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2018 Belles & Beaus Calendar By Cyd Ropp
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2018 Calendar for Belles & Beaus Society of Jacksonville, Oregon. Photos of society events from 2017. Belles and Beaus welcomes new members!
Thirty-Five Missions Over Japan By 1st Lt. Philip D. Webster, Charlotte B. Webster
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These are the original, never-before-published notes penned in 1944 and 1945 by B-29 pilot 1st Lt. Philip D. Webster concerning the 35 missions he flew from Saipan to Tokyo during WWII. Two-time... More > recipient of the Distinguished Flying Cross, every mission is described in detail -- the fighters they had to contend with, the hits they took and how many; the planes they shot down; the flak that was encountered and the damage it caused. Lt. Webster wrote about weather conditions and anything he thought the intelligence people would want to know about in a debriefing meeting upon landing. These notes were stored undisturbed in Phil's original, Army-issue briefcase for over 61 years -– from the time they were written until August, 2005, when the briefcase was finally opened. All major incidents are true and can be backed up by documentation.< Less
My Conversations With Black By Bill Puett, Ph.D.
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For more than 18 years, I have had many conversations with Black and the thirteen people of a multiple system who share the same physical body. I have been for some their closest friend and for all a... More > counselor and life coach. They are a wonderful and extraordinary group whose lives have touched me deeply. Here is a book about multiplicity, consciousness, personhood, souls, past lives, ethics, and friendships over lifetimes, written through the lens of our deep friendship and concern for each other.< Less
A Simple Explanation of Absolutely Everything By Cyd Ropp, Ph.D.
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Using only four basic principles, A Simple Explanation explains our universe as a fractal pattern of consciousness that repeats itself in endless cycles of organization and cooperation. Integrates... More > traditional spiritual and religious traditions with cutting-edge science concepts. Fresh explanations of reincarnation, evolution, quantum entanglement, the Tao Te Ching, the Lord's Prayer, and the Golden Rule. This most inclusive philosophy bridges science with world religions by relating them to one, simple-to-understand, theory of everything.< Less
The Rhetoric of Childbirth: The Trial of a California Midwife By Cyd Ropp
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Should pregnancy be defined as a medical condition as obstetricians would claim, or is childbirth a natural, normal event rarely requiring medical intervention, as midwives would have it? The... More > testimonies of health care professionals who appeared as witnesses in the case of The People of the State of California v. Abigail Odam were analyzed using Kenneth Burke's dramatistic pentad in order to demonstrate the significant professional demarcation revealed by the discourse, clinical approach, and philosophical worldviews held by adherents of the medical model of birth and traditional midwifery. Trial testimonies such as these make it possible to see how physicians and midwives describe physiological processes in markedly different ways--the result of differences in perspective arising from very different terministic screens. This dissertation was accepted by the University of Memphis for a Ph.D. in Rhetoric in 2001.< Less
A Simple Explanation of Absolutely Everything By Cyd Ropp
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An original cosmology that integrates traditional spiritual teachings with cutting-edge scientific discoveries. Presents a simple description of the conscious, fractal universe and our place in it.
The Rhetoric of Childbirth: The Trial of a California Midwife By Cyd Charise Ropp, Ph.D.
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In 1997 California midwife Abigail Odam was convicted of several felonies related to her service as a homebirth midwife. This book is a 2001 doctoral dissertation analyzing the differences between... More > midwifery and obstetrics as expressed by witnesses at Odam's trial. Trial strategies are discussed.< Less
Reality Crash By Cyd Ropp, Lou Grantt
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Even though he's a programmer for Virtual Vision Network, Adam Porter never wonders how it all works. He knows that virtual vision offers subscribers a variety of premium channels with which to view... More > the world. There's Cartoon Vision for family fun, Chapel Vision for meditation, Ultramodern and Shangrila for variety. And his personal favorite, Frontier Vision, where he and his virtual dog, Bo, defend the homestead from bands of desperados. But going off-line always brings a return to normal, everyday life until a head injury puts his receiver on the fritz, revealing a post-apocalyptic world that Adam has never seen before. Adam is forced to question what is real and what is an illusion. With Network cops dogging his every move, Adam goes on the run and stumbles upon the Actual Reality Underground where he joins a band of Eco-guerrillas in a plan to blow up the virtual vision transmitters and force the population back to the actual reality they don't even know exists.< Less