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The Seer of Albion By STAN M ROGERS
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When a young knight stumbles across a fight to the death between five outlaws and an old man in a forest glade little does he realise that the old man is a seer and his life is to change forever as... More > he is plunged into a war between demons and men in a world so similar to his own but also darkly different.< Less
Faffy the Leprechaun. By STAN M ROGERS
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Imagine turning up for work one day to find the place in chaos. Deliveries have gone to the wrong addresses for no apparent reason. It has to be sorted out ... and quickly. You need help and you need... More > it fast but it comes from an unexpected quarter. Enter Faffy the Leprechaun and his helpers including a Zombie from Yorkshire and various other strange characters.< Less
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I like to examine the dark side of life through my writing. Whether it is through my novels or my poetry I find I prefer the walk along the dark side of the road over the heart lifting sunnier side.... More > This Anthology is a walk along that road although it does include lighter moments and the occasional funny aside. Apart from the poetry in this Anthology you will also find views of life and in particular my antipathy towards organised religion alongside a couple of very short children's stories. So please read my Anthology. It will make you smile I hope as well as make you cry. I have also written and published one novel so far entitled LOVE SEX AND TIME TRAVEL. I always point out that it is not a science fiction novel as such. There are no time machines, aliens or spaceships in it but it is rather a bitter sweet love story again examining the darker side of love and life.< Less
Love Sex and Time Travel By STAN ROGERS
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The story of Matt and Romilly, who find themselves re-living their 1981 lives at the beginning of their passionate but doomed love affair. But are they dreaming or is this time travel or maybe even... More > something else entirely. Why is Romilly keeping her life in 2007 a closely guarded secret from Matt and are these secrets the cause of her harrowing and frequent nightmares?< Less