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INSIGHT: Sometimes knowing your future can be a real killer! By B.H. Michaels
eBook (PDF): $3.50
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When Carson and Annette wandered into a fortune tellers tent at their county fall festival, it was supposed to be just for fun. But after the strange gypsy read a few things on Carson’s hand,... More > she kicked him out, seemingly for no reason at all. Curious, he went back alone the next day and confronted her and she informed him that she saw something terrible in his reading, and that if she revealed it, it would come true, calling it the ‘curse of the gypsy’. When Carson insisted on knowing anyway, she reluctantly informed him that his girlfriend is going to kill him! Angered by this 'obvious joke', Carson stormed away. But the next day, the other events predicted by the gypsy started to unfold, appearing to lead to the final prediction she had said! Now, Carson was forced to wonder if his imagination was just running wild, or could there really be a 'curse of the gypsy'? Carson had heard the phrase “Curiosity killed the cat”, before, but now he wonders if it will do the same for him!< Less
The New Herd By B.H. Michaels
eBook (PDF): $1.00
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Brian Harper joined the military for two reasons; to help his family, and see action to get out of the mundane which was his life. But one night while alone on watch, something happened that let... More > Brian realize just how close the line was between excitement being a complete thrill, and a trip through sheer horror. And it was that very night that Brian harper and the rest of the Earth certainly would find out!< Less