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Don't Blink! Life Goes Faster Than You Think! By Lanette Brightwell
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The book was inspired by Super Country Star! Kenny Chesney, singing "Don't Blink." This book can help motivate and rejuvenate one's desires, one's passions, one's willingness to continue... More > with renewed strength and aspirations, and sometimes even convince someone to step outside their comfort zone and find rewards in new challenges.< Less
GRAYE GRAY Ancestry & Descendency By Lanette Hill Brightwell
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This GRAYE GRAY Family History, Ancestry & Genealogy book has been updated to include family photos of ancestors and descendants. This GRAY family begins in England, traveling and settling in... More > America in Maryland, then Virginia. Moving down to South Carolina for a short time before finally settling in the State of Georgia, Bulloch, Berrein, Irwin, Worth, Brooks and Colquitt Counties, Georgia. The Sarasota GRAY family line is also included in this book with photos. A wonderful updated addition to the family library. Blank Family Group Sheets are included to add additional family history that may not be in the book.< Less
Browne/Brown Family History By Lanette Brightwell
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This authors maiden name was Brown, so researching this family history was important. This Browne/Brown book concentrates on two different lines of John Sumner Brown's descendants. There are source... More > notations, military, cemetery records, birth, death, marriage, census and other documents and pictures [if available] for family members. Definitely a treasured book for those Brown descendants located in Meriweather Co.,Worth, Boston - Thomas County, Georgia. John Sumner Browns ancestry is taken back as far as this researcher could find records. Included is the history of the name and coat of arms pictures. Your family will love this book, especially if you are a descendant. This Browne/Brown Family History book will become a family heirloom to be passed down through generations.< Less
Lambe - LAMB Family Ancestry-Descendants By Lanette Brightwell
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History that starts from the earliest beginnings of the LAMBE * LAMB family and first immigrant to appear in America to present day. Massachusetts, Virginia, Ronoake Island - North Carolina, Roberson... More > County - North Carolina, State of Georgia - Burke, Emanuel, and Irwin Counties. The family connection to The Lumbee Indian Tribe in Roberson County, North Carolina. Some surnames included in the book are Britt, Gray, McMillan, Henderson, Nobles, and many more. Ancestry to descendant Levisa VINA Lamb that married Gibson Gray in Burke County, Georgia. Includes History of name, coat of arms, crest, sources, etc. A wonderful book for the family of Lamb doing their family history research.< Less
Lord & Nobles Families Genealogy By Lanette Brightwell
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This book is the ancestry of two different lines; the LORD surname and the NOBLES surname. The ancestry begins with a couple that was born in Georgia, Married in Georgia; then moved their families... More > to TEXAS. William E. Nobles married Clarkie Ann LORD. Other family in Texas that is related to these individuals is the DOWNS family. You will find the Downs ancestry and descendants in the Downs family history book, seen on this website.< Less
Caught Up In Life's Web By Lanette Hill Brightwell
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A True Life Story of an individual who survives some of the worse child abuse as she was growing up and into early adult life. A must read book for the brave at heart. A story told by the heart of... More > the writer. Spine-tingling! Heart-Grabbing! Can't put this book down reading.< Less
McMillan - MacMillan Clan of Scotland By Lanette Brightwell
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McMillan - MacMillan Clan of Scotland is not only the ancestry and descendant information but is also a History of Scotland, the wearing of the Kilt, and Tartan. What are Coats of Arms and/or Crest? ... More > First beginnings in America in 1774 - settling in Cumberland County, North Carolina, Richmond County, Robeson County. Then the branch researched in this book branches off into the State of Georgia to Washington County. Other counties that the McMillan family settled are Irwin, Lowndes, Brooks, Thomas and finally Colquitt County, Georgia. IF you have MCMillan family in these areas you will find this book with its' database research very useful in helping you research your family history.< Less
Remember When..... By L. Hill
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Stories about life in the past, how people lived and loved. This book is a compilation of several True Short Stories written by the penmanship of Lanette Hill. As a contributor and a Columnist in... More > the local newspaper in her community, Lanette wrote stories that not only related to herself but to others. Some of the stories are funny, touching, heartbreaking, soul reaching and are sure to touch the lives and hearts of those who read her short stories.< Less
BURNES BURNS Family History w/ NYE - DAVIDSON - CHURCHWELL - Quick - BEALL Family histories. By L.anette Hill
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BURNES BURNS Family traveled to USA and settled in Virginia. The family remained in Virginia for a few generations; then when land opened up in OHIO , the family traveled in wagons on two-rut Indian... More > Trails to OHIO settling in Adams County. This is where the family has remained for generations until the family started to branch out. This line went to Florida and settled in Madison County, Lee. There are other families histories included in this book and they are related to the BURNS. NYE, DAVIDSON, CHURCHWELL, QUICK/BEALL Don't forget to purchase the Photo CD that accompanies this book.< Less
I'm Eighteen Hurray! I'm Grown - The Teen Crisis That Our Society Has Created By Lanette Hill Brightwell
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This book is an excellent reading tool that both the parent and the teenager can sit down, read and discuss. The issues that our teens are faced with today in society are discussed and the influence... More > they have on our teens. The public schools are discussed and their attitude towards the teens and material they are teaching. A good resource reading book for pre-teens and parents.< Less