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Money Yoga Course By Dr Rev Leslie M Moore
eBook (PDF): $45.00
Spring - Summer Semester (2019) Therapy/Medical - ©Money-Yoga Yoga Session 1, Journal 1:1 Course Level: Beginner - Intermediate Yoga Styles: Hatha, Chakra, Intuition, Therapy Course Retail... More > Value ($50-$200) Homework: - Pose Practice, Reflections, and Meditations Text Books: - No Text Book, just course session (ebook) Supplies: - Yoga (Pilates, Home) Props optional, including Mat and pose assistance Official Site (2018-20):< Less
eCampus Yoga Requirements By Leslie M Moore
eBook (PDF): $0.00
Love and Divinity In Motion Career History and Development: Founder; Leslie Michelle Moore (Lez). Love and Divinity in Motion (LDM); became a podcast radio in 2008-2010 for itunes. Most of the... More > fans were Europe and Asia only, until recently; USA via Reverbnation. In 2009, The Beatz were developed under Alter ego Yogi Goddess, a branch of Middle name; Michelle. Y.G. is another ego & department of LDM for Music and Related projects. YG is designed for special work shifts and 3D Studios. As a Company, almost Corp in Divisions; LDM and YG are listed in several social networks and blogging news. Fall III: Rotates/December. Winter Break: December Approved. Full Month allowed for vacations. [Teachers (Head/Grads)] allowed same breaks. Work load will vary. Winter Term: Jan-Feb,< Less
Biz Reference 17 By Leslie M Moore & Yogi Goddess
eBook (PDF): $0.00
12/5, 5:00p So, its 20 days before xmas. That’s shopping, events, Get yo life together in 20 days. Anyway... 2015-16 Bio: Promotion Model, Game Artist, Virtual Business Consulting, Digital Game... More > Design - VR Media, Video VFX Editor, Yoga Coach. Available: B2C and B2B Products.< Less
Biz Milestones 2016 By Leslie M Moore & Yogi Goddess
eBook (PDF): $0.00
Bio Archives: 2013-14 Updates: Stepping into the Digital Age and Modern Tech. It seems the Digital age is at its peak. A lot of Impossible concepts are now possible and available. In short: I have... More > been online teaching for a few yrs Began as Podcast Radio in itunes, then entered teaching audio classes in Learnoutloud and lulu. Updating current projects to video/media and some Blackboard use. (Training)< Less
Myoga Notes By Leslie M Moore
eBook (PDF): $9.99
Medical Yoga Cheat Sheet Student Tutorial Guide: $9.99 By Love and Divinity In Motion: Business Since: 2005. LDM Yoga University/School Since: 2007/2008. Copyright:... More > © All Rights Reserved< Less
Campus Updates By Leslie M Moore
eBook (PDF): $1.50
Published on Apr 25, 2017 LDM Campus updates and news are finally here. If you are a fan, international, and seeking admissions, registration, or class updates, then you really should read this... More > vpostcard and get the latest news. Thanks.< Less
Rev-biography By Dr Rev Leslie M Moore
eBook (PDF): $0.00
GateKeeper, Non Denominational, Yoga Church... Every person has the natural right (and the responsibility) to peacefully determine what is right. We are advocates of religious freedom. - ULC-... More > Bio Credits: Ministry Directory: 'Moore, Dr Leslie' Detroit Michigan United States Directory Archive hard to update, do not message Bio. Thx< Less
Tech Meets Art - Mia By Dr Leslie M Moore
eBook (PDF): $2.00
Mia Jonita Resorts•Media Expansion Tech Games•Meets Art Media I know Mia Jonita, Of Open Sims Everyone was on edge Awaiting the Results Well Peeps Its a Media, Private Sponsor... More > Corp for our Digital Age of On demand Even our Yoga and Holistic classes are On Demand Just the age today. No Worries We wont let u down Site: BK: Free to 2.00< Less
Welcome Panthers - All Virtual Students By Dr Leslie M Moore
eBook (PDF): $0.00
Attn Amazon Kindle/Virtual Students if you are seeking assistance for your registration, Please use This Reference for asst. A Mini note and overview inside Our Thx for being a New Student... More > (PANTHER) Full Holistic School Program. Designed from Multi Media For Online, Virtual, and Home Learners. Those of Yoga, Fitness, or Holistic Practitioner Fields/Careers< Less
Mia Jonita - Summer By Dr Leslie M Moore et al.
eBook (PDF): $0.00
Mia Jonita Resorts Summer Updates/Desk notes 11:47 AM 7/22/2015 Mia Year Highlights/Outline