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An American Perspective 2017 - Volume One By Garrison Clifford Gibson
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This is the first of four or five volumes of brief essays on topics I believed were worth noting or commenting on. Most have some political relevance. In writing more than 400 pages I hoped to... More > compile a kind of contemporary history that was independently composed, and objective. The writing has present tense nuances on issues that might be lost when historians someday go over archives to write histories of the era. I haven’t attempted to write a comprehensive historical work at all. Rather I have put together essays on significant social-political issues of the day as well as some extra ideas I felt would advance basic social well-being if taken up and put into effect.< Less
God, Cosmology and Nothingness - Theory and Theology In a Scientific Era By Garrison Clifford Gibson
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A dichotomy has arisen in the visible Christian church. Inaccurate scriptural interpretation and out-of-time ecclesiastical structure have rendered the Church unable to serve the needs of many... More > modern individuals seeking after a closer relationship with God through worship services. In an era before Universal literacy a priestly structure was requisite for accurate transmission of the word revealed in scripture. With Universal literacy separate priesthoods became less useful and more aloof from ordinary Christian lives. Ordinary Christians should fulfill their role in a priesthood of believers’ liturgical structure rather than a separate class of priests. Theological challenges exist that need be met. How can Biblical issues of Genesis be correlated with Big Bang theory and evolution with theistic creation?< Less
Temporal Cross Currents By Garrison Clifford Gibson
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A Martian philosopher, Patrick Voevoda, encounters evil embodied in aliens and humans alike. An event horizon of concentrated wickedness engulfs the will to power promoting non-objectivity for all... More > the wrong reasons. The recurrent cycle of human and alien behavior morphs through unphilosophical evolution into a variety of broken forms across this Universes and Universes-for-others. Voevoda and friends search for deeper meaning in truth directed evolution spiritually, Jesus Christ and God overcoming the chaos of conflict and philosophical enigmas of quantum physical cosmology.< Less
Pieces of Eight By Garrison Clifford Gibson
eBook (PDF): $1.49
A philosophical science fiction novel. Dynamic tension exists across the galaxy where elite Aristarchs seek to enslave free human society and expand absolute despotism over the Multiverse. In a... More > galaxy with aristocrats, genomic exploitation, faster than light technology and hidden information encoded in the deep quantum structure of reality John Dwight experiences existential challenges to overcome.< Less
Philosophical Ideas Considered By Garrison Clifford Gibson
eBook (PDF): $1.49
Thirty-five essays on philosophical questions raised by ordinary people with avocations in philosophy during the years 2008 and 2009. Gary C. Gibson brings an eclectic reply to common questions with... More > uncommon answers.< Less
Field Poems By Garrison Clifford Gibson
eBook (ePub): $1.33
The field poems of Garrison Clifford Gibson written 2011-2017 were about structures and forms from society and cosmology, physics, theology and philosophy.
Creation and Cosmos - The Literal Values of Genesis By Garrison Clifford Gibson
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In the beginning God divided the light from the darkness. In some fashion photons emerged at least 300,000 years from the initial expansion of the Universe (the wink of an eye). Peter wrote that a... More > day to God is as a thousand years to man. Converting the life spans of the Biblical ante-diluvian patriarchs with that value one gets a date aging the Earth to about the time scientists say Eukaryotic life arose on this planet. The venerable paradigms of the book of Genesis and the New Testament for creation reverberate in what is known by science of physical cosmology. The initial mystery of why Being (of God) rather than nothingness-shall ever be a philosophical wonder of divine provisioning. Gary Clifford Gibson considers theistic evolution with modern cosmological data comparing the relationships of critical reasoning faith and revelation.< Less
Creation and Cosmos - The Literal Values of Genesis By Garrison Clifford Gibson
eBook (ePub): $0.00
The meaning of words in Genesis may be taken in many ways; interpreted with modern lexicons of meanings, or that of people that wrote it. Uncertainty even in simple terms like... More > ‘Ararat’-transliterated from Urartu by Jews in Babylonian captivity, create downstream problems concerning the flood. These essays on topics of interest to the author concern creation and cosmos treating several issues concerning Christianity. Of note are scientific ideas as subsets of the infinite knowledge of God.< Less
A Universal Widget - In the Realm of Forms By Garrison Clifford Gibson
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What if Plato's realm of forms is the abstract logical structure of all forms and relationships that exist in nature? Plato wondered if forms of material things were actualizations of transcendent... More > blueprints from the mind of God. A realm of forms may contain archetypes of collective quantum mechanics. Patrick Voevoda-a philosopher and his friend Evonne search for a universal technology form and answers to planetary environmental morphs.< Less
A Philosophical Approach - Theoretical By Garrison Clifford Gibson
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A philosophical approach to analyzing human experience inclusive of theology might be regarded as a process of discovery. Finding the experience of existing a given and good fact, thinking... More > individuals may inquire regarding the nature and way of being and its process of changing in a continuum of form and reform. In writing these informal essays and comments on contemporary interests I wanted to put some philosophical intention on it. The essays are of a more theoretical nature in comparison to those of my other volumes of 'A Philosophical Approach'.< Less