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Vanguard Issue 3 By Van Dom
Paperback: $7.28
Prints in 3-5 business days
Issue 3 of the Irish/UK anthology Vanguard, featuring six action-packed stories. In "Atomic Call", AWOL soldier Call Malone is being pursued by a rogue's gallery of villains who want to get... More > their hands on the other-worldly Atomic Transference gauntlet she has come into possession of; In turn-of-the-century horror strip "Mammoth Jack", 12 year old Jamie Swift continues her quest for revenge with the aid of her mutilated, one-eyed donkey Duncan; and in "Buck Tucker: Enemy of Love" recently deceased serial killer Tucker learns more about the demonic menace he has been re-animated to battle. The issue also features the first chapters of 3 new tales - "S.N.A" which follows the adventures of a cyborg with a split-personality; "Vestige", a supernatural mystery thriller set in Ireland; and "Harry Kane will See Her Safely Home", which follows the adventure of a present day MMA and B-Movie star cast back in time to feudal Japan to help prevent a terrible disaster.< Less
Vanguard Issue 1 By Van Dom
Paperback: $7.16
Prints in 3-5 business days
Issue 1 of British/Irish Anthology comic Vanguard. Featuring kick-ass heroine Call Malone and her atomic transference enable wonder-gauntlet of tricks; otherworldly fantasy adventure in the land of... More > Gryphons - and Smoke Demons; and turn-of-the-century gothic horror featuring one very pissed off, mutilated donkey on the quest for revenge against the evil glue-makers of his time!< Less
Vanguard Issue 2 By Van Dom
Paperback: $7.16
Prints in 3-5 business days
Issue 2 of British-Irish Anthology comic Vanguard. Featuring the further noir-styled adventures of kick-ass, action heroine Call Malone and her atomic transference gauntlet, as her gadget starts to... More > attract a lot of unwanted attention; the second installment of "Halo and the Gryphon" in which the other-worldly Smoke Demons continue their hunt for the lost Halo...and the Halo finds itself a new -unwilling - host in the from of Zephyr the Gryphon; turn-of-the-century gothic horror in "Mammoth Jack", as young Jamie Swift finds herself at the mercy of a gang of unscrupulous convicts, with nobody to help her but one very pissed off, one-eyed donkey; and Buck Tucker, deceased serial killer, being brought back from the grave by a very unlikely source.< Less
Vanguard! Issue 1 By Van Dom
eBook (PDF): $1.58
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First issue of new small-press anthology comic written by Dirk Van Dom, with art by Louis Carter, Owen Watts, El Chivo, David Blankley, David Withers and Liam Byrne. 4 ongoing tales of espionage,... More > sci-fi, fantasy, dark humour and gothic horror, featuring kick-ass femme fatales, gryphons, smoke angels, charmingly psychopathic serial killers...and donkeys! 24pp of comic goodness from some of the UK and Ireland's hottest up and coming talent.< Less