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The Science of Colours - Cosmic and Human Colour Rays By Joseph Majdalani Translated by Hassan Issa
eBook (PDF): $9.90
In truth, very few have written on the subject of the science of colours, the role colours play in man's self-knowledge, their influence on his personality, inquiring into their relationship and... More > effect on his daily life, or investigating their role in his self-evolution. The book unveils the significance of colours in the human psyche, their symbols, their relation to the Cosmic rays and life vibrations, all of which are reflected in the aura, that electro-magnetic field surrounding man's physical body. How do the colour rays interact in this field? How do they affect and are in turn affected by man's behaviour? All that is revealed in the aura's colour undulations. For, colours are the language of the esoteric side in man and its nutrition, alike the food as nourishment for the body.(240 Pages with 22 Diagrams in Colours)< Less
The HUMAN-god By Joseph Majdalani & Joseph B. Majdalani
eBook (PDF): $8.99
Here is an epic comprising a heroic love story of olden times... occurrences of which took place along the coastal cities of Sidon and Byblos in ancient Phoenicia - now Lebanon. The book narrates... More > the immortal love story of Adonis and Astarte, which had become a legendary tale... (for legends are more often the facts of semi-gods heroic exploits - a living example to the future generations). In a romantic style, this epic embodies the ambiance of this legendary fact, with all the splendour of its festive nights... portraying the feats of glory in wise adages pulsating with great love, beauty and adoration, and with heroic deeds crowned with sacrifice for the sake of love-sublime... transcending to after-life! This epic could also be regarded as a historic tale narrated by the older generations to the new ones... so that much can be learned from a noble and free generous life vanquishing the powers of evil.(114 Pages)< Less