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David Lewis Paget - Narrative & Gothic Poetry
The Legacy of Zion Stark By David Lewis Paget
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Three surnames are significant in Shipwreck Cove, those of Stark, Mantel and Wild. These were the names of the first three settlers in the area, back in the 1820's, and a murderous bunch they were.... More > They were expert at luring ships onto the rocks, and then beating the brains out of any crew members who may have survived. There were even 'blodstaines' in the ships timbers they used to construct the first version of the house called Staines. Moving on to the present, at a party for Lawrence Stark, his fiancee and a cousin, Robert Wilmott, disappear after a confrontation, and for twenty years their disappearance remains a mystery. It's only when Lawrence returns that things begin to happen on that front, and Piers Mantel discovers an ancient manuscript, by Zion Stark, that reveals a curse on the three families that has been passed down for generations. The old lady from Windy Point appears as the deaths begin to mount, revealing that like her, 'those who would die would live...' And she is 134 years old.< Less
Blackrock Island By David Lewis Paget
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Two RAAF Neptunes take off for Hawaii in November 1968, intending to stop at Fiji and Canton Atoll along the way. They never arrive. Six months later the only two survivors from the two crews are... More > picked up in an inflatable dinghy in the Pacific. The story they have to tell is that of a horror flight in which the Officer in Charge demonstrates his incompetency by ordering a Navex at night while maintaining radio silence. After dealing with a spot of sabotage inflicted by a couple of disgruntled members of the ground crew, the aircraft become lost in a storm, and fail to find Canton Atoll. What they do find, is an uncharted island surmounted with tall, black cliffs, which they name Blackrock Island. Running desperately out of fuel they decide to ditch the aircraft on the island, one by skimming across the water up to the beach, the other by landing in a heavily afforested area, skimming across the tops of the trees. Both decisions bring about casualties, but much worse is waiting for them on Blackrock Island.< Less
Experiment in Fear By David Lewis Paget
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This book was written in 2002, some two years before the details of the torture of prisoners at the Abu Ghraib U.S. Military Prison in Iraq were revealed to the public. As the theme of the book was... More > the old saw, ‘Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely,’ Experiment in Fear suddenly became prophetic with regard to how normal people given power over others will revert to behaviours unthinkable in a normal society. The book brings up the issue of German Concentration Camp Guards shooting Jews in the back of the head, then going home to their wives and children as if such behaviours were normal and acceptable if sanctioned by the state. Experiment in Fear looks at these issues, and makes for an uncomfortable read if it’s true that every one of us is capable of reverting to monsters, given the right circumstances. But there are always consequences to be feared after conditions return to normal after monstrous behaviours. Not for the squeamish...< Less
The Sumner Tontine By David Lewis Paget
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12 people invest in a tontine, a type of life annuity which only matures for the last survivor of the tontine. After fifteen years, members of the tontine suddenly begin to die, and not of natural... More > causes. Somebody is behind these deaths, but who? It has to be a member of the tontine, somebody desperate enough to want to pick up the pot, which has by now grown to $887,000. Certainly an incentive for murder, but as the deaths multiply, the remaining members begin to get together for protection. There are some desperate and mean characters involved in the tontine, a pimp, some prostitutes who will always do his bidding, and the widow of the man who initiated the tontine in the first place, Angus Sumner. A brilliant man, he is drowned when his wheelchair is pushed off the end of a jetty by someone close to him. But any more, and I'll be giving the game away. You'll have to read this thrilling novel for yourself...< Less
Cate's Creek By David Lewis Paget
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Cate's Creek is a tiny settlement near Bushman's Beach, a great spot for men to retire to, a hell hole for their wives. The men love the isolation and the fishing, the women miss the city shops, and... More > the hustle and bustle of city life. When boredom sets in and the men are away, the women look for a bit of excitement to fill in their days. A little of that can be provided by the hippy astrologer living in a caravan next to the disgruntled wife of an ageing philatelist. His caravan is a favourite for visiting females, to enjoy heavenly pleasures provided by his tarot readings, and his soft, comfortable bunk. It's when the landlady supplying his power becomes jealous at the constant rocking of his caravan that things begin to get interesting. Other couples also have their secrets, some of them more deadly than they seem at first glance, and in some strange way the various conflicts that arise between them all come together in an almighty climax that will change Cate's Creek forever.< Less
London Bridge is falling down By David Lewis Paget
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This is the real Victorian London, not that prudish, strait laced London we've been given to understand was Queen Victoria's London. There were 50,000 prostitutes in the London of that time, most of... More > them part timers, dollymops, or housewives, trying to make a few extra shillings to subsidise the husband's meagre pay. Those that took to the streets were prey to syphilis, so many had an arrangement with just one man outside the marriage, who would keep only to them, and who would pay them for their services. This arrangement protected them both from STD's. But life was cheap in those mean streets, especially in areas like Whitechapel and Spitalfields. Whitechapel alone boasted 1200 prostitutes, and many would just disappear without trace. Crime was a way of life for many, while the great divide between the rich and poor was more noticeable than today. After reading this Novella, you will thank your lucky stars that you weren't born into Victorian London.< Less
The Obelisk By David Lewis Paget
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This, my sixteenth volume of narrative poems, is what you might call a mixed bag. If you bought this in a lolly shop, you would find the usual sickly pink sugary ones, the sour teddies, and the... More > chocolate smoothies. But wriggling around the bottom of the bag would be some that defied description, black and glutinous, with names like dark dreams and shadowy freakshows. Unless you held on tightly these would seek to escape from the bag and go for your throat. They exist on the periphery of horrible, or skate along the landscape of myth. They contain characters not in control of their own destimy, and are most comfortable in dark rooms by dim reading lamps, where they can invade the reader’s brain and create the most havoc. If you’re not extra careful they will escape to your bedroom and hide beneath your pillow, ready to insinuate themselves into your dreams. If you enjoy dreadful thrills, read this in the dark....< Less
The Angel of Lygon Street By David Lewis Paget
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Once more a collection of 70 narrative poems, with disparate themes, something, in fact, for everybody. This is my fifteenth collection, beginning with Timepieces, which was largely Gothic, to the... More > present collection which are rather less bloodthirsty than those early volumes. I like to think of most of the subject material as bizarre these days, more subtle perhaps, but just as interesting in their wayward themes. The fact that most of them are written at night, in a dim, quiet room, probably adds to the flavour. There are ghost stories, weird stories, strange characters who inhabit eerie buildings and live lives of quiet desperation, and who may only be found between the pages of this book. There is the odd bit of humour as well, to lighten the atmosphere if one is getting over tense. You can read it in the study, in bed, even take it into the bathroom with you if you don't want to break the thread of a good tale. But keep it away from the neighbours, or you'll lose it for good.< Less
Taking Root By David Lewis Paget
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Somewhere out there, in the inky blackness of the stellar night, there is a repository of tales untold, swirling in the darkness, and just waiting to beam down and flow through the ink of a pen onto... More > the page. These are not ordinary tales about ordinary people. Rather they are about an alternative world out there, perhaps hovering on the brink of the improbable, fired by the kinks of a fevered imagination, and driven by events that the laws of time and space would deem to be impossible. Have no expectations of regular outcomes, for the characters involved here don’t live in our well regulated world. Their fate and fortune hangs always by a thread, the vagaries of perversity and chance tipping and tripping them through situations they never imagined could happen to them. Each tale is escapist to some extent, in that you, the reader, may turn your back on the mundane life you live, and lose yourself for a brief moment in these alternative worlds. But at least, you get to come back!< Less
The Mind Catcher By David Lewis Paget
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The characters in these stories may well haunt your sleeping hours, once you have given yourself up to them, have absorbed their eccentricities and the fables I engineered for them. They do not live... More > as you and I live. Not for them the mundane and repetitive boredom of tiny lives, lived in quiet desperation in the mean streets of our cities. They mainly survive on the edge of their own particular darkness, the bleak forces of nature and unnatural magic creating the circumstances of the horror that defines them. Some do in fact survive, but a crude madness is never very far away, stalking even the best of them.< Less