain the differences between angels, leprechauns and spirits, since these are confused by terminology and references have been made by ancient writers to angels... More > when they meant spirits. Creation is a continuous chain from matter to spirit and from spirit to matter and mind matter is the middle ground from matter to spirit and from spirit to matter. Human flesh, animals and everything in nature was originally formed from Mind Matter, which is a substance that is intangible, invisible and weightless. Mind Matter can be given various weights, hardness, softness, and density. Example, the egg of a hen, has the yellow yolk, the white of the egg, and the egg shell. This basic threefold formula is the same for all living creatures.< Less
eBook (PDF): $5.00
These Kabbalah lesson that I write are knowledge that I have obtained by interviewing various levels of spiritual beings. Kabbalah lessons 1 – 21 were mostly based on my interviews and... More > dialogues with the angels and the Elohim(creators). Each of these two groups had their understanding and interpretations of what they see around us, but neither of them are human beings, hence what they thought applies to them, does not necessarily apply to us. Kabbalah lessons 22 (GODS OF THE ELOHIM), and those that now follow are a result of interviewing the FIRST SPIRIT that created human beings and our planet which we call GOD, who is also the one that spoke to Moses. The bodies of angels even though they are similar to that of human beings function completely different from that of a human being, hence at some point I will make comparisons and point out the differences as we go along. To understand what MIND and SOUL is, let us first examine how a human being is formed in the womb of the mother.< Less
Kabbalah lesson 23 (Types of Spirits) By Ken Nunoo
eBook (PDF): $5.00
If all matter in the universe both organic and inorganic matter is dissolved, it will all become MIND MATTER. Mind matter is the source of all matter both visible and invisible and constitutes seven... More > percent of the weight of an object. Meaning, if a person weighs one hundred pounds, then seven pounds of the weight of that person is MIND MATTER, that is invisible to the eye.< Less
eBook (PDF): $5.00
The GODS of the Elohim, are the SPIRITS OF CREATION, that created our universe, planets, human beings, animals, suns, stars, plants, flowers, fish, and everything we see in nature. These four spirits... More > whose names I will later give in this book are the true GODS OF CREATION. If everything in our entire universe is destroyed and absolutely nothing is left, all matter both organic and inorganic matter will dissolve into MIND MATTER, and there will be total darkness all around. The only type of creature that can survive the destruction of our entire universe is a SPIRIT, for a spirit can attach its body to anything including even the darkness.< Less