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New Institutes: A Primer of Practical Theology for 21st Century America By Dennis Weiser
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A work of practical theology that reexamines and reinterprets key concepts and traditional theistic arguments of Western Christianity from the perspective of global economics and ecology. Refreshing... More > and entirely original, NEW INSTITUTES takes seriously the eschatology of theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer, harmonizing the sister religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam with New Age Spirituality, and offers a modern interpretation of three key concepts of Christian theology: faith, death and resurrection. Weiser examines classical arguments of Anselm, Aquinas and Descartes, providing an appendix on logic and epistemology. Also considered: atheism, gods and goddesses, Calvinism, Jesus' mission, intelligent design, Christian ethics, science and religion. This is a work that clears the air of cant and drivel, consigning the evangelical bunk of Pat Robertson and Jack Van Impe, of religionist and anti-religionist alike, to the flames.< Less
Sinister Dynamic...Vol. 1: The Axis of History By Dennis Weiser
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Volume 1 of Sinister Dynamic: Global Governance and the Reconstruction of Nature, The Axis of History: The legacy of World War II, the OSS and CIA, and the rise of the national security state;... More > corporate hegemony and its discontents, some positive developments for social evolution... 1 Lost Future: Corporate Science, Secrecy and Renewable Energy 2 Contempt: The Spread of Corporate Contamination 3 We Are the Ocean, We Are Water< Less