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G. Brent Riggs
The Funny Things Our Kids Do By Brent Riggs
Paperback: $14.94
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"…where laughter lives!" is a series of books inspired by the Riggs Family Blog (
Funny Things Our Kids Say By Brent Riggs
Paperback: $12.87
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"…where laughter lives!" is a series of books inspired by the Riggs Family Blog (
Adoption Cookbook By Brent Riggs
Paperback: $14.95
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Riggs Family Adoption Fundraising Cookbook
SeriousFaith - Volume One By Brent Riggs
Paperback: $27.00
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Jam-packed with serious Bible teaching and answers! Devotionals, Teaching, Question & Answer - Volume One
Linky Tools Guide – Writing, Designing, Publishing, Marketing, and Automating a World-Class eBook By Brent Riggs
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The Internet opens up the entire world and removes constraints traditionally dictated by well-entrenched industries. A global audience and market is just on the other side of your keyboard. In the... More > guide, I teach you about writing an eBook then publishing it, marketing it and selling it in multiple formats. This is not theory... I’ve done it more than a dozen times. In this guide you will learn: Standing Out In A Crowd, Should You Publish Multiple Formats?, Creating Content, Mistakes To Avoid, Standard Organization And Parts, Design, Format, Layout, Cover, My Best Tricks, On-Demand Printing, Kindle (Or Nook), Automating Sales, Product Ad Or Landing Sales Page , Paypal Or Merchant Account, Order Fulfillment – Delivery, The Basic Elements, Guarantee, Lead Them To An Action, Things To Avoid On Your Sales Page, Split Testing, Marketing Your ebook, Free Marketing , Paid Marketing, Traditional Marketing, Affiliate Sales Of Your Ebook… and lots more!< Less
Life Without Debt - 2nd Edition By Brent Riggs
Paperback: $24.96
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How to get out of debt, how to stay out of debt; the truth about the credit industry; how to save money, how to reduce expense; timeless principles about personal finance.
Over 50 Ways To Make Money Online That Anyone Can Do By Brent Riggs
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We live in a new business era built on technology. We live in a time when economic and political philosophies are causing it to be harder to make income and secure wealth. But we also have the... More > greatest opportunity for passive or supplemental income we’ve ever dreamed about: the Internet. “Online business” is the frontier of home-based business, side businesses, and the self-employed. I started on the Internet primarily as a writer before it was called “internet.” A couple of years ago, I turned my attention to “online business” and have learned how to generate income from a wide variety of revenue streams. I’m just an average Joe. I did it, so can you, and I’m going to teach you how. I am going to start by going over a reference list of 51ways you can make money online; then I will follow with a more detailed look at ten of the more popular options.< Less
Know God's Will By Brent Riggs
Paperback: $8.76
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Perhaps the most common question Christians have is “how do I know God’s will?” This can be voiced many ways: • How do I know I’m doing what God wants? • Will God... More > approve of my decision? • Is this the best decision I can make? • Will God still bless me, care for me, protect me and guide me if I make a decision that is not THE very best in His eyes? • Can I be secure in my decision? • Does my life overall reflect that I know God’s will for it? • Is my life being affected because I’m not in God’s will? • I want to do what God wants but how can I know for sure? In this humble little guide, I will present to you principles, questions and of course, Scripture, that layout out a predictable groundwork that will help you know God’s will about the entire scope of life… the big questions, the little choices and the life changing opportunities that require a decision.< Less
Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God By Brent Riggs
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One of the greatest sermons of all time is the classic by Jonathan Edwards, “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God.” Sadly, and tragically, uncompromising preaching about HELL is not... More > only unpopular today, many people (including most Christians) actually believe teaching about Hell is detrimental to the Christian message. They say “you shouldn’t try to scare people into Hell. “Who says? Certainly not God, Jesus, or the Apostles. The Bible has far more to say about Hell than Heaven. I can think of hardly a better reason to accept Christ and repent of your sins than to avoid impending judgment and doom. Preaching Hell is not good marketing, that’s for sure; but Jesus and Paul sure didn’t have a problem proclaiming it. Every person who dies in their sin and rejects God’s offer of forgiveness is condemned to eternity in Hell. To accept Christ to avoid Hell is not only valid, it is a reason that God Himself gives us over and over in the Bible.< Less
Essentials of Christianity Guide - Volume One By Brent Riggs
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For several decades, I've noticed that most Christians, new or not, cannot define the basics of Christianity or explain what they believe. They know their job, their sports, their hobbies and pop... More > culture but shrivel when confronted with communicating the basic concepts and principles of the faith they believe has saved them. I decided that the best way to teach new, spiritually immature or Biblically uneducated Christians the essentials of the Christianity is to: • Emphasize and illustrate the basics of Christianity • Explain and define a list the foundational Christian concepts God has revealed in the Bible • Give a "starter list" of some behavior, attitudes and practices you should be developing as part of the basic Christian life. This is a STARTING POINT for new Christians, or Christians who have never learned the basics.< Less