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RIVEROK BOOKS featuring Donald H Sullivan
Intruder By Donald H Sullivan
eBook (ePub): $0.99
Contains two stories: Intruder and Engine Trouble. In Intruder, Karen is home alone in a sparsely populated subdivision because her husband is away on a business trip. It is a new house, not yet... More > having a security alarm installed. When getting ready for bed, she hears noises and discovers she has left her cell phone in the car...and that her home phone line has been cut. In addition, she recently lost her beloved dog to a heart ailment. The intruder breaks in, and she finds herself in an extremely perilous situation. In Engine Trouble, Kitty Delaney has car trouble on a lonely stretch of road. She makes it to a service station only to find out that an escaped convict has killed the attendant. He takes her as a hostage.< Less
Tales of Suspense and Mystery By Donald H Sullivan
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Ten tales calculated to keep the reader in suspense. Tales include scifi, fantasy, horror, and thriller, all held together with the common thread of suspense.
Mistress of Magic Plus Ghost of a Psycho By Donald H Sullivan
eBook (ePub): $0.99
Contains two stories. Mistress of Magic: A popular TV Illusionist comes into a real magic wand that belonged to Merlin. The wand leads her on a perilous journey to an alternate world. Ghost of a... More > Psycho: A couple buys a house that is said to be haunted. They laugh it off, but find it is not merely a rumor. The house is haunted by the evil ghost of a homicidal maniac.< Less
Elfenwurl: Plus the Kidnapped Unicorn By Donald Sullivan
eBook (ePub): $0.99
Two stories here. 1. Elfenwurl: Willy O'toole, a homeless alcoholic and ex-nightclub entertainer is kidnapped by an elf and taken to Elfenwurl. Through a series of events Willy becomes king of the... More > elves, which begins a world of trouble for Willy. 2. The Kidnapped Unicorn. The young prince's pet unicorn is stolen by rebels who are led by a powerful evil wizard. They intend to embarrass the queen. A young novice wizard is the only wizard available to go on the mission to retrieve the unicorn and restore the queen's prestige. he must locate the rebel hideout, penetrate it, recover the unicorn, and escape.< Less
The Hands of Fate Plus Beasts of the Outlands By Donald H Sullivan
eBook (ePub): $0.99
This book contains two stories. "The Hands of Fate" A man purposely runs over a fox, just another in a long list of his cruelties to animals. The fox has its revenge in... More > spades. "Beasts of the Outlands" A young Komandi shaman is sent on a quest into the Komandi outlands to investigate the sudden appearance of strange and dangerous beasts there. He encounters perilous situations with the beasts...and meets an alien from another world.< Less
Tales of Wonder By Donald H. Sullivan
eBook (ePub): $2.99
An exciting collection of eight fantasy tales. For the reader who wishes to get lost in a world of wizards, elves, space aliens, and savage beasts, and to experience magic, excitement, suspense,... More > danger, and adventure.< Less
Naked Ladies, Space Aliens, and Rattlesnakes By Donald H Sullivan
eBook (ePub): $0.99
This book contains three humorous short stories and one article on men's feelings about nudity vs sexy attire.
Secrets of a Psycho Plus Curse of the Voodoo Man By Donald H Sullivan
eBook (ePub): $0.99
Here are two stories. Secrets of a Psycho and Curse of the Voodoo Man. 1. Secrets of a Psycho: Alfred Jenkins believes he is doing his victims a favor by killing them, and has them to dance on their... More > graves for his entertainment. He keeps a secret diary of his killings. 2. Curse of the Voodoo Man. Tom Bauer has a few drinks too many and heckles a night club entertainer called Dan the Voodoo Man. He laughs when Dan places a curse on him, but in the following days strange things begin to happen.< Less
The Spirit of Drusilla Plus Sanctuary By Donald H Sullivan
eBook (ePub): $0.99
Contains two stories: 1. A witch is executed in the 17th century and revives in the 21st century. Being only a spirit, she needs a body to possess. She finds it in a young girl hiking alone in the... More > woods. 2. A waitress in a truck stop cafe finishes her shift at midnight. On a lonely stretch of country road, she runs off the road to avoid an animal and gets stuck. She is caught in a thunderstorm while walking back to the cafe and seeks shelter in an old deserted house. Only it's not deserted.< Less
The Werewolf of Misty Valley: plus Frankenstein and the Zombies By Donald Sullivan
Paperback: $7.24
Prints in 3-5 business days
A young wife and her husband inherit a house in the mountains of North Carolina. Locals believe a werewolf roams the valley, and they believe her husband was bitten by the werewolf while hiking in... More > the forest and will become one himself. When the night of the full moon arrives, she is in dire peril. A Voodoo practitioner, Dr. Thibault, is creating an army of zombies. The Frankenstein monster falls into his hands and he revives it using Voodoo. A teenage couple working for the doctor, discover his activities, putting them in grave danger.< Less