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Chicago Sonnets By Artur Wielgus
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Chicago Sonnets is a collection of poems about magnificent Chicago architecture. In some cities skyscrapers are so close to each other that people do not feel comfortable. In Chicago, space and... More > architecture creates pretty landscape with scenic views for all its inhabitants.< Less
Toward a Horizon of Peace By Ada Aharoni
Paperback: $59.95
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In this fascinating new volume of poetry by renowned universal poet Ada Aharoni, she expresses her feelings through her psychological eye, as in her deeply moving love poems, but also with her... More > probing sociological eye that fully expresses her worry and care for humanity. With all the wars, terror and violence, we have in our global village today, this precious book is a breath of fresh air and hope. Her beautiful poems move us to the bone. They influence us to become better and more caring people and they move us to become more involved in our ailing blue planet. Her exciting and thought-provoking poetry elevates us and often cause us to feel we have grown powerful wings that will help us to succeed in banishing wars and terror from our lives. Aharoni, through her innovating and powerful lyrical poetry, illuminates the golden path toward a horizon of hope and peace. For the first time, Ada is publishing her beautiful vividly colored paintings together with her poems – a feast to the eyes and to the heart!< Less
Cymric Strain - Vol. 2 By Una Howell Cook
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And so ends the saga of a family, incused a shortlegged, long-haired member who had the most wonderful friends in the world and sang her way into the hearts of gentle people.
Cymric Strain - Vol. 1 By Una Howell Cook
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Springfield, Missouri, the queen city of the Ozarks, was a thriving town at the end of the civil war when my father hung out a sign on the southwest corner of the public square, notifying the public... More > that he was an attorney-at-law. Fantastic and alluring tales had reached his ears long before the ink on his diploma was dry – tales of a land flowing with milk and honey. So abundant was the honey that it was used to grease wagons, and bee trees dotted the landscape. All one had to do was to step outside his cabin, bore a hole, and scoop up the booty.< Less
ANTOLOGÍA IFLAC POR LA PAZ Y CONTRA LA GUERRA 2018 By Ada Aharoni, María Cristina Azcona, Ernesto Kahan, Susana Roberts
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Despite our wars, despite our tears, Despite our furtive fears, We welcome the smiling Year of Hope. Democracy and the Internet are spreading, Global poverty has been reduced by half. Never ordinary... More > people, like you and me, we have had more power to face the challenges And to decide our own destiny of not killing. We are ready at the edge of the cliff between Our oldest fears of terror and war And our deepest dreams of peace. We are faced with a choice: to rise to this moment in time. And be the peace we want to see. Everything depends on us, for us lovers of peace. We are the largest global community! In this year of hope, we cheerfully embrace. The golden sunbeam of hope with much waltz. Until you see the Global Peace sparkle. Note: ARGENTINA BUYERS - Lulu recommends that the CUIT number be listed in the Organization or the Address 1 field in the shipping address, moving the actual address to the Address 2 field, if those fields are not occupied.< Less
Harmony of Nations By Bruce L. Cook
Paperback: $19.99
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This novel begins as historical fiction describing the war years on the Italian coast near Ostuni, Italy, including a terrible German attack on the Port of Bari. Subsequently, it becomes a fictional... More > account of a couple who live and marry and work toward peace with workers from Mahatma Gandhi. They are able to direct nuclear weapons away from a goal of disaster. Later they overcome an attack from terrorists and sponsor a successful conference of nations in Matera, Italy.< Less
The Oerken Tree - Book I in The Whole Creation Groans Series By Thomas Clayton Booher
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According to legend, and Montgomery’s history of North Carolina, a family mysteriously disappeared a hundred fifty years ago from a farm just down the road from the Jones’s – Caleb,... More > Josie, and Matt. Caleb thinks it’s awesome, Josie thinks it’s a little spooky, and Matt thinks it's not as important as getting a burger at Jackie’s grill. Caleb investigates and discovers something about the farm. It wasn’t easy, but he persuades Josie and Matt to accompany him to the old site and check it out. Alas, they're not the only ones there. The notorious Bruce Malroye, leader of the tri-tilde gang and master mind of stupendous pranks, is already there. With a little help from an eccentric old man in a car from the fifties, they discover the incredible and are soon making their way across a starry universe to a planet in a galaxy not yet discovered. Turns out – the fate of the cosmos may be in their hands.< Less
Quel Devenir pour l’Homo Sapiens a l ‘Horizon 2120? By Guy Créquie
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J’ai donc décidé d’apporter des prolongements à l’ouvrage « Philosophie aujourd’hui –Philosophie demain « publié par le... More > même éditeur : COOK Communication en octobre 2015. Ce prolongement développe des aspects évoqués dans l’ouvrage précédent, et surtout, dans la perspective du XXII e siècle, j’ai intégré dans ma réflexion les incidences du développement des biotechnologies et des enjeux posés par la raison bioéthique à notre devenir dont celui de la pensée philosophique et de ses incidences pratiques.< Less
Rivers in the Desert By Lisa DeVinney
Paperback: $9.95
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Rivers in the Desert is a book of responses, in poetry, to God’s precious Word. There is a poem and verse of Scripture for each day of the year, to encourage daily time with God. These short... More > devotionals are a great way to take just a moment of each day to soak in a refreshing from those “rivers in the desert.”< Less
Strategies for Peace By Bruce L Cook and Maria Cristina Azcona (eds.)
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Full Index. I join Maria Cristina Azcona in offering this collection of viewpoints on peace making. She and I joined Ernest Kahan in 2014 to establish the Worldwide Peace Organization in Argentina.... More > Here we identify a startling variety of facets on the crystal which represents peace. Virtually everyone claims to want world peace. Only a few take measures to promote it. Each writer who seeks peace suggests a unique dimension. It's our hope that this volume will encourage students, professors, and peacemakers to consider this comprehensive look at ten strategy perspectives which, if taken seriously in private and public life, might lead to our shared objective - worldwide peace in our time. * Leadership * Language and Leadership * Interspiritual * World Citizenship * Family Relations * Role of Women * Education * Medical Actions * The Arts * Conflict Resolution< Less