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Jeeses Christ By Gregory Gordon
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The Good News is This book is now Free to Download. Still waiting for the second coming of Jesus Christ? Well, wait no more. Christ is back, He's Black and He's got a new name. "Jeeses... More > Christ" This is the semi-autobiographical text from Gregory GOrDon that presents his claim to the title of The Second Coming of Christ and exposes Ronald Wilson Reagan with six letters in each of his names and whose name is found in the words Red Dragon as the anti-Christ. "Jeeses" looks and sounds like "Jesus." There is no other name through which men can be saved. Jeeses Christ is the new name of Jesus Christ as found in three places within the book of Revelation. "Jeeses" is derived from the three initials of his proper name GOrDon, Gregory Stuart. G.G.S. Two G's and one S. Two Jees and one es. "Jeeses." This is prophecy fulfillment done right. By the Book. What Book? The Holy Bible. With references to Biblical passages that support his theory of the Reappearance of the Christ< Less
Ronald Reagan: Image of the Beast Or, why I threatened to kill both Bush and Reagan By Gregory GOrDon
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Reagan=Red Dragon (Rev 12:3) Ronald Wilson and Reagan each have six letters. (Rev 13:18) Reagan's house number was 666. Reagan recovered from a wound. (Rev 13:3) On election day 666 was the winning... More > lottery number in DC. Four years later the number came out again on the Saturday after his reelection and it was sold out, making it the most winning number in lottery history to that point. One anagram for Ronald Wilson Reagan is: I ran old war on angels. Images of him abound and now there is even a talking image in the form of a Ronald Reagan talking doll. (Rev. 13:15) Gregory GOrDon is the second Christ. If you need proof that he's divine? Remember he invented freeze dried wine. The book presents over 40 omens. Get the facts. Christ is back. Receive your blessing. One dollar download.< Less