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Exiles from Eden By Abba Seraphim
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Exiles from Eden is the sequel to Abba Seraphim’s Flesh of Our Brethren which he first published in 2006. This is a later history of the Western episcopal successions originating from the... More > Syrian Orthodox Patriarchate of Antioch and deals specifically with the successions and jurisdictions originating from the 1866 mission of Mar Julius (Ferrette), Bishop of Iona, and the 1892 mission of Mar Timotheos (Vilatte). Using the anonymous 1922 article “A Chapter of Secret History” which was originally published in The Church Times, as a framework for the period 1867-1922, he attempts to verify and amplify the events it recounts in tracing the history of the Ferrette Succession. The later Vilatte Succession was more extensive in its outreach, not only in the United States, but also in ministering to Poles, Black Americans and Swedes, as well as establishing missions in Britain, France, Italy and the African Continent.< Less
St. James Liturgy (Congregational Paperback) By Abba Seraphim Editor
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In 1994 His Holiness Pope Shenouda III, Patriarch of Alexandria, authorised the use of the ancient Liturgy of St. James, Brother of the Lord & First Bishop of Jerusalem, in The British Orthodox... More > Church. This paperback, congregational edition also includes the Coptic Service for the Offering of Morning & Evening Incense.< Less
Raising of Incense & Divine Liturgy By Abba Seraphim Editor
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This edition, intended for use by clergy and servers, combines the fully rubricated text of The Coptic Offering of Morning & Evening Incense with the Divine Liturgy of Saint James, Brother of the... More > Lord & First Bishop of Jerusalem. It is authorised for use in The British Orthodox Church.< Less
Blind Lanes & Alleys By Mar Georgius
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This brief study of one of the most turbulent times in British secular and religious history, traces the major disruptions to the Monarchy and the Anglican Church during the 17th and 18th centuries,... More > beginning with the Civil War and killing of King Charles the Martyr and tracing the development of Jacobitism and the Nonjuring Orthodox British Church, the last bishop of which died in Manchester in 1818.< Less
The Glastonbury Confession By The British Orthodox Church
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The Glastonbury Confession is the dogmatic constitution of The British Orthodox Church, an autocephalous church of the Oriental Orthodox tradition.
The Glastonbury Review No. 129 By Abba Seraphim (Editor)
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The Official Journal of the British Orthodox Church (Metropolis of Glastonbury)
As Far as the East is from the West By Abba Seraphim
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Early in the twentieth century an Englishman, Ulric Vernon Herford (1866-1938) living in Oxford, received episcopal consecration from an Indian bishop of the Syro-Chaldean succession. Although the... More > ministry of ‘Mar Jacobus’, the religious name by which he was known, was relatively small, his impact on the local religious scene was significant. This study, subtitled “Sidelights on Assyrian Church History” attempts to explain the historical context in which these events took place as well as the dynamics of the ancient Assyrian Church of the East, from which Mar Jacobus derived his mission. On the death of his consecrator, he inherited the oversight of the communities in southern India, which others who came after him claimed to inherit.< Less
The Glastonbury Review No. 128 By Abba Seraphim (Editor)
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As the mouthpiece of the British Orthodox Church, the Glastonbury Review is committed to the history and progress of indigenous Orthodoxy. It includes articles and book reviews about the Orthodox... More > faith, Church History, Orthodox Spirituality, Celtic Christianity and various sympathetic figures and precursor movements in the West. It also chronicles and documents current events in the Oriental Orthodox churches, whilst endeavouring to be Pan-Orthodox and eirenic in its outlook as well as evangelistic and pastoral in outreach.< Less
Ex Oriente Lux By Abba Seraphim
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This chapter in the history of nineteenth century Christendom has been sadly neglected by writers and Church historians. During the middle of the 19th century Stephen Hatherly, an English church... More > musician and Dr. Joseph Overbeck, a Prussian Catholic scholar priest who had settled in England, both converted to Orthodoxy. Tragically, an early clash of personalities caused them to be life-long enemies. Hatherly believed the Byzantine Liturgy the very essence of Orthodoxy and told the Greek community in Manchester, “I glory in nothing more than that I stand before you as a Greek priest.” Dr. Overbeck's scheme for a Western-rite Orthodoxy was repugnant to Hatherly and he wrote to his rival that he would not stand by and see him “blend any figment of your old popery or any old Protestantism with our Orthodox ritual.”< Less
George & The Dragon By Abba Seraphim (Editor)
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Following the publication in 1947 of Henry Brandreth’s book on small autocephalous churches and their bishops, Episcopi Vagantes and the Anglican Church; F.H. Amphlett Micklewright (1908-1992),... More > at that time an Anglican priest, wrote a series of controversial articles in Anglo-Catholic journals attacking the Episcopi. His main critic and opponent was Mar Georgius of Glastonbury (1905-1979), who responded to them robustly in his own journal, Hieratika. These exchanges during 1951-1954 - long since forgotten - have now been made available as a valuable insight into the attitude of Anglican controversialists of this period.< Less