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David Charles
Foiled: Series 1 By David Charles & Beth Granville
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Foiled: The Complete Scripts. Book 2: BBC Radio Wales Series 1 (2017)
Life to the Lees By David Charles
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Have you ever had one of those days? One of those days when the sun is shining and the legs are strong and the lungs are heaving, lighting on air, and you're screaming and shouting into the wind - I... More > want you! I want you, so bad! - and you don't mean anyone but life. Two days after the funeral of my nan, the clouds are bursting in freakish pressure-drop rainstorms. I'm sitting in the kitchen, clinging to my teacup as if it were a lifebuoy, delaying departure on an epic 4,110 mile cycle around the coast of Britain. Life to the Lees is more than a simple travelogue: it's a story of doubt and discovery, solitude and solidarity, regret and recovery. From London to Lerwick to Liverpool; from Liverpool to Land's End to London again, David learns the humbling lessons of the road. And why sharks don't have knees.< Less
Elevate #10 By David Charles
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What is “surveillance capitalism” and how can we cook it? Is the commons society really putting hope into practice? Are artificial volcanoes going to stop global warming? Elevate #10... More > inspires and explores such unpredictable, interconnected questions, helping us creatively respond to a world evolving under crisis. This is the tenth edition of Elevate, an international festival of music, arts and political discourse held every year in Graz, Austria. We hear from more than forty experienced thinkers, artists and activists, including: Amy Goodman (DemocracyNow!), Antonino D'Ambrosio (Let Fury Have The Hour), John Holloway (Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla) and Shoshana Zuboff (Harvard Business School). Whether through Hopeability, Creative Response or L.O.V.E, the message is clear: We all need to Elevate.< Less
How to Cycle Four Thousand Miles When You HATE Lycra By David Charles
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This is a book full of tips and tricks on how to cycle an awfully long way when you don't know anything about bicycles. The humble bicycle is no doubt the best way to see the world: they are cheap,... More > they don't use any fuel, they are not too fast and they are not too slow. Best of all, today's bikes don't demand a degree in mechanics to keep on the road. I managed to cycle over 4,000 miles despite not knowing my sprocket from my crankshaft.< Less
Elevate: Open Everything? By David Charles
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Our lives have never been so open. Computers and the Internet have facilitated an unprecedented flow of information, knowledge and communication throughout our increasingly networked global... More > village. But there is a dark side to this openness: governments today place their entire populations under surveillance, while monopolistic corporations sell intimate details of our lives to advertisers for profit. Elevate 2013, with the theme “Open Everything?”, sought answers to the overwhelming question of the Internet age: Can we harness the power of openness for democracy, without slipping into an Orwellian nightmare?< Less
The Soles of My Shoes: Hitch-hiking London to Ben Nevis By David Charles
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‘The Soles of My Shoes’ is a hitch-hiking travelogue, a Kerouac for the sustainability generation. In this time of austerity cuts, climate change, under-employment and over-education,... More > what better way to travel? This is a story of spontaneity, of adventure, of responsibility, of sustainability, of doubt and conviction – and perhaps even of love. It will appeal to the great generation of hitch-hikers young in the sixties, as well as to the youth of today who feel trapped by financial constraints and the expectations of social conformity.< Less
Soliloquy By David Charles
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Monday the third of September was a very ordinary day, full of ordinary things. Then I recorded it. David Charles is a British writer with a fascination for dialogue and verisimilitude. He spent... More > twenty-four hours wearing a lapel microphone, recording his every utterance to produce a work that reads like one side of a conversation. A soliloquy, if you like. What would you say if you thought the whole world was listening? The answer, for me, is "Yeah..."< Less
Words Volume 1 By David Charles
Paperback: $29.19
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The collected shorter writing of David Charles. Over 500 pages and 100,000 words in 204 pieces from 2002-2010. Included are 99 short stories and 28 How to be Human articles, plus travel writing,... More > writing about writing, jokes - and even some poetry.< Less