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Out of Space By David Barnby
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Former Brexit minister and MP, David Jones, has criticised the EU for threatening to kick Britain off the Galileo satellite programme after Brexit, in spite its £1bn contribution.... More > Notwithstanding advanced plans for a rocket by new company, Skyrora, to launch a satellite, this will effectively leave the UK ‘out of space’. In 1960 the Conservative government cancelled the mid-range Blue Streak rocket, and in 1971 cancelled the smaller Black Arrow rocket although it had successfully launched Prospero, a 100kg satellite, into orbit. It had been ‘kept alive’ by PM Wilson through the 1960s in the expectation of becoming a big contender for space work in the future. The demise of Black Arrow has been shrouded in mystery, but this booklet resulting from exhaustive research, reveals the truth – for PM Edward Heath, Black Arrow was a bargaining chip to get President Pompidou to remove France’s veto over joining the Common Market and leaving the French Ariane programme without its British rival.< Less
Collapse of WTC7 By David Barnby
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This book is a technical evaluation of the work carried out by the US National Institute for Standards and Technology and Professor Bailey at Queen Mary College, London. The work raised many... More > questions, questions which, for the writer as an engineer, needed answers. Fundamentally the question was how the conclusion that office fires were responsible for the building’s collapse was reached, when: - No one apparently witnessed burning debris entering WTC7 floors through its windows. - Fires didn’t burn long enough and hot enough for the integrity of steelwork to be compromised. - Steelwork debris was not analysed to determine temperatures reached because it was disposed of prematurely. - No-one witnessed the collapse initiating event and subsequent progression of collapse (no-one, unsurprisingly, was inside the building at the time) yet detailed conclusions were drawn as to the sequence of structural failure events that lead to total collapse and was therefore due to office fires.< Less
Nicolas Forget (colour) By David Barnby
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Nicolas Forget arrived in New France in the early 1650s, and farmed for Abraham Martin, of the ‘Plains of Abraham’ fame. In February 1653 Nicolas married (whatever that meant then)... More > Abraham’s 12 year old daughter Madeleine, but he was soon off on a great adventure. In 1654 Nicolas arrived in Montreal, teaming up with Des Grosseilliers, who, with Pierre Radisson, were joint founders of the great Hudson Bay Company. That summer they set off together, travelling by land and the river systems, to the western wilderness and Great Lakes region, in search of adventure and wealth. Two years later, in 1656, being given up for lost, there was great jubilation when they returned to Quebec with 50 canoe loads of furs. Furs were the mainstay of the fragile economy, but resistance to incursion from ferocious Iroquoi tribes-people had caused a virtual halt in trading, and the colony’s future was in doubt. So their great success was viewed as the salvation of New France, at least for the immediate future.< Less
Nicolas Forget By David Barnby
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Nicolas Forget, is shown as an important character in the life of the early colony and his perilous fur trading mission in 1655 with one of Hudson’s bay founder’s, Des Groseillier, beyond... More > the western boundaries of New France to Canada’s Great Lakes region has been regarded as important in ensuring the future viability of that fledgling colony.< Less
The Life and Times of Nicolas Forget By David Barnby
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The story of fur trapper and trader, Nicolas Forget, from his origins in France until his death in Repentigny, Quebec in 1680. It also provides a background to the times in New France in the 17th... More > century.< Less
Does the BBC like Brexit? By David Barnby
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Comparative Study of Post-EU Referendum monitoring of BBC pro-EU bias with the BBC’s own Inquiry into pro-EU Bias at the BBC - January 2005
Pongbourne By Robert Francis
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Pongboume is a fantasy project exploring what it could be like waking up in a parallel universe, where the criminal bankster financial ruling class no longer have control over the business, cultural,... More > economic, and political life of the nation. It attempts to describe a paradise where our national values are soundly evaluated by fiat measures. Money is no longer generated by state sponsored usury, where vested interests are allowed to cheat the majority of the population of their natural right to life, liberty, and property, but by state sponsored measures that are free, universally accepted, and transact fairly with everybody. In other words, money is no longer wrongly seen as a commodity in private hands, but correctly seen as a fiat measure, no different from inches or ounces. The novel explores imaginatively all aspects of what life could be like in a small parish in England under pleasant circumstances.< Less
Witney EU Referendum Campaign By David Barnby
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This book describes the EU Referendum campaign in Witney (this includes all of West Oxfordshire) which Referendum was held on 23rd June 2010 resulting an a vote in favour of leaving.
The EU: A Corporatist Racket By David Barnby
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This book relates the story of how the Heath Government from 1970 to 1972 suborned the UK into an unaccountable and undemocratic bureaucracy based in Brussels.
Hard Pounding: The Ukip Story By Peter Gardener
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This is more than just a history of the founding and development of the UK Independence Party (UKIP). The book, besides providing an in depth account of the reasons for the founding of the party and... More > the difficulties encountered, and overcome, in nurturing the party to become a nationwide force to be reckoned with, describes the parallel development of the European Union and the willing collaboration of the established political parties in the project. Whilst the government was happily implementing the European agenda, it was, when challenged, denying the measures being effected had anything to do with European integration. Besides the active participation in European parliamentary elections, national and local elections, UKIP was providing a vigorous opposition to government measures to further this European integration, notably the fight against the single currency, the EU Constitution and balkanisation of Britain through the EU’s regionalisation project.< Less