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Giles English: Femdom Erotica and Manuals
Chastity Planet Uncut: Chaste Spring Break By Giles English
eBook (ePub): $6.48
"In space, nobody can hear your safe word!" Imagine taking a wild spring break with your sexy coed pals... except it's on a SciFi pleasure world where all the men are trapped in... More > semi-permanent chastity and if you earn too many demerits you end up being publicly flogged. Could you survived reverse oral gangbangs, licking booths, rampaging sex maniacs... and not end up as a chaste slave?< Less
Enslaved By Posh Totty: Whipped and Chaste By Giles English
eBook (ePub): $5.18
Ever wondered what would happen if you took part in a college Charity Slave Auction while secretly wearing a male chastity device? When Brett tries this, he ends up as the permanently chaste house... More > slave of four deliciously upper class coeds, who discipline and exploit him, all the while discovering their kinky and lesbian sides.< Less
The Chastity Belt By Giles English
eBook (ePub): $6.08
A male chastity belt transforms Mark into a college sex god! Unfortunately, the more he gets turned on, the longer the hi-tech device remains locked... the longer he’s locked, the more... More > submissive he becomes, the more sexy co-eds treat him as their slave. Mark's chastity belt brings out the dominatrix in gun-shy ice queens, pathological teases, timid wallflowers, and over-sexed super bitches. It’s even the key the heart of frosty Cassandra, the untouchable mistress of his darkest fantasies… fantasies that are about to come true. Threesomes, foursomes, whippings and teasings… he’s having the hottest time of his life! However, that time-lock is unforgiving. Is permanent chastity the price of erotic adventures beyond his wildest dreams? A full length novel of kinky college chastity!< Less
Bi Femdom Wife 2: Imprisoned, Flogged and Enslaved for Valentine’s By Giles English
eBook (ePub): $3.66
After cuckolding him with her best friend, Tristan's dominant wife "needs space" so she locks him in a makeshift cell for weeks on end, only bringing him out for domestic slavery, oral... More > service and ferocious discipline. Needless to say the poor beta husband is still trapped in his permanent chastity device... Over 10 thousand words of sizzling domestic femdom!< Less
Bi Femdom Wife 1: Cuckolded By a Lesbian On New Year's Day By Giles English
eBook (ePub): $3.66
Things get out of hand when Tristan persuades Hannah, his no-nonsense Geordie wife, to let him spend New Year’s Day as her chaste slave. Zarah, her vampy bisexual BFF, has slept over and plans... More > to cuckold him. Meanwhile, sick of his demands, Hannah humiliates him by insisting he stick to the plan and slave for both of them!< Less
Getting Her to Be a Vanilla Dominatrix By Giles English
eBook (PDF): $7.13
Printable PDF version of "The Vanilla Dominatrix or Getting Your Wife or Girlfriend to Sexually Dominate You". Fully Revised 3rd Edition 2014!
The Vanilla Dominatrix or Getting Your Wife or Girlfriend to Sexually Dominate You By Giles English
eBook (ePub): $7.81
Wouldn’t it be nice to get the vanilla woman you love to enjoy sexually dominating you? Sorry, you can’t change her. All the persuasion and pleading in the world won’t turn her... More > into an all-strutting, all-teasing latex super-bitch! The good news is, you don’t have to turn her into anything. You just have to sell her a part-time slave – you! This book takes you through offering her what she can’t and shouldn’t get in your real-life relationship, and how to manage the results – yes, you’re the one who has to do all the work. You get to be authentically enslaved, and she gets to be a “Vanilla Dominatrix.” Read on, and find out how. (FULLY REVISED 3RD EDITION 2014)< Less
How to Be a Roman Dominatrix or Enjoying Femdom When You Are Vanilla and Not Kinky By Giles English
eBook (ePub): $7.81
You don’t have to be kinky to enjoy being a dominatrix! This books shows you how to use your partner’s “Femdom” fantasies to get what you couldn’t and shouldn’t... More > get from a normal relationship.In less civilized times, Ancient Roman ladies routinely owned slaves. These terrifyingly independent women could do pretty much as they pleased, and it pleased some of them to use their male slaves for pleasure. This book presents a no-nonsense way to help you get on a part-time basis what these Roman ladies enjoyed. As a byproduct, this should satisfy most of your partner's fantasy cravings. It's about having a good time being a dominatrix, not being a good dominatrix. It's about having power, rather than pretending to have it. You'll always know what to do, because you'll always be doing what suits you. Your partner won't get all his kinks, but being a "real" slave should more than compensate for that!< Less
Sex Slave of the Lesbian Flappers: Seafood By Giles English
eBook (ePub): $3.12
Enter an alternate world of Femdom flappers and their chastity-belted male slaves! A world where every skirt hides stockingtops and garters… every woman is a lesbian… every man lives in... More > fear of beatings and worse! -*- Dehumanized and sealed into a permanent chastity device, Simon can only quiver in hopeless lust while his stockinged mistress romps with her lovers. Can he resist developing feelings for her? -*- Lena, a burned-out journalist, barely notices her slave. She has escaped the city in order to write her novel, and perhaps find herself. But, can she hold out against Claudette, the seductive vamp? And, can she win the heart of Daphne, the deliciously youthful skinny-dipping Bohemian artist? -*- Inspired by vintage erotica, “Seafood” brings to life all those sepia-tinted beauties… then gives each a whip and a slave to cringe at her stockinged feet. -*- (Novella, about 17,000 words)< Less
Chaste Fugitive 1: Frustration Ward By Giles English
eBook (ePub): $3.09
Apparently a kidnap victim, Jake wakes strapped to a foreign hospital bed with a booby-trapped chastity implant covering his crotch. The stocking-wearing nurses appear to be nymphomaniacs who like to... More > use his tongue when they’re not locked in Sapphic clinches. There’s and automatic tease and denial machine that electrocutes him if he comes. On the upside, now he’s practically neutered, the formerly unattainable love of his life sheds her inhibitions… Unfortunately, only the unique chemical key will defuse his chastity device. Can he recall any clues that will help the authorities find it? Read Frustration Ward and find out! 6,000 words of darkly erotic hospital adventures.< Less