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Collette OMahony
Reflections of Love & Light: A Collection of Poetry & Prose By Collette OMahony
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Reflections of Love & Light is a collection of twelve poems with twelve corresponding pieces of prose. These poems and prose reflect the relationship between masculine and feminine energy in... More > humans, and the synergistic relationship between universal power & intelligence. The poetry vibrates with the power of love and this is reflected in prose with the light of intelligence. Poetry emote feelings that resonate in the soul of the reader. The prose reflects the preceding poem and expands the feeling into recognition of true consciousness. Each soul contains both masculine and feminine energy. It is essential that these twin energies are balanced for the individual to live a harmonious life. Many people identify with their physical gender only, thus denying the twin vibration in their soul. In humans these energies correspond to feminine & masculine energy. Reflections of Love & Light encourages harmony between the twin vibrations of masculine and feminine within the soul.< Less
The Soul In Words: A Collection of Poetry & Verse By Collette O'Mahony
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Poetry is the soul in words. The soul’s language is truth; this is a vibration that resonates in the heart of all sentient beings. Poetry does not require explanation, it is a feeling within.... More > Poetry is a universal language that is understood in the heart of any nature open enough to receive it. The Soul in Words is a book of poetry and free verse written by the soul as it goes on an emotional journey to unveil its mysteries. Stillness enables the soul to connect with Universal Intelligence and express its truth in words, allowing the soul to assert its true place in the hearts and minds of Man. This book is an autobiography of the soul.< Less