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D. Compton Ambrose
The Speed of Light By D. Compton Ambrose
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What if the world as you know it is not as it seems? I have a tale to share, about a realm of existence so far beyond your own, beyond all comprehension. It is the dying year of the first decade of... More > the twenty-third century, and our many nations are dominated by ruthless elites and powerful corporations. Humanity had ascended to the stars beyond our own in search of the keys to unlocking Life Everlasting, the origin of consciousness itself, a higher knowledge. Immortality. But, war… between Jupiter and Mars – and the threat of the Titan Corporation – would soon follow. The Unitary Nations, subjugated by the Lunar Lobby, themselves oppressing and silencing the Transhumans of the Outer Worlds, the Vesta and Pallas communities of the Belt, and throughout the System. Mars and its mighty military were threatened by a radical movement. And Titan ruled with iron fist and machine fury the moons of Saturn.< Less
The Powers That Be: New World Order By D.C. Ambrose
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A bombing at the World Trade Center, the assassination of a president, the killing of an attorney general and a Reverend with Revolution on his breath, the Zodiac Killings - these and others, are... More > connected in the minds of two veterans, along with the mysterious organization that they work for, the urban legends that they study. The answers lie throughout the history of this enigmatic society and, indeed, the World as a Whole. They are about to stumble across the greatest conspiracy the World has never known - and that the New World Order has BEEN here ALL ALONG. The truth is far stranger than fiction, and as you'll find out - there are greater threats to world peace than rogue nations and nuclear weapons. There is another world, whose aspects lie in plain sight, appear to be mundane people, places and things - but all in fact comprise a Hidden Truth, a World of Shadow.< Less
The Powers That Be By D.C. Ambrose
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1944 - The planet has descended into a state of total war. Adolf Hitler alone commands the most powerful army and military force the world has ever seen, the Nazi war machine stood unrivaled and... More > unchallenged upon the corpses of a civilization and the ruins of a continent. From the blistering deserts of North Africa to the megalithic glaciers of the Arctic Circle, the Third Reich boasted a juggernaut of raw power that would shake any kingdom or empire before it to the core. Now, only the tiny island nation of Great Britain stood between Hitler and World Domination. And as the United States remained engaged with Imperial forces in the Pacific, a small cadre of warriors - possessing unearthly and enigmatic powers - may be humanity's last chance to stop The Powers That Be.< Less