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Recent Advances in Plant Virology By Carole Caranta
Hardcover: $277.14
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Hardback: ISBN 978-1-904455-75-2 EAN 9781904455752 Viruses that infect plants are responsible for reduction in both yield and quality of crops around the world, and are thus of great economic... More > importance. This book attests to the huge diversity of research in plant molecular virology. Written by world authorities in the field, the book opens with two chapters on the translation and replication of viral RNA. Following chapters cover topics such as viral movement within and between plants, plant responses to viral infection, antiviral control measures, virus evolution, and newly emerging plant viruses. To close there are two chapters on biotechnological applications of plant viruses. Throughout the book the focus is on the most recent, cutting-edge research, making this book essential reading for everyone, from researchers and scholars to students, working with plant viruses.< Less
SUMOylation and Ubiquitination: Current and Emerging Concepts By Van G. Wilson
Paperback: $245.50
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Paperback: ISBN 978-1-912530-12-0 EAN 9781912530120 Written by highly respected leaders in their fields under the expert guidance of the editor, this volume covers the principles of ubiquitination... More > and SUMOylation, presents detailed reviews of current and emerging concepts and highlights new advances in all areas of SUMOylation and ubiquitination. This comprehensive and up-to-date book is the definitive reference volume on all aspects of SUMOylation and ubiquitination and is an essential acquisition for anyone involved in this area of biology.< Less
Avian Virology: Current Research and Future Trends By Siba Samal
Paperback: $243.04
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Paperback: ISBN 978-1-912530-10-6 EAN 9781912530106 This comprehensive book provides a timely update on all of the most important avian viruses, ranging from avian influenza virus, and infectious... More > bronchitis virus to Marek's disease virus, and avian paramyxoviruses. The chapters are written by internationally recognized experts from all over the world who have made seminal contributions to their respective field of avian virus research. Each chapter covers the current knowledge on the history, genome organization, viral proteins, genetics, epizootiology, pathogenesis, immunity, diagnosis, prevention and control, and future challenges of these viruses. The book closes with a fascinating chapter that reviews the recent advances on avian immune responses to virus infection. This book is an invaluable reference source of timely information for students, virologists, immunologists, veterinarians, and scientists working on avian diseases.< Less
Microbial Exopolysaccharides: Current Research and Developments By Özlem Ateş Duru
Paperback: $207.86
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Paperback: ISBN 978-1-912530-26-7 EAN 9781912530267 Written by an international team of experts this authoritative volume describes the most recent and innovative research and developments in the... More > field. Topics include: exopolysaccharide production by halophilic and thermophilic microorganisms, exopolysaccharides from Weissella and Leuconostoc, fructan biosynthesis, engineering of microbial polysaccharide structures, molecular modification of levan, levan in medical and biotechnological applications, and much more. Essential reading for everyone with an interest in microbial polysaccharides, from the PhD student to the experienced scientist, this book provides a timely review of the current and most topical areas of research. The volume is a recommended purchase for all commercial and academic laboratories involved in polysaccharides research.< Less
Polymerase Chain Reaction: Theory and Technology By Mark A. Behlke & et al.
Paperback: $207.71
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Paperback: ISBN 978-1-912530-24-3 EAN 9781912530243 This indispensable manual is a compilation of review articles written by experts in the field of PCR technology. Topics covered include:... More > principles of PCR, fluorescent chemistries, instrumentation, quantification strategies, extraction and purification of nucleic acids, sample preparation, controls for validation, primers and probes, standardization of methods, MIQE guidelines, mRNA expression and PCR arrays. This book provides a comprehensive overview of PCR theory, instrumentation and methods. The book represents an excellent, detailed guide for anyone interested in the development and use of PCR technology. It is a recommended purchase for all microbiology and molecular biology laboratories and university libraries.< Less
Insect Molecular Virology: Advances and Emerging Trends By Bryony Bonning
Paperback: $207.72
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Paperback: ISBN 978-1-912530-08-3 EAN 9781912530083 The volume opens with a description of the insect virome and the explosion in discovery of new viral taxa. The following four chapters focus on... More > anti-viral immunity including endogenous viral elements some of which may provide the molecular basis for long-term anti-viral immunity, the discovery of new viral suppressors of RNA interference, the role of new classes of small RNA molecules in dictating infection outcomes, and the Drosophila-dicistrovirus model as a powerful resource for insect molecular virology. The application of omics tools to insect-vectored plant viral disease, recent advances in tetravirus, polydnavirus, and baculovirus research are then described. The final chapters review progress in baculovirus expression vector and surface display technologies for use in laboratory and therapeutic applications. Written by leading experts, this work is essential reading for students and scholars of insect virology and immunology.< Less
Pathogenic Streptococci: From Genomics to Systems Biology and Control By Yuqing Li
Paperback: $261.05
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Paperback: ISBN 978-1-912530-22-9 EAN 9781912530229 This timely review, edited by Yuqing Li and Xuedong Zhou, provides a comprehensive overview of the current knowledge of the most important... More > hot-topics in streptococcal research. Topics covered include: CRISPR-Cas systems; genetic regulation by small RNAs; signal transduction by cyclic dinucleotide second messengers; the VicRK and ComDE two-component systems; mobile genetic elements; regulation of cell division; application of omics and bioinformatics tools; intrageneric and intergeneric interactions by oral streptococci; the hypervirulent M1T1 clone of GAS; Streptococcus suis; adhesion and invasion mechanisms; molecular evolution of pathogenic streptococci; novel antimicrobials; vaccine development. This volume is essential reading for everyone working with streptococci from the PhD student to the experienced scientist, in academia, the pharmaceutical or biotechnology industries and for those working in clinical environments.< Less
Influenza: Molecular Virology By Qinghua Wang & Yizhi Jane Tao
Hardcover: $253.54
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Hardback: ISBN 978-1-904455-57-8 EAN 9781904455578 In this timely book, internationally renowned scientists critically review the current research and the most important discoveries in this highly... More > topical field. Subjects covered include the NS1 protein of influenza A virus, the structure of influenza NS1, influenza B hemagglutinin, influenza A nucleoprotein, influenza A hemagglutinin glycoproteins, the M2 channel, virulence genes of the 1918 pandemic influenza, influenza virus polymerase, gene diagnostic microarrays, and computer-assisted vaccine design. Highly informative and well referenced, this book is essential reading for all influenza specialists and is recommended reading for all virologists, immunologists, molecular biologists, public health scientists and research scientists in pharmaceutical companies.< Less
Epstein-Barr Virus: Latency and Transformation By Erle S. Robertson
Hardcover: $255.95
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Hardback: ISBN 978-1-904455-62-2 EAN 9781904455622 In this book, expert EBV virologists comprehensively review this important subject from a genetic, biochemical, immunological, and cell biological... More > perspective. Topics include: latent infections, EBV leader protein, EBNA-1 in viral DNA replication and persistence, EBNA-2 in transcription activation of viral and cellular genes, the nuclear antigen family 3 in regulation of cellular processes, molecular profiles of EBV latently infected cells, latent membrane protein 1 oncoprotein, regulation of latency by LMP2A, role of noncoding RNAs in EBV-induced cell growth and transformation and the regulation of EBV latency by viral lytic proteins. This book is essential reading for all EBV virologists as well as clinical and basic scientists working on oncogenic viruses.< Less
Methylotrophs and Methylotroph Communities By Ludmila Chistoserdova
Hardcover: $253.41
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Hardback: ISBN 978-1-912530-04-5 EAN 9781912530045 This comprehensive volume is a compilation of articles, some written by established scientists, others by young and upcoming methylotrophy... More > researchers. Under the expert guidance of the editor the authors present the current data and novel outlooks in this diverse area of research, encompassing fundamentals, such as biochemistry, physiology and systematics of methylotrophs, that underpin the field, as well as newly emerging areas, such as laboratory evolution of methylotrophs, enumeration in novel environments e.g. clouds, and experimenting with synthetic methylotrophs and methylotroph communities. The volume covers a huge diversity of topics providing a timely overview of the field. It will be essential reading for everybody working in the field of methylotrophy, from seasoned researchers to newcomers to the field.< Less