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2000 Tunes By Karl Drinkwater
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Mark Hopton’s an outsider with an obsession: Manchester music. He knows the dates, facts, band members, lyrics, histories and places. He can connect them in complicated webs of association.... More > It’s his escape into a better world. He needs that escape. His dad’s in prison, his violent brother’s only one step away, and they want him to risk his own freedom by smuggling drugs. His family and their shady connections can be very persuasive. This is one summer Mark might not walk away from. There’s one ray of light: he secretly fancies Samantha, a beautiful Welsh girl at work. Unfortunately, Samantha’s had it up to here with Mancunians. Cheaters, druggies, weirdos and two-faced scummers, the lot of ’em. She knows it’s time to grow up, but you can always indulge in a little bit of revenge first. What could go wrong? 2000 Tunes is a quirky meditation on life, family, friends, growing up, and a love letter to the Manchester music scene.< Less
Turner By Karl Drinkwater
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An isolated Welsh island seemed like the perfect escape for a convict on the run, a jilted woman, and a policeman seeking a quiet life. When the surly locals turn to murderous violence the three... More > visitors are forced on the run together, trying to stay one step ahead of their increasingly insane pursuers. The bad news keeps coming. There are too many to fight. There is no escape from the island. And the worst storm in years has just begun. They can only run and hide as they face a night of horror and madness. If they don't work together then none of them will live to see the light of day. This tense survival horror novel is a homage to decades of nasty villains, scary predicaments, and bloody books and films. "It is, in my opinion, way beyond good. Right from the first few pages it is foot to the floor stuff with pretty much no let up till you reach the end. This is proper horror writing, the stuff that makes you wince when you see what’s coming." - The Terror Tree< Less
Cold Fusion 2000 By Karl Drinkwater
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Alex Kavanagh is a pedantic, physics-obsessed geek. He’s a teacher who hates teaching; a lover who’s just been dumped (again); a writer whose articles all get rejected; an adult who still... More > lives at home and gets bullied at the bus stop by teenagers; and he’s just had the worst day of his life. So far, so bad. Things can only get better, right? While drowning his sorrows he sees an ex from six years ago, Lucy Spiers. The point when Lucy dumped him was the point when his life started to go nuclear. He can’t help himself: he tells her exactly what he thinks of her. So it comes as a surprise when they go on a date. He didn’t expect a spark to be reignited. Couldn’t foresee the power of magnetism. He hadn’t realised that he still loved her. Holy protons, he hopes she’s changed. And – oh boy! – she’s changed all right. For a start, she’s actually Lucy's twin sister, Jane... Cold Fusion is a story wrapped around an enigma. It’s a novel about making peace with the past and moving on.< Less