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The Etiology of Cancer By Carmi Hazen
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Cancer is a deranged biological process. It begins with an imbalanced terrain within the digestive tract which ultimately contaminates the blood supply and lymphatic fluids. Combined with missing... More > nutrients and an attenuated circulation of body fluids often combined with an irritation or tissue injury, the cancer process begins. Humans enjoy a great deal of control over their bodies and armed with proper knowledge, cancer can not only be prevented, it can also be cured. Medicine is a cartel that controls virtually every aspect of medical practice. Effective remedies for cancer and most other diseases have been suppressed and thus today's practitioners toe-the-line in blind obedience to the pharmaceutical empire who are the over-lords whose only interest is the bottom line. Doctors are not taught the mechanism of disease and have been led to believe that germs are the cause of disease when they are mostly just the result of it.< Less
Therapia Sterilisans Magna - The Magic Bullet Found! A Universal Medical Healing Solution By Carmi Hazen
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Ever wonder why your doctor seemingly can't cure much of anything? They dispense drugs that often cause even more troubles and you get more and more ill. We have been indoctrinated to believe that... More > germs are the cause of disease. What if they are wrong? What if germs were the result of the disease and not its cause? A doctor back in 1936 thought so and he made a monumental discovery! He discovered that virtually all disease has the same identical fundamental cause. His discovery was a simple chemical solution that restores fluid circulation in the entire body. Stagnant pools of trash clogging the tiny tubes and vessels throughout the body become congested and the result is starvation at the cellular level of nutrients and the so important element, oxygen. He correctly surmised that when these channels are flushed out like drain cleaner, the tissues regain their health and the microbic scavengers of germs which arrive after the fact, no longer have a job to do and go back to sleep. Here is the answer!< Less
Breast Cancer Cure? Absolutely! By Carmi Hazen
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Perhaps the title of this book should be: "The Instruction Manual for the Human Body". The photo on the front is of a tumor which was removed using a transistor radio battery and a few... More > parts from Radio Shack. Essentially all disease, and cancer specifically, have a few similarities in that the body is nutritionally deficient; its fluids are grossly contaminated. Mankind was cheated by the Creator in that the natural instincts on maintaining health was given to the animals but not humans, who must find out on their own how to live. Our foods fail to nourish us and we attempt to cheat Mother Nature to our detriment on a daily basis. This book will tell you what you must do to avoid cancer and other debilitating diseases as well as how to rid your body of what ails it, especially in dealing with cancer. Conventional cancer therapy doesn't work. Nature Does! You and only you can rid your body of disease, here are the answers you seek. Hint: Cancer is a metabolic issue and can only be corrected by diet & hygiene.< Less
Cancer: Its Cause And Treatment Without Operation Robert Bell M.D. By Carmi Hazen
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Cancer is a metabolic dietary disorder which is caused by contaminated body fluids. Dr. Bell describes the process of how cancer develops and his methods for curing the disease using dietary and... More > hygienic methods along with supportive enzymes and his own form of mild chemotherapy. Surgical removal of tumors he declared to be not only unnecessary but such action would aggravate the disease. The original work was published at the turn of the last century, long before medicine became influenced by money. Carmi Hazen follows up this masterpiece with a treatise on how the Cancer Industry operates in the Millennium. Cancer is curable when discovered early and steps are taken to restore normal metabolism. Tumors will dissolve on their own making surgical operations unnecessary. This amazing work from the era of the Titanic will alter the misconceptions we all have about this horrific disease. No one needs to die from cancer The condition is entirely curable by using common sense and by following the laws of Nature.< Less