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G. Brent Riggs
Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God By Brent Riggs
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One of the greatest sermons of all time is the classic by Jonathan Edwards, “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God.” Sadly, and tragically, uncompromising preaching about HELL is not... More > only unpopular today, many people (including most Christians) actually believe teaching about Hell is detrimental to the Christian message. They say “you shouldn’t try to scare people into Hell. “Who says? Certainly not God, Jesus, or the Apostles. The Bible has far more to say about Hell than Heaven. I can think of hardly a better reason to accept Christ and repent of your sins than to avoid impending judgment and doom. Preaching Hell is not good marketing, that’s for sure; but Jesus and Paul sure didn’t have a problem proclaiming it. Every person who dies in their sin and rejects God’s offer of forgiveness is condemned to eternity in Hell. To accept Christ to avoid Hell is not only valid, it is a reason that God Himself gives us over and over in the Bible.< Less
Terrorist To Evangelist: The True Story of Cornelius Kenneth McClinton By Brent Riggs
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Born into abject poverty and lower working-class Belfast, Kenny McClinton became as hard-core as the life he was forced to live. From a violent, drunken father to abusive boys homes, from the Navy ... More > to a sadistic prison, from terrorism to salvation; this is Ken's remarkable and gut wrenching story of how the Lord rescued him from a life not worth living. Kenny's story vividly testifies that God can use any person a matter what or where they came from. No matter what you face today, no matter what you've done, no matter how lost you feel, there is hope for you. Kenny is living proof of that. This is the story of Kenny McClinton, former terrorist, now an evangelist; once spreading death, now spreading life; once born to lose, now born again.< Less
Know God's Will By Brent Riggs
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Perhaps the most common question Christians have is “how do I know God’s will?” This can be voiced many ways: • How do I know I’m doing what God wants? • Will God... More > approve of my decision? • Is this the best decision I can make? • Will God still bless me, care for me, protect me and guide me if I make a decision that is not THE very best in His eyes? • Can I be secure in my decision? • Does my life overall reflect that I know God’s will for it? • Is my life being affected because I’m not in God’s will? • I want to do what God wants but how can I know for sure? In this humble little guide, I will present to you principles, questions and of course, Scripture, that layout out a predictable groundwork that will help you know God’s will about the entire scope of life… the big questions, the little choices and the life changing opportunities that require a decision.< Less
Are You Really Saved? By Brent Riggs
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Not everyone who says to Me, 'Lord, Lord,' shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in heaven. Many will say to Me in that day, 'Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in... More > Your name, cast out demons in Your name, and done many wonders in Your name?' And then I will declare to them, 'I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness!' Matthew 7:21-23; NKJV, emphasis mine These things I have written to you who believe in the name of the Son of God, that you may know that you have eternal life, and that you may continue to believe in the name of the Son of God. 1 John 5:13; NKJV, emphasis mine The Bible is very clear. A lot of people who think they are saved are not, but... God also wrote “these things” so you can know for sure one way or another. Are you sure?< Less
Bible Questions & Answers Volume One By Brent Riggs
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There is a serious need today for serious answers to serious questions about the Bible & Christianity. I do not write answers to support any specific doctrinal tradition or group. My only goal in... More > answering questions is to find out what the Bible says, explain it as best as I can and present honest opinion, being clear about what is opinion and what is specifically God's Word. Besides clear Biblical answers, I offer plenty of opinion too. There’s something in this book to “offend" just about everyone. Despite our deepest conviction, no single Christian, group or organization has perfect and complete knowledge of Scripture and Truth... including me. By the time this is printed, I WILL PROBABLY DISAGREE with some things I’ve written!< Less
Serious Faith Character Guide By Brent Riggs
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There has hardly been a topic more relevant to living a fulfilling life than that of “character.” While it may have been important 50 years ago, it has become a crisis today. The... More > teaching and practicing of wholesome and productive character traits has been replaced with rampant selfishness, unconstrained entitlement; and at best, a wholesale neglect. Of course that’s not to say that all people lack character but it’s hardly an argument today that we are facing a drought of what might be considered the admirable and righteous qualities of the human personality. I am asked “why do you have to publish a guide about desirable character traits?” That can be answered with another question: when is the last time you saw a serious effort to educate people about having a wholesome and upright character? I trust this guide will remind you of those attributes that lead to success, peace, productivity, opportunity, and just plain old good Christian living.< Less
100+ Of My Best Blogging Tips, Tricks, Lessons Learned & Advice By Brent Riggs
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I have been blogging and running websites for almost 20 years. It has been amazing to watch the internet evolve. What is even more amazing is that anyone, INCLUDING YOU, can blog and make some real... More > income from it. It has become my joy and passion to share the lessons I have learned with the next generation of individuals, professionals, moms and dads, and friends, so that they can tap the immense and nearly incomprehensible opportunities that the internet represents. In this book, you will find a compilation of my best tips, tricks, lessons learned, and advice about blogging specifically, and indirectly about doing “on-line business.” The individual “tips” in this book are meant as both a compilation and as standalone tips. They can be read all together, or one at a time as you implement them. Over 100 quality mini-blog posts... plus some bonus tips at the end!< Less
Essentials of Christianity Guide - Volume One By Brent Riggs
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For several decades, I've noticed that most Christians, new or not, cannot define the basics of Christianity or explain what they believe. They know their job, their sports, their hobbies and pop... More > culture but shrivel when confronted with communicating the basic concepts and principles of the faith they believe has saved them. I decided that the best way to teach new, spiritually immature or Biblically uneducated Christians the essentials of the Christianity is to: • Emphasize and illustrate the basics of Christianity • Explain and define a list the foundational Christian concepts God has revealed in the Bible • Give a "starter list" of some behavior, attitudes and practices you should be developing as part of the basic Christian life. This is a STARTING POINT for new Christians, or Christians who have never learned the basics.< Less
Serious Faith Guide to Heaven By Brent Riggs
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There are a lot of myths about what Heaven will be like and those misconceptions cause many people to not even want to be in Heaven all that quickly. I want you to be able to give a confident... More > answer to the question: “can you imagine what Heaven will be like?” Why is There so Much Confusion and Uncertainty About Heaven? Modern Deception about Heaven Heaven is For Real? Why Do Christians Embrace These Types of Books? Can we Know THE TRUTH ABOUT Heaven? Church History – Teaching About Heaven Is This Earth Our Home? What Does the Bible Say About the Heavens and the Earth? In The Beginning Myths About Heaven What Heaven is Not Imagine What Heaven Will be Like< Less
Over 50 Ways To Make Money Online That Anyone Can Do By Brent Riggs
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We live in a new business era built on technology. We live in a time when economic and political philosophies are causing it to be harder to make income and secure wealth. But we also have the... More > greatest opportunity for passive or supplemental income we’ve ever dreamed about: the Internet. “Online business” is the frontier of home-based business, side businesses, and the self-employed. I started on the Internet primarily as a writer before it was called “internet.” A couple of years ago, I turned my attention to “online business” and have learned how to generate income from a wide variety of revenue streams. I’m just an average Joe. I did it, so can you, and I’m going to teach you how. I am going to start by going over a reference list of 51ways you can make money online; then I will follow with a more detailed look at ten of the more popular options.< Less