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AGL - Leadership, Management Style & Effective Management By Dr Bob Boland & Team
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Prints in 3-5 business days
AGL - Autonomous Group Learning with lectures, cases, exercises and quiz. Dynamic creative learning experience with cases.lectures, quiz and group activities at every level. Part of the AGL series... More > on Contact for help:< Less
Battles For Health By Dr Bob Boland
Paperback: $5.56
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The play is designed as an amusing story about old old people interacting with health care systems with unlimited demand and limited resources develop a culture in which doctor time, is considered... More > to be much more important than patient time, and patients are expected to be obedient in following instructions with no complaints. This inevitably leads to boring battles for health, in both cash and culture. The play recounts some intriguing realities of health care services: waiting, suffering, testing, diagnosis, treatment, success, failure and confusion. So sometimes patients feel neglected and all mixed up together, with battles to survive and finally be discharged to home and family.< Less
What are we to believe now? By Dr Bob Boland & Team
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Amusing and respectful. The major religions that started four thousand years ago, now give us, so many things to believe or not to believe. Lucretius in 100BC said that religions were all mighty... More > illusions. Was he serious? On we go together to find out. Perhaps Star Wars and superwoman are awaiting us?< Less
When Enough Is Not Really Enough - Exit By Dr Bob Boland
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Bernard and his wife Kate live together. Bernard has had enough of life. He strongly believes in believes in women empowerment. But now he is 90 years old and becoming feeble. As an accountant he... More > did so many things and even became an MD. Now he wonders whether enough really is enough. So he considers EXIT (Euthanasia), as the best way to leave only happy memories for his wife and children. His strong wife Kate is firmly opposed to EXIT and believe that Bernard can still do so many things that he loves, despite a recent fall and injury to his shoulder.To leave only happy active memories for his family, Bernard has decided on EXIT quite soon. Kate is firmly opposed, and searches for a new solution to avoid an EXIT tragedy for Bernard. She tries hard with seven very dramatic, almost hilarious contact meetings, to change his mind. The contacts include a new doctor, priest, palliative nurse, lawyer, research professor, actor and politician. A creative solution is found.< Less
Hebrew - Simple Roman Script By Dr Bob Boland
eBook (ePub): $1.52
Hebrew basics in 4 hours - 250 words and phrases All in Roman script ... with English translation ... simple to read ... and quickly absorb ... with audio available and help available.
Hebrew - Simple Roman Script with English By Dr Bob Boland & Team
Paperback: $6.59
Prints in 3-5 business days
Hebrew CRE. Book or download. Simple learning of basic Hebrew using only Roman Script. Can be completed in one day. Audio 30 minute back up on
The New Amazons & The Weaker Sex By Dr Bob Boland & Team
Paperback: $6.44
Prints in 3-5 business days
STORY OF THE PLAY Once made equal to man, woman becomes his superior (Socrates 399 BC) The play is fiction and a highly amusing comedy, inspired by two wonderful articles in The Economist and by... More > Google. A group of four (three women and one man) with very creative help from Google, interact with eminent people of the past, present and the future. They learn that in both business and politics, lasting power depends mainly on C & C (cash and contacts), always so carefully controlled by superior men They plan for women empowerment and a gentle revolution to take power in the 21st century, to bring peace to a world, where women will at last be gently superior to men.< Less
Achieve Your Potential - A Comedy of Illusions & Reality By Dr Bob Boland
Paperback: $7.58
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This is an amusing and intriguing play of eight dynamic characters with a video freely provided on request. The story follows a hilarious interactive vacation of two couples in the Basques country... More > with unexpected exciting developments in family conflicts, ull of illusions and unexpected realities, gently revealed over three acts. The play has some unexpected almost impossible outcomes, that all takes place in just twenty fours hours from Friday evening to Saturday afternoon. The play also has some intriguing excitements in hypnosis, obesity, energy exercising, depression, coaching and an almost impossible recovery from disaster at the end. All other language versions would be welcome. Please make contact. (see 10 other plays available)< Less
Paperback: $8.20
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The play is a comedy. Xavier, is an experienced humorous UK news reporter, who has been instructed, by the new editor, to write an exciting new article on truth in the UK in 2014. He must... More > research and explore the practical realities of truth. So he decides to participate in real truth discussions in three environments: family, business and politics. He finds the task intriguing but much more complicated than he ever imagined. So he contributes stimulating news reports in each scene, to inspire new challenging interactions and perceptions about truth. The very different characters in each act of play to finally have to resolve what they believe about real truth. As they learn to laugh, they learn to change?< Less
Corruption in Business & Government - 2014 By Dr Bob Boland & Team
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Corruption in business and government has existed for generations. Don't get upset by peanuts ($10) Concentrate on coconuts ($1,000,000). It may be illegal, legal or just un-ethical. Corruption... More > involves, bribes, extortion, embezzlement, fraud, extortion. favouritism, nepotism, illegal political contributions, abuse of human rights etc. Nolimit. Corruption like crime survives with secrecy, directly related to cultural values of “normal behavior”. Anti-corruption is very popular topic for discussion (“talk”) but not for action. This applies to companies, government, NGO’s and the UN too!!! This little book is a creative learning experience. Brief text with serious and some amusing cases … when we can laugh, perhaps we can change? Case: Business manager - Sometimes I lie awake at night and ask where I have gone wrong in corruption … in my life … and voice replies …this is going to take much longer than one night!!!Source of data: The Economist, World Bank, WSJ, Transparency etc.< Less