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Catalogue: Aichje Books
The Last Commando By Brian H. Jones
Paperback: $11.06
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Cruel, backward, isolated, and fanatically religious—or independent, brave, principled, and courageous? This book is about the Boers of the Transvaal; it is about how they were formed, their... More > struggle for distinctiveness and independence against Imperial and African threats, the state that they carved out for themselves, and their abject defeat in the Anglo-Boer War. It is also about how the experiences and world view of the Transvaal Boers laid the platform for ‘Boerdom resurgent’ (or the Afrikaner ascent) in apartheid South Africa—although I deal with that aspect quite quickly, because it isn’t the main focus of this book, and in any it has been covered so well in so many other works. However, at another level, this book is about the times in which I grew up and which had such a profound influence on me. In other words, it is a journey of understanding. I hope that the reader will enjoy the journey…< Less
The Heights of Kerina By Brian H. Jones
Paperback: $23.64
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Kerina is under attack and partly occupied by its ancient enemies, its king is inept, the army is in disarray, and disunity is growing. Can two shepherd boys eventually save the nation? This dark and... More > epic tale is loosely based on the Biblical story of the relationship between David and Joab. It traces the intertwined lives of Jina and Sharma who, driven by determination, bravery and patriotism, lead their nation from dereliction to greatness. But Sharma has one fatal flaw...< Less
A Small Space By Brian H Jones
Paperback: $25.00
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In pre-colonial Namibia, Cornelia was a companion and niece of the Oorlam-Nama captain, Jan Jonker Afrikaner. Cornelia joined her uncle’s men on commando in their territorial battles in... More > Namibia (Damaraland and Namaland) during the 1860s. Her relationship with the young British trader, James Neave, was cut short when she died during an attack on Windhoek. One and a quarter centuries later, the ghost of Cornelia reveals herself to her relative, Julienne van Wyk, and from there onwards the events of the novel, which are set in the Namibian independence period of 1989 and include the growing relationship between Julienne and Simon, are partly guided by Cornelia.< Less
To Dream Again By Brian H. Jones
Paperback: $18.00
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Rivals at school and rivals in love, Kerem and Nozam take opposing paths during the war of liberation that ignites their country. When Kerem returns from exile, Sanomi, the love of his youth, leaves... More > Nozam for Kerem and together they witness Nozam's disintegration and the betrayal of a nation’s dreams.< Less
Around Rakaposhi By Brian H. Jones
Paperback: $14.00
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'Around Rakaposhi' is the story of three years living in Pakistan, mostly in the remote Northern Areas (which could be called 'Pakistani Kashmir') which encompass the western Himalaya and Karakoram... More > regions. The book recounts incidents and insights from daily life, religion, travel, insurrection, and culture in regions that are difficult to access and which are visited by comparatively few outsiders.< Less
A Mixture of Metals By Brian H. Jones
Paperback: $18.00
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Born in Society after the War of Restitution, Simora undertakes a voyage of investigation into the faceless forces that control him -- to the Southland, to a love affair with 'barbarian' Mary, and to... More > the Colony gulag. Finally, in the Settlement of the Guardians, he discovers why his mother disappeared. But will he ever be re-united with Mary? And other questions remain unanswered as well ...< Less
Dangerous Journey By Marie Harlech-Jones
Paperback: $12.00
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'Dangerous Journey' tells of Marie's encounter with breast cancer. It reflects on her experiences in the hope that this book will encourage and support others who walk the same path, together with... More > their families and friends.< Less