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Flip Witch: Practical Guide for Travelling Between Alternate Universes By Eric Durchholz
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Hi. My name is Joe. I am a Flip Witch. Something happened to me years ago. A terrible accident. And I wished to be out of my body. My broken body. While my former friends danced the night away, I... More > plotted my escape. I learned how to flip between realities and I am trying to get to the one where things make sense. Where people you love...well, they love you back. And until I get there, I'm going to fuck some shit up. You want to learn the rules? Then get on board. We're going on a war hell ride.< Less
Freaks, Frequencies, and Hand Signs: A Schizo Manifesto By Eric Durchholz
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How much do you know about Schizophrenia? Have you seen what goes on in the mind of a person afflicted with this disorder? There have been countless documentaries about the subject and articles... More > written about the nature of this devastating illness. It is generally taboo to let those afflicted speak out for themselves. This book will give you an inside look into a schizophrenic mind. To read the words and feel the anguish, the pain and the suffering that goes on in their daily lives. The things they see can be terrifying. I have been invited to publish this on behalf of the author as it had been sent to me unsolicited. More manifestos have come. They appear in my e-mail inbox for me to publish. Delving into these minds is dangerous. You must keep your safety locks on. You must keep the paranoia from overwhelming you. While most of these manifestos contain incoherent ramblings, there are touches of dead-on humor, flashes of brilliance and scary societal observations. Just remember, it's all in your head.< Less
The Promise Of Eden By Eric Durchholz
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The Promise Of Eden is the story of Gregory Coleman, a boy caught in a maze of deception, who has been reared in the company of ghosts. When his imaginary friend, Anna, reveals to him that she is a... More > spirit trapped in his home, she requests his help for one simple duty: to help her find heaven. To aid him in this task, she introduces him to Sylvia, a centuries-old poltergeist with aspirations of godhood and to Joseph, a hermit with mysterious ties to the small town of New Harmony, Indiana—once the site of a failed Utopian experiment. The trio form an alliance to groom Gregory to be a powerful medium in the hopes of delivering Anna to her final resting place. As Gregory matures he discovers the truth about Anna’s bizarre death and uncovers the secrets of a long-dead cult that is attempting to ressurect itself. For Anna is not what she seems, nor is she the benign playmate he always thought her to be.< Less
How Would You Like To Be Colored? By Beau Ratliffe
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From the author of MY LITTLE BONY, CRACKHEAD CRACKHEAD WHAT DO YOU SEE? and THE PENIS AT THE END OF THIS BOOK comes a specially curated collection of childhood memories...that you can color! How... More > would you like to be colored? Go crazy! Punch a higher floor! In this coloring book curated by world-reknowed viral video sensation Beau Ratliffe, you can color pictures of Cats, dogs, anteaters and beavers!< Less
uoısɹǝʌuı By Eric Durchholz
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"Durchholz is a good writer with a gift for dialog and detail" -Jordan Baker on uoısɹǝʌuı in LAS VEGAS NIGHTBEAT SLIP INTO SOME THING UNCOMFORTABLE. iNVERSION... More > introduces readers to an imaginative universe populated with strange creatures and desperate demons. This meta-genre novel slides from horror to erotica to fantasy and everything in between. iNVERSION presents a series of conencted vignettes surrounding the actions of an ambitious demon who has designs on the Earth and beyond. A hero is born when a straight boy seduction goes wrong. A goddess of technology is brought to life through the death of an artist. A pious father denies his daughter medicine and brings about an evil worse than can be imagined. Bizarre, baffling, sexy and sublime, this first entry in the iNVERSION series hits like a slap in the face, weaving the supernatural and the natural into a thrilling, bracing, all-inclusive vision of the afterlife where no one gets left behind.< Less
HEARTLESS By Eric Durchholz
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Welcome to the unsteady world of Dustin Conrad, a twenty-something psychotic depressive who, on the brink of suicide meets a god that offers to save his life and fix all of his problems ... for a... More > price. Crashing through boundaries of traditional storytelling, HEARTLESS is a terrifying twist on the Romance novel. Ambitious in scope and design, Durchholz has crafted a novel that seamlessly blends real-world insanity and metaphyiscal conspiracy. Filled with rich characters and enough plot twists to choke on, this is a novel like no other. Featuring anthropomorphic mirages, talking dogs, vampire robots, crabs with human faces, upside-down pages, missing words, pages from another novel...if you start to question your sanity...that's the point. You'll be okay...promise.< Less
CRACKHEAD, CRACKHEAD, WHAT DO YOU SEE? By Beau Ratliffe, Dynamite Dangerous
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Join Beau Ratliffe and Dynamite Dangerous on a tour of Chicago in this lighthearted and whimsical pitcha book. Photographed in Uptown Chicago!
STUFF #1 By Beau Ratliffe
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Meet a hoarder and all of her STUFF. Athy O'Cathey is Evansville, Indiana's most outspoken woman. She also works at BIG LOTS. In this debut issue, get to know the woman behind the legend. Includes... More > free "GOTTA BE REUNITED WITH 'EM ALL SCORECARD"< Less
How Would You LIke To Be Colored? By Beau Ratliffe?
Paperback: $5.99
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How would you like to be colored? Go crazy! Punch a higher floor! In this coloring book curated by world-reknowed viral video sensation Beau Ratliffe, you can color pictures of Cats, dogs, anteaters... More > and beavers!< Less
My Little Bony By Beau Ratliffe
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MY LITTLE BONY is about a bone that lives in a pocket. Written and illustrated by Beau Ratliffe, the story is a little on the thin side, but makes up for it with a firm grasp of character... More > development. "It's like you can almost touch Bony, he seems so real," Beau says. Based on a talk he had with his Uncle Jesse when he was a kid, MY LITTLE BONY will help out when it comes time to have "that talk" with your children. It's printed in black and white so you can color it with markers or color crayons.< Less