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Media Whores

eBook (PDF), 25 Pages
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Media Whores
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He is a professional cameraman; a loser hiding behind his equipment. She is a maven of kiddie programs and porn; the media darling of a desperate, sweaty city (New Tokioh) which has sunk itself like a thermometer in the sphincter hole of the once great Nipponese nation.When she attacks him at an industry party, he tries to run, but knows he belongs to her--heart and soul. Above them, a seething, abandoned city of zombies destroyed by a love-rebuffed A.I. So why are they hauling ass there just to avoid yakuza contractors, and what will become of them they get there?Punk meets Bizarro meets Flesh-eating Zombie Sex -- all of it shot live and infected for the world to jerkload off to. An original microfiction short story first serialized on Twitter and then touted across the blogosphere.
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