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Turnbull's Slaves: A Minorcan Story By Donald H Sullivan
Paperback: $7.95
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Over 1,000 people are recruited from the Mediterranean area, mostly Minorcans, to work as indentured servants for Dr Andrew Turnbull, wealthy British landowner. They are transported to Turnbull's... More > colony at New Smyrna, Florida, where they must live and work on plantations under horrible conditions. The story centers around a young Minorcan man and his sweetheart. It tells of the hardships of the colony and the danger from hostile Indians and wild animals that the young couple must deal with.< Less
Our Canine Companions: Featuring Whiskers By Donald H Sullivan
Paperback: $7.99
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Featuring "Whiskers," a full length novella, plus exciting short fiction, engrossing true stories, and fascinating facts. All about dogs.
Vietnam: Reflections of an Interrogator By Donald H Sullivan
Paperback: $5.79
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Reflections of an army interrogator in Vietnam about his experiences as an interrogator and his observations on the people, the VC, the NVA, and the war in general.
Turnbull's Slaves: A Minorcan Story Plus Taino By Donald H Sullivan
Paperback: $9.48
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Here are two complete historical novellas of adventure, danger, and romance. "Turnbull's Slaves" is based on the ill-fated 18th century British Colony at New Smyrna, Florida. It is a story... More > of white slavery, where a wealthy British landowner deceives 1200 indentured Minorcans with promises of land after their servitude, but instead holds them in bondage. A young Minorcan orphan who grew up under slavery rebels. "Taino" is about the people who greeted Columbus upon his arrival in the New World. It tells of their lives before, during, and after Columbus. The story focuses on a young Taino and his bride-to-be and the dangers and hardships they faced.< Less
Chillers By Donald Sullivan
Paperback: $7.45
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Here are eleven creepy tales calculated to send chills crawling up your spine. Tales of zombies, horrible ghosts, werewolves, evil witches, vampires, and terrifying monsters.
Chillers By Donald H Sullivan
eBook (ePub): $2.99
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Eleven spine tingling stories. Three boys explore the network of basements beneath an abandoned state prison, despite rumors of a Haitian voodoo priest who created zombies down there. Two boys... More > search for buried treasure near a deserted cemetery in the woods. They find a nightmare. A young woman driving on a country road late at night has an accident. A storm brews and she seeks shelter in a vacant house...only it's not vacant. The spirit of a witch, revived after 300 years, must find a body to possess. She finds a young girl hiking alone in the woods. A sleepwalker awakens to find herself in a graveyard. A woman suspects that her husband was bitten by a werewolf, and has become one himself. A teenage boy becomes lost in a large Florida swamp. He inadvertently becomes involved in an evil shaman's curse, and is stalked by a horrible were beast. A young woman, whose husband is on the night shift, is alone in a just-bought house haunted by a former occupant--a psycho.< Less
The Psionic Man By Donald Sullivan
Paperback: $7.98
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Al Rice awakens one morning with super psionic powers. While trying to find what happened to him, he learns that three groups of space aliens are observing Earth. Two groups are competing with each... More > other for control of planet Earth. The third group sympathizes with Earth, however their own laws forbid them from any kind of interference with other cultures. Al tries to warn Earth, but his attempts are met with derision. He and a small group of UFO investigators are left with the impossible task of dealing with the powerful space alien forces. To make matters worse, one of the hostile groups has kidnapped and holding as hostage the girl that Al loves, while the other group has perfected a machine that nullifies psionic powers.< Less
Three Amazing Tales By Donald H Sullivan
Paperback: $10.49
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Three complete novellas: Project Genesis, A science fiction; The Magical Earth, a fantasy; and The Soul Hunters, a horror. The scifi is a post-apocalyptic tale. The fantasy combines modern and... More > sword and sorcery. The horror is an occult tale of life after death.< Less
Taino By Donald Sullivan
Paperback: $7.98
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A historical fiction novella about the Taino people before, during, and after the arrival of Columbus. It tells of Migua, a young Taino, and his bride-to-be and the many many adventures, dangers, and... More > hardships they must face. It also tells of an affair between a young member of Columbus's crew and a Taino girl, and how their affair intertwines with Migua and Surani. The book also touches on the culture and history of the Taino, about whom we know so little.< Less
Tales of Suspense By Donald Sullivan
Paperback: $7.59
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Ten tales calculated to hold the reader in suspense. Stories include mystery, scifi, horror, thriller, fantasy, and mainstream, all held together by a common thread of suspense.